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Friday, 14 February 2020

Coronation Street Episode Review, Weds 12 Feb 7.30 & 8.30pm

Alina's return to the cobbles, by way of a job in Underworld telesales, seems probable, if only to sway Seb away from Emma. It wasn't too long ago that the star-crossed lovers were destined to be parted forever following the salon slave labour story. Fast-forward to today and Seb has moved out of Eileen's and moved in with his new beau Emma. With Alina invited to also move in, will this threesome end in heartache for the hairdresser/barmaid? Or will Seb just live with his ex and current partner like Billy did, for ages, with absolutely no repercussions whatsoever? Emma's offer of the box room seems sweet but Seb's shared glances with Alina are rather telling.

The bump of a car crash may stop some in their tracks but for David Platt it does not. He seems hell bent on running himself into the ground for the sake of his visits to Shauna. Leeds may only be an hour away on the train from Manchester but it may as well be the lake district, the way he's overreacting. It may be a trait that runs in the Platt family, as Bethany's crusade to bring down Ray continues in earnest.

Having a dossier of dodgy contacts and a story ready to rock the Weatherfield Gazette, I assume this is going to be Bethany's swansong storyline before she heads to Preston, but will she escape ok?

Alya, on the other hand, is ambiguous until she meets designer Cassie, realising that Monday's hotel meeting was a ruse. Ray arrogantly admits his intentions but nonchalantly dismisses her concerns. Scurrying off to Bethany, Alya decides to join in the plan to bring him down and to push with publishing the article. Back at the bistro, Ray is confronted by them both, and in earshot of Abi, but unfortunately, they catch him having a meeting with the paper's editor! The editor won't publish Bethany's story until it is proven and Abi then finds out that Ray has a history of being a sex-pest. Abi's feminist tendencies are suddenly clear; she accosts Seb over his new living arrangements and apologises to Alya vowing revenge on the bistro perv.

Gary and Maria appear to be making inroads in overcoming their grief following their recent measles tragedy. Heading to the doctors, Maria conveniently bumps into Dr Ali and passionately explains her awareness campaign. Could this re-ignite passion between the former lovebirds? The ginger gangster's 'strong and silent' type is in sharp contrast to Dr Ali's more sensitive bedside manner, will this play to the doctor's advantage?

Arriving in Leeds, David is saddened to learn that Shona doesn't want to see him and he's 'banned' from further visits. Caught out by the train fine, the late bus, and a return tram ticket he didn't need, David is at the end of his tether and pours his heart out to Maria. Feeling some guilt about having an expensive car (paid for by Gary's ill-gotten gains) she decides to give him hers instead. A gift from Gary it seems, too. Feeling generous, Gary tells Ryan he needs him to do another job (a reminder that he's still working for him) to head to a jeweller, he wants an engagement ring for Maria (replaces a car I guess). Meanwhile, David seizes the opportunity and decides to take the kids away in the new car, explaining to them about what's happening and how Shauna's recovery may be slower than previously thought.

Back at Daniel's flat, Bethany is inspired to jump on the laptop and frantically writes about her run-in with Ray and the paper's editor. Daniel enthusiastically publishes her post, a Ken Barlow junior if ever there was one, and passionately embraces her. He's a man turned on by words (and bad grammar) I imagine.

Daniel gives Bethany a doorstep goodnight kiss but he's spotted by Beth who scorns him for this heinous betrayal of her niece. Is she right or wrong?

Let us know what you thought, in the comments section.

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Anonymous said...

Getting quite annoyed with Bethany’s righteousness. Yes, Ray deserves some comeback but considering Bethany hardly knows him her over zealousness seems a bit far fetched.
Does she not have a laptop or tablet? Barging into Daniel’s flat just to use his laptop was just plain rude. (Maybe she spent all her money on that mysterious car she owned for a couple of episodes)

Anonymous said...

Any and every excuse to be with Daniel. Also, she does not realise this is taking time away from his son, nor does she care. With all he has been through the girl brings nothing but drama to his doorstep. If she had gotten the manager's position this would not even be an issue, so her 'righteousness' as you call it is totally self serving.

Anonymous said...

This is the same old story when a female character leaves. They turn them into hateful people, Sunita, Michelle and now Bethany. Tptb make it so you can't wait to see the back of them

Anonymous said...

Don't forget Tina as well. By the time she was killed by Rob I thought she deserved it. lol
So much for Corrie writing with a good intention to create awareness. They took Bethany through a terrible ordeal, made it look as though she came out stronger - and then boom...we see how irrational and quick she is to go on the attack when she does not get her way.

Anonymous said...

Jeanie (anon)

The Ray story seems impossibly over-done. He's a creep and a sleazeball and he's hitting on Alya while dating Abi, but it hasn't been suggested that he's physically aggressive, or even that verbally pushy. For Alya to go from defending him to suddenly acting like she's working with a confirmed rapist seems way over the top. And out of character too since she's suggested to be very ambitious to build her career. Wasn't dealing with these sorts of sleazebags a key part of Carla's (and Alya's) job at the factory? Is there no way she could try working with him while rebuffing his advances? And Bethany just seems out of control--smirking with gratification as Daniel tells her how brilliant and "raw" her expose is! Ludicrous. Didn't take him long to forget Sinead and trot out some pretty hackneyed pick up lines!

Anonymous said...

Maria and her public service broadcasts about measles got a bit tedious in the end.

Charles said...

I don't really understand all the Bethany hate here. Is she being smart about the situation with Daniel? Obviously not. Can you really expect her to build a normal relationship with anyone after all she's been through? Again, obviously not.

I don't think any of this makes Bethany a bad person - just a poor, misguided young lady.

Anonymous said...

You forget that Ray tried to relegate Michelle to coffee girl after she rebuffed his advances. He isn't a rapist just an entitled rich white guy I like to call pigfucker.

Anonymous said...

Thought this'd have been deleted by now

Abercrombie said...

I agree with Anon 9.03. Some of my innocent comments have been deleted. The above language is coarse and unpleasant to read.

Anonymous said...

Mine too! I have sometimes just voiced a different opinion than the author and they've been removed. None of which were ever offensive, but that's been there since the early hours of Saturday morning. I don't get it?


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