Saturday, 20 April 2019

Kabin dopplegangers on Coronation Street

Last night on Coronation Street, there was a nice little scene which made me chuckle. It was when Gemma was in the country shop and the lady behind the counter, Anita, reminded her of Rita.

It's not the first time we've had a Kabin-related doppleganger incident on Corrie.

Remember Horace?  He worked with Norris in the Kabin and they ended up dressing alike and having the same mannerisms. This was back in 2009, so many people might have forgotten it or never seen it. And so here they are in all their glory. 

Norris and Horace looked alike, dressed alike and talked alike.

“There’s two of them! This happened on a Doctor Who!” Simon Barlow pointed out at the time.

And the storyline was repeated, sort of, when Vic Reeves/Jim Moir turned up to work in the Kabin too, dressing and acting like Norris.

I like things like these, they're fun.

Glenda Young
Author: Belle of the Back Streets

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1 comment:

maggie muggins said...

Oh, yes, I loved Rita / Anita! It was a moment of respite from Gemma 2.0 camping!

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