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Sunday 14 April 2019

Corrie Comicals week ending 12 April 2019

It was a little dour on the Street this week but any mention of the stoat is worth recording as the writers are clearly trying to maximise the value they can extract from it!  I sense Natalie (above) might want to do more for David than polish his weasel.

In the second part of Monday Emma was running riot and the Mr and Mrs competition which had commenced with "besties" David and Maria teaming up - after all they have spent years almost living in each other's pockets.  What was strange was this comment from David (above) about Maria never having had a ring on her finger - a comment with which she agreed!  To my knowledge Maria has been married twice - Liam and Pablo (the latter was gay) and engaged a couple more times I think - so she has had plenty of rings on that finger!  Somebody in continuity is probably having a nervous breakdown alongside Carla!

And I loved that Victoria Wood and her mate Kimberley got a mention.  Nicely done.  "Sinead Kimberley".

Neat piece of drama for those watching closely.  This scene with Gemma complaining about Gary (who is repairing Norris' roof at number 3) followed immediately after Carla had covered the camera on her laptop with some blu-tack.  All hackers cover their cameras as a matter of course I believe.  Talking of Gemma has anyone actually explained why she and Paul have different surnames - did I miss it?

Entirely non-comical this moment - but it brought a tear to the eye in the Kosmo household.  Hopefully the end of the Sinead cancer treatment story (who knows?) as she read the message and rang the bell.  I have no idea if this is common practice - but the idea is certainly positive.  Good wishes to all who have been through such experiences.

Sally has a little pot for holding the tv remote so it does not disappear.  We have five remotes and a large basket for them.  What we do not have in the remote basket (which is not remote - it is always neatly at hand) is any chewing gum.  Luckily it is sugar free chewing gum!  (The missing remote was upstairs as Abi had liberated the batteries for use elsewhere - I assume it brought her some pleasure!).

And there is always space for this little treasure.  Steve has suggested to Tim that a glass of red wine is known to be good for the heart (I blame the Daily Mail for these stories) and Tim gave it the thumbs up.  Sally of course instantly vetoes the suggestion with a call for water!  Steve observes that Tim said that without opening his mouth and Emma being her simple self points out that it was Sally speaking as if Steve could not tell them apart!  Beautifully done.

Some of you with good memories might recall I had no time for the Aidan storyline as I could not believe it.  My wife feels much the same about the Carla story which is currently occupying vast amounts of air time.  I feel less antagonism for the latter as sometimes people do react in unusual ways and she was also very stressed from overwork.  So for the moment I am giving it the benefit of the doubt - just.  I hope that unlike Steve's recovery from depression a few years ago she does not seem to snap out of it unreasonably quickly.

Writers: Susan Oudot (Monday); Ian Kershaw & Sam Holdsworth (Wednesday): Jan McVerry (Friday)
Directors: David Moor (Monday & Wednesday): Diana Patrick (Friday)


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Anonymous said...

Anytime Emma is on the screen its a joy. She's so adorable and her lines are quite comical. The one you mentioned had me LOLing. I enjoyed the Mr. And Mrs. Competition scenes as well as the screens with Dev, Steve, Tim and Sally. CS is still a tad gloomy but at least there's a balance of some comical moments. I feel its been an improvement since the new producer stepped in.


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