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Saturday 13 April 2019

Corrie weekly update – Tall Matt, No Shoes and Achy-Breaky Heart

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This was the week when Carla’s paranoia really hit her hard. Peter thinks he’s helping but he’s doing more damage than good when he takes her to Aidan’s graveside where the Connors are gathered on the Aidan’s birthday. It’s too much for Carla to bear in her fragile state, but Peter thinks all Carla needs is a strong cup of tea and she’ll pull herself together.  She worsens when she receives text messages from beyond the grave from Rana, but it’s Alya wanting to hit Carla where it hurts. Everyone blames Carla for the roof collapse and Rana’s death, even Carla herself. Peter takes her in at No. 1 and Ken looks after her, warning his son that Carla needs help. But it’s not until Peter finds Carla walking the street with no shoes on that he thinks ‘Ey up, there’s summat not right here’ and gets her to the medical centre. In a scene that had me welling up with tears, Toyah the counsellor washed Carla’s feet and decided she needed the crisis team calling. But with resources stretched, the crisis team were busy and couldn’t attend. As Toyah went to fetch Peter, Carla escaped through the window of the consulting room, doing a runner in her bare feet.

Elsewhere this week, Gemma is made up when Chesney asks her to be guardian to his son Joseph should anything happen to him in the future. But then she’s upset when she realises Chesney has asked the same thing of Tyrone (and by extension, Fiz, although she’s still away on real-life maternity leave).  Chesney and Gemma also book a holiday. Chesney wants to go to Portugal but Gemma wants a caravan holiday, and so that’s where they book, leaving Tall Matt behind the counter working at Prima Doner. 

In the Rovers this week, there’s a Mr & Mrs competition which Billy the vicar and Paul win. A lovely touch, Corrie, nicely done.

Natalie from Nottingham gets her feet under the table at Trim up North this week. She knows too much about Nick nicking Audrey’s money for him to turn her away and sets her on in the salon, much to David’s disdain. But is there a spark between Natalie and David, I wonder? And what will Shona say when she finds out?

Meanwhile, Gary becomes further embroiled in loan shark Rick’s nasty ways. He knows he has no choice but to do what Rick asks as Rick threatens Sarah and the kids if Gary doesn’t comply. In a truly wonderful scene, Rick sends Gary into a sheltered housing complex for old age folk where Gary is supposed to rip off an old lady by offering her a loan at exorbitant rates. But Gary can’t do it and ends up giving the lady some money to buy her grandkids gifts.  Gary sees Rick convince Alex to take out a loan. With the cash, Alex buys Cathy a birthday present of a really expensive bracelet and Cathy’s over the moon, but also suspicious as to where the money’s come from. Will Gary own up to what’s really going on?

Over at the cab office, Sally puts Tim on a healthy eating and no drinking diet so Dev and Steve agree to help him. They each bet £100 that they can reduced their ‘heart age’ and the one who reduces it the most wins the cash.

And finally this week, the ghost of Brian Tilsley floated in to a Victoria Street flat when Imran and Nick chatted about death and grief. Nick produced a photo of his dad, Brian, from back in the day when mullets reigned supreme.

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