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Monday, 3 February 2020

Coronation Street Episode Monday 3rd February

A new month, but not much has changed on the street, i.e. Geoff is still a douche of the highest order. He gives Yasmeen £20 for a week's shopping (as well as his 1950s attitude to marriage, he has a 1950s version of money) before inveigling her into being his glamorous assistant despite the facts that a) she's booked a massage with Alya for that afternoon and b) she doesn't like confined spaces and c) Emma is available, despite Geoff claiming the opposite. His motivation to do a magic show at Tianna's birthday party is "to be the centre of attention" (I kind of wish the character had been left as a slightly ridiculous, bumptious magic practitioner rather than an evil piece of work). The act is called The Disappearing Woman, which seems apt. It threatens to go into The Goes Wrong Show as the mechanism gets stuck under Yasmeen's sparkly outfit, but after a little Tommy Coopering from Geoff, Yasmeen emerges, un-crushed, That is until Geoff mutters to her that she ruined the trick: "You clumsy oafish bitch". Tim uploads it to the internet in the hope that it will become the next Fenton, and it quickly goes viral, to Geoff's anger. Geoff is appalling but Tim should really have asked before putting it online, especially to an oldster who doesn't understand social media. Geoff accuses Yasmeen of deliberately sabotaging the act and he shoves his phone's camera in her face, recording her quaking before his violent anger.

As an aside, how hidden is the hidden camera in number 6? As Yasmeen is constantly scrubbing every surface in the house, you'd think she'd've found it by now.

It's all awkwardness chez Osborne as Daniel politely tries to get Bethany out of the flat. It's even more awkward when Daniel turns up at Victoria Court to apologise, although Maria, unlike Gary, is gracious towards him. Maria has to explain it to Liam (the most sensitive 10 year old in the world) but Gary tells him he might have a little brother or sister in the future, to Maria's consternation. He goes off to his shop and encounters one of his customers, not a junk furniture punter, but a loan sharkee, who needs £300. Gary refuses, sort of makes it up with Daniel, and returns to Maria and reassures her he wants to be with her. So that can only mean his reign of terror is about to be uncovered?

Meanwhile, Daniel catches up with Bethany to let her down gently, saying he is still grieving and can't start a new relationship yet. She says she's prepared to wait, but I guess she's lying unless she still hasn't read the spoilers about her departure.

Nina turns up at the caff, three days too late for Veganuary, and orders a veggie sausy sandwich, although she has to have it on the house as she doesn't have any money.

The Book Club arraign in the pub to destroy The Notebook, apart from Steve, who dug it. He and Tracy sneak out early to a "posh hotel" (but what is the fascinating work of 18th century literature that Ken chose for the next book (Tristram Shandy?)), which turns out to be less than posh. Tracy persuades Steve to give her a massage and we're "treated" to the sight of Steve topless - before the watershed. I've only just had me tea! He goes to wash the massage oil off his hands and gets locked in the loo and he and Trace talk through the wall, admitting that they do love each other.

Rachel Stevenson - on twitter. Sorry, no review next week as I'm on me holidays.

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Anonymous said...

There was an observation a while ago that Geoff has the house cleaning divided so that Yasmeen would never clean where the camera is.
I'm hopping that one of the kids on the street accidently comes across the wi-fi feed of Geoff's camera causing him to be exposed for what he is.

C in Canada said...

I hope you're right Anon. This storyline has to end...dragged out way too long and awful to watch.

coconno196 said...

I loved the scene with Steve and Tracy in the hotel. Well written and well acted, it made me laugh and cry at the same time. If their upcoming dramatic storyline results in them splitting up it will be a big mistake.


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