Tuesday, 4 February 2020

Coronation Street Spoiler: Edison's blast from the past

The previews are in from ITV for next week’s Coronation Street and as Ed sets about measuring up the bistro for a refurb, he’s thrilled to discover his old mate Danny is working there as temporary manager.

Danny reveals to Ed that since they last met, he’s come out and announced that he’s gay. Ed’s taken aback by his words.

James calls in the bistro and Ed introduces him to Danny. The lads share an awkward hand shake.  Danny urges James to pluck up the courage and tell Ed that he’s gay, convinced that he’s more open-minded than James might think. Will he pluck up the courage?

Glenda Young
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C in Canada said...

How many times to they have to 'refurb' that bistro?
Let's hope it actually comes out looking nicer than before the refurb this time...I liked the original decor.

Anonymous said...

It is pretty shoddy looking.

coconno196 said...

Yet another contrived introduction of a gay character. The ratio of gay to straight on the Street must be much higher than in real life.

Canadian watcher said...

I liked the original decor, too. That distressed look just makes me want to grab a paintbrush - anything will be better (except pink. Why is there so much pink and bright red decor on this show?)

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