Tuesday, 4 February 2020

Coronation Street Spoiler: Guess who starts work at Roy’s Rolls?

The previews are in from ITV for next week’s Coronation Street and Nina helps out in the cafe. She assures Roy it’s the least she can do to repay his hospitality. 
Nina persuades Roy to adopt a more environmentally friendly cleaning fluid in the cafe and even offers to make it for him. Roy reluctantly agrees.
What do you make of this pairing of Roy with Nina? It's been a slow burner so far but I'm enjoying it and looking forward to seeing Nina slot into the Street. 
Glenda Young
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PoidaPete said...

I could see Nina working with Carla on the beard oil project and expanding it into an environmentally friendly prouducts company.

JennyMac said...

Great. Roy likes people to care for.
Maybe Carla and Nina will work on the beard off project? Too many terrible beards especially Daniel's.

maggie muggins said...

Yes, more Nina and Roy and just generally more Nina on the Street! Even though we just know she will be ruined irredeemably at some point.

Nooo to more beard oil. It just encourages more beards! Though it's too late now that Trim Up North is a set. I guess Ken and then Roy will be next.

Bobby Dazzler said...

Nina is a designer and Carla was in the rag trade....no brainer,and I love these three together, and Amy needs a friend

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