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Friday 26 April 2019

Corrie Comicals week ending 26 April 2019

Brian and Cathy (his bit of muscle) are off to repay Alex's loan and to negotiate a reduction in return for early payment.  Sarah-Lou is not sure that the loan shark is man with whom you can negotiate (and this is before she knows it is Rick Neelan)!  Brian reminds all concerned that he could sell coal to Eskimos - such are his verbal skills - Cathy points out (above) that the saying is "snow to Eskimos!"

Weatherfield - the only place in the world where Easter Monday is the day after Good Friday and the vicar has enough time for a Christening!  We did not see Billy as we go straight to the naming ceremony held in the Bistro with events enlivened through the attendance (above) of Sinead's mother, Arlene (Alison Burrows) (left) and Sinead's grandmother, Nancy (Katie Fitzgerald) (right) who were mere bystanders when Claudia (Rula Lenska) fell for the provocation from Tracy and Steve and is the first to throw christening cake.  Arlene and Nancy lived up to the Tinker reputation with fights picked right, left and centre!  Here they are blaming cats for the mess they cause - not just dogs.

Seb is secuing a pinyata dragon to the ceiling and if he does not get it right Jenny (looking magnificent with her curly hair and Maid Marian dress) is suggesting that if he does not get it right then there will be two venom-spewing dragons on the premises, I reckon she falls short of the capabilities of Daenrys' offspring - but I never want to find out!

Emma has picked up Joseph and as he comes in he tells Chesney that he is going to do his homework as he rushes up the stairs which Chesney then translates for Emma "I am going to play Minecraft" which sounds about right!  Emma thought that Chesney had Joseph well trained!

Moira is in a world of her own this evening, fantasising about Imran's backside and his thighs which she imagines are meaty and manly.  Nice and grippy.  Toyah senses that Moira needs a man of her own!

There was a lovely piece of writing here from Carmel Morgan as Doctor Gaddas found time to talk to Gemma about parenthood and the matters which need to be conveyed to children and Gemma admits that she finds boundaries difficult.  I thought this was portrayed excellently by Christine Mackie on one of her rare visits to The Street.

Director at Work

I am starting to think that there is a little competition going on behind the scenes to show us a little more of the sets.  Rather than the normal view of ironing behind the sofa inside the Platts, Steve Finn used this shot towards the front window as Bethany and Sarah discuss the Gary problem with the latter saying that he had become a father to Harry seen in the foreground.  Sadly Gary has not yet left the Street, but I continue to hope.

Due to bank holidays and other commitments I will not be here next week unless I turn up very late.

Writers: David Isaac (Monday); Mark Wadlow & Ella Greenhill (Wednesday); Julie Jones & Carmel Morgan (Friday)
Directors: Steve Finn (Monday & Wednesday); Tim Royle (Friday)


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This blog isn't complete without mentioning Kirk's song "Our Souls Are Beautiful".


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