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Monday 22 April 2019

Rovers Returning! 4 Characters I'd like back in Corrie

Guest blog post from Sharon Boothroyd
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I miss Jason. Unlike his scheming, vain, sly brother, he's the sort of down to earth, honest guy that viewers can relate to.

It'd be nice to see him take over the builder's yard, fall in love (Emma's a good candidate) find a home, marry and have kids.

He has a history on the street and his strong links to characters such as mum Eileen and Sarah make him good for a return.

He could re- establish friendships with Tyrone, Gary, Craig and Chesney. This little group could prop up the Bistro bar and put the world to rights.


Leanne's glamorous half sister, she got entangled with Adam Barlow, almost married Aiden and was pulled into a silly surrogate baby plot line with Toyah.

Eva was gusty, vulnerable, and real.

I liked her see-sawing emotions -however, I wasn't too keen on how the producers got her tarted up in sleazy underwear to seduce Aiden. I thought it was tacky, sexist and unnecessary.

Would they have Aiden prancing around in a tiny teeny G string? I think not.

Sadly, she didn't have a proper career. I would have thought someone so smart and sassy would climb the professional success ladder without much effort. I'd have liked to see her as a freelance beautician or a perhaps setting up a PR company.

Come back Eva!

Johnny wants to play grandad and I miss your spark and humour.


Martin's brief appearance last year cheered and warmed Corrie fans. It was great to see a familiar face and actor Sean Wilson slipped back into the role easily.

Being a nurse, he could get Rana's job at the medical centre. He'd provide stability for son David and get to know his grandchildren.

He had a partner and child, but a convenient split would put him back on the dating market. As a single dad, it'd be good to see him paired up with a nice woman, making Gail jealous.

And I mean a woman, not a schoolgirl like Katie Harris!


Ted was lovely, but he didn't seem to hang around. It was pity, as I liked his laid- back, gentle approach.

David really took to his gay grandad, and I can picture Ted making a grand entrance with a flamboyant toyboy hubby in tow. (When I say toyboy, I mean early fifties, as Ted must be knocking on a bit now).

Ted could team up with Ken, Roy, Geoff and Brian to form a Crosswords club – they'd crack the clues over a pint in the rovers.

This mature men crew could end up being Weatherfield's very own Last of the Summer wine gang!

Who would you like to see return to the street?

Guest blog post from Sharon Boothroyd

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Fancy writing a guest blog post for us? All details here!  
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CK said...

Todd! I am still hoping he'll come back.

Bring back Todd/Bruno.... said...

I would swap Jason for Todd, obviously, and swap Ted for Jim Macdonald but preferably with a sensible head. Totally agree with Martin and Eva.

Anonymous said...

I agree with everyone on this list. I was wondering the other day what had happened to Gail's dad.

I'd add Todd to the list, and I also think it would be interesting for Candice to return, even if it was just a flying visit to see Sarah. I wouldn't even mind Owen coming back for a bit to visit Izzy, even though I couldn't take to him during his stint on Corrie. I would love to bring back Dev's Uncle Umed, who I think was very funny and underrated, though I remember reading a comment once saying he had died off screen? I can't remember. It would also be interesting to see Amber return.

Other characters I miss from the Street but who'll never be able to return are Kylie, Maddie, Aidan and Tina.

Anonymous said...

I know many loved her but for some reason I could never take to Eva. So much so that I used to mute the sound when she was on screen.

perkysmom said...

Why can't corrie writers just get another actor to play Todd? They do that all the time with kids. One week Amy was small, the next week she looked completely different (new actor) and seemed to age 5 years!

Bring back Todd/Bruno.... said...

Because Bruno Langley is and always will be Todd. He's been punished long enough, give him his job back ITV!

Samantha from Canada said...

I'd love to see both Todd and Jason back. Miss seeing their faces on screen. And Sian should come back and get back together with Sophie. Also miss Graeme and his humour. And Rosie should come back with Craig Harris. Obviously with the original actors/actresses playing these roles.

And if we could bring characters back from the dead (if only), I'd say Tina and Kylie.

Gilles27 said...

Would love to see Spider return - preferably with Emily.

Unknown said...

I miss Todd. I would like to see Dennis and Rita reunited, the street does not really have an older couple.

Catsmom said...

I'd love to see Graham (spelling?) back, he was funny!


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