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Saturday 27 April 2019

Corrie weekly update – Off the Wagon and Up the Duff

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Peter’s drinking again, handling his heartache at losing Carla by reaching for the bottle over and over again. After Simon sets up a #FindCarla account on social media, there’s a sighting of her reported. Peter and Johnny head to a squatters house where they hassle a junkie demanding to know where Carla is. She’s upstairs, but it doesn’t seem to occur to Peter and Johnny to even look there for her. Peter heads home, desolate and finds comfort with the whisky. Ken and Simon can only watch and plead.

In other news this week, Bertie’s naming ceremony / christening takes place in the Bistro and it doesn’t go well. There’s a slanging match between Beth and Ken after she reports Ken to the council for not picking up dog poo after taking Eccles for a walk. It’s a stinker of a storyline, in all kinds of ways and not one I enjoyed at all. However, Beth’s mum and nanna turned up for the bash, which was a highlight of sorts.  Kirk sang too, a song about "our souls are beautiful", a joke which fell flat with this fan although I appear to be in the minority of those not enjoying poo humour this week.

Seb meets Alina this week, a young girl working in a nail salon. He falls for her, she’s sweet and he comes clean straight away and tells her he’s got HIV. But what is Alina’s secret and why is she stealing Eileen’s biscuits? Well, it’s the start of Corrie’s human trafficking storyline. And when Alina spies Jan in the Rovers talking to Eileen, she runs out. Could there be more to Jan than we have so far found out? Ooh, I do hope he’s not a bad ‘un, I like him.

Elsewhere this week, Sarah throws Gary out after the truth about Rick Neelan the loan shark comes out. Gary begs Bethany to put in a good word with Sarah for him, but Bethany’s not altogether sure that’s what her mum wants to hear. He moves in with Izzy, for now.  When Eileen finds out that Gary’s been involved with Rick Neelan at the builder’s yard, she bans Gary from it and puts it up for sale. It is still Jason’s, after all.

And finally this week, after the holiday from hell in the caravan last week, Gemma’s got more problems when she finds out she’s pregnant. She hasn’t yet told Chesney, only Rita and Paul know. And Chesney has already decided that Gemma is not the girl for him, she’s too irresponsible and messy, although young Joseph thinks she’s fun. And so, with Gemma and Chesney no longer living together, Gemma moves back in with Rita who’s overjoyed to hear that Gemma plans to keep her baby. She urges her to tell Chesney soon.

And that’s just about that for this week.

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Jan said...

How the hell did Gemma not realise she was in the wrong caravan? It had nice cushions that she slept on, clean curtains and was tidy. When she got out you could see it was clean and painted. I know she was drunk but come on!

Anonymous said...

Jeanie (anon): I don't think Jan will be part of the ring--more likely he was a former victim who came to England through them, or knows someone or some people who were or still are being exploited. His guilt will be caused by his silence, not from being a part of it.

Nice to see a happy side of Seb! But who would have thought Jan would be a babe magnet?!


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