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Saturday 20 April 2019

Mikey North Interview: Gary hits rock bottom

It’s now out in the open and Sarah knows about the loan shark, is Gary relieved or has this just opened up a whole new floodgate of problems?  
I think Gary’s about to face a whole new wave of problems, Sarah finds out that Rick was the guy that was round at the house playing with Harry and when she realises that Gary’s brought this dangerous person into the house she’s furious. He’s been in debt to a loan shark, he’s kept it from her and it’s brought trouble to her door. It’s kind of like the final lie in the coffin if you will.

How does Sarah react when she finds out that Rick’s been in the house and around her children? 
This is the worst I’ve seen her react to anything that he’s done, even when she found out that he’d got Nicola pregnant. She loses the plot, she’s throwing stuff at him and screaming at him. Tina threw a bag of stuff at me so hard, she nearly took my head off so yeah, she was definitely in the moment.

Do you think previous to finding out that Rick’s been in their house there was a chance she might have forgiven him? 
She’s given him so many chances, I’ve thought every time that this will be his last one. He’s done so much wrong and he’s lied a hell of a lot, never with malice intended, there’s always kind of been mitigating circumstances, but this may be too far.

We later find that Gary’s been beaten up and that his van and tools are all gone, so what’s happened? 
Gary’s taken a beating off Rick and he’s sleeping rough in his van. He furtively goes back to the builder’s yard, just to collect something, but he finds that all of his stuff has gone. The van then gets stolen as well. Rick’s basically taken the business off him; he’s emptied the yard, taken the van, so Gary literally has nothing. I think Seb calls round to try and speak to him about something and sees the state that Gary’s in. They make a bit of truce which is nice, it’s the one good thing to come out of this.

Gary and Seb have been through so much together and had a strong friendship, is this a bit of a turning point for them after their recent feud? 
I think so yeah, Gary was bang out of order with the way that he reacted to the Seb and Sarah mix up, he flew off the handle and was quite bullying towards Seb to be fair. So, it’s nice that they’ve put that behind them.

At this point Gary’s lost the business and it looks like he’s losing Sarah, is Gary pretty much at rock bottom? 
Yeah, this is the worst it’s been for him definitely, I suppose there’s nowhere to go but up. Having said that I’ve read the storylines and if he thinks he’s at rock bottom now, things are about to get a whole lot worse for him!

One of the only people fighting Gary’s corner is Bethany, who is trying to get Sarah to agree to meet Gary. Do you think Gary can talk her round with Bethany’s help? 
It’s always a help to have someone in the family fighting your corner. It’s an interesting situation obviously because Gary and Bethany have been through a lot as well, at one point she hated him so it’s nice it’s come full circle and she’s helping him out.  There’s always been a nice dynamic btween Gary and Bethany ever since he helped her out at the gym and through her grooming ordeal. It was Bethany who got Gary and Sarah got together in the first place so it’s nice to have her back in his corner.

So how are you liking playing this slightly different Gary? he’s a bit of a loose canon right now isn’t he?
Yeah it’s good to touch back on the Gary we saw when I first started, he’s a bit more devious and a bit darker which is always great to play. There are people shouting stuff on the streets again, it’s quite interesting, it’s like turning the clock back 10 years.

Gary’s been on the straight and narrow for quite a long time now, do you think the bad boy has always been in there? 
It’s always there yeah absolutely, I think it was the army that probably straightened him out a bit but then when he came back from that and then his friend Quinny died he kind of went off the rails a bit again. He’s worked hard to stay on the straight and narrow but situations have spiralled and now he’s coming off the rails again which is great to play. It’s always nice to tie that back in and see that side of the character.

And what have we got coming up, what are we going to see for Gary? 
It’s a massive year there’s lots to come, this is definitely a big turning point in Gary’s life and it’s been my most interesting year so far of the eleven I’ve been here. This is the next chapter in the character’s life and I can’t wait to see what’s in store.

Glenda Young
Author: Belle of the Back Streets

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Anonymous said...

I think it's hyporcritical for Sarah and Gary not to have any concern for the safety of David's children as Rick could have harmed them when David urged Sarah to move out with his family when Clayton was on the run.
As for Gary why didn't he call the police on Rick instead of sicing the loan shark on a naive and innocent Alex?


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