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Sunday 14 April 2019

The Week In Classic Corrie

MONDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 21st and 24th February 1992

The Barlows' decree absolute came through, and they decided to commemorate the occasion with a bottle of fizz.  Tracy was less amused and railed against them creating a broken home.  Don't worry Trace, they'll be back together before long.  Steve was causing havoc with Andy and Paula, interrupting their night out and sleazing all over her.  She preferred Andy though and gave him a snog.  He decided to follow in applying to Sheffield University.  Jack started work as a pallbearer, faking a back injury to get time off the Rovers, but he kept it concealed from Vera.  Derek got Ted Sullivan round for a meal in an attempt to get his job now he was retiring, but Ted had already promised the vacancy to his nephew.  Derek ended up feeling useless.

TUESDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 26th and 28th February 1992

The McDonald twins were envious of one another.  Andy disliked Steve's money and confidence and got a job at Bettabuys.  Steve was angry at Andy's golden child status, and decided to go on a rent strike until he started pulling his weight.  He also tried it on with Paula but she preferred Andy.  Boring Ted took Rita out for lunch, prompting much lip pursing from Mavis and Audrey.  He boringly chatted her up.  Vera found Jack's pallbearer money in the pigeon loft and used it to treat herself.  Jack span a tale about his new job, saying it was so he could get a nest egg for Terry's wedding, and she felt rotten.  She promised to pay him back.  Raquel bunked off a shift at the Rovers so she could do some promotions work.  This was bad timing, as Liz wanted her job back, and Bet was thrilled because she thought Raquel was useless.  Alec wanted the saucy Raquel as customers were coming in specifically to see her and refused to take Liz back.  Alec was also upset because he'd lost one of his clients, Mazzini the Memory Man; his little chat with Bet about it was absolutely brilliant ("Mazzini... the Memory Man...he forgot to take his pills?").  He told Liz the brewery were insisting on younger staff.  Infuriated, Jim laid into Alec, and ended up getting barred.

WEDNESDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 2nd and 4th March 1992

Poor Rita was having a bad time of it.  The Kabin was broken into again, this time through the window, leaving her feeling vulnerable.  Boring Ted arrived to take advantage of this.  He took her out for dinner and let her know he was in the market for a companion in his retirement.  Martin got trapped in a lift with an old lady.  She promptly had a heart attack, but he swept in and saved her life, leading to a sister at the hospital suggesting he train as a nurse.  Jack bunked off work to do his pallbearing but it turned out the funeral was for Mazzini the Memory Man and Alec was in attendance.  He spotted Ducky and gave chase across the graveyard, but didn't catch up with him.  Alec headed back to Coronation Street to confront him, but Jack got home first and tried to pretend he'd been on the sofa all the time; however, he forgot to take off his muddy shoes and Alec sacked him.  He promptly hired Jack back when he realised he'd have to do the cellar work himself.  The Amazingly Evil Brendan Scott returned to Bettabuys, this time with a management trainee in tow, Vanessa.  Reg was convinced she was a spy.  Tracy brought a boy back to listen to her tapes and a concerned Ken chucked him out after half an hour in case they got up to no good.  Deirdre exploded, telling him that Tracy was her daughter in her house and he had no right to intervene.  In retrospect, Ken might have been in the right after all.

THURSDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 6th and 9th March 1992

Curly and Reg were treating Vanessa like dirt at Bettabuys, because they're awful pygmy men intimidated by a woman with intelligence.  When Brendan told Curly her dad was the chairman of the company, he transferred her to a decent job, but Reg put her back on floor mopping duties because as I said: he's awful.  Curly conspicuously failed to tell his boss of their trainee's family connections.  Vera told Vanessa that Curly was probably being nice to her because he fancied her.  Liz got a job at the Legion, but that didn't stop Bet from complaining to Alec about them passing her over for an amateur like Raquel.  Martin decided to become a nurse, worrying Gail that she was too old for this go-getter and he'd dash off and leave her.  Incidentally, Martin and Gail's relationship is lovely.  They're flirtatious and romantic and practical and it's a shame that Jill Halfpenny's going to come along and ruin it all.

FRIDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 11th and 13th March 1992

Raquel got offered a flat share by an old mate, and when she floated the idea to Des, she was upset he didn't seem that bothered she might be leaving.  She took her resentment out on the customers at the Rovers then decided to move out.  Martin put his name down for the nursing aptitude test, infuriating Gail for going ahead without properly consulting her.  She admitted to Alma that she wanted a down-to-earth husband who didn't have ambition.  Nice.  Boring Ted continued to woo Rita, taking her to the posh restaurant where Angie worked, then suggesting he join her in his retirement in Florida - as his wife.  Vanessa tried her best at the supermarket but her attempts to innovate were constantly stamped on by Reg.  She finally rebelled and dumped a load of cheese on his desk in a fit of fury.  Curly gleefully told Reg about her family connections and he was mortified.  Good.

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Louby said...

The sight of Alec running after Jack was so funny.

I'd like to tell Raquel in 1992 to get as far away from Des as possible but I don't think she'd listen.

Anonymous said...

That conversation between Bet and Alec was indeed superb. Also loved his mints flying from the bag as he chased Duckegg.


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