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Friday 26 April 2019

Coronation Street Episode Review; Weds 24th April 8.30pm

As promised, here is part two of this Wednesday's Corrie, all wrapped up in a handy blog review.
Gemma's usually sunny disposition (somewhat rocked in recent weeks), has reached seismic lows-as news of her unplanned pregnancy sinks in. Reeling from the news, both Rita and Paul offer immediate advice; she must break the news to Chesney.

Simon's social media message has the Barlow men at each other's throats. Ken wants to call the police but Peter would rather lead the search on his own. Unperturbed by his Dad's advice, Peter heads out to find Carla.

Chesney admits to Emma that his relationship is crumbling after Gemma saw his text message to Tyrone. He wishes that things were as they used to be before they became a couple. Its a tad Corrie foreshadowing, but is he right?.

Meanwhile, Kirk's dreams of being Manchester's next song-writing supremo take a tumble as a lot of his original songs remain on cassette tape. Ken, of course, has a tape player and he will happily lend it him. What will Kirk find on his tape of him and Maria's singing?.

Later on, Beth has another call with the council and it appears her rebate is now a council debt. Can Kirk's new singing career reap the couple some cash?.

At The Rovers, Seb and Alina have an immediate youthful chemistry whilst Gary persuades Bethany to give him one final heart-to-heart with Sarah. His desperation, however, does little to tempt Sarah into any reconciliation. It all looks over for this once promising couple.

Seb's charm, however, has the opposite effect, and he invites Alina to share dinner at Speed Daal. But as he and Alina walk in, Eileen is sharing a meal with Jan, and Alina swiftly exits. Was it just Eileen's sharp sarcasm that caused her to leave?

In the backroom, Ken tells Johnny that Peter has headed out to find Carla on her old childhood estate. We know Weatherfield is rough, but any estate outside of it- well you're just playing with madness Peter!. Later, and whilst meeting a ruffian at a squat, the police are suddenly on the scene. Confronted by a copper, Peter realises that he has been bluffed for cash. Later at No.1, Peter spews venom at Ken and blames him for calling the cops!.

At a crisis meeting, Chesney tells Gemma that their relationship is over and she packs her bags. Unfortunately, she has to break the news to Joseph. The young lad is sad that the couple has separated- it's a tender scene. Witnessed by Chesney, he tells Gemma that one day she will make a great Mum.

Ironically, she fails to tell Chesney her news and heads home to a disheartened Rita and Paul.

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Pat said...

Does Emma not work at Audrey's anymore? We see her working in the pub and wandering round at odd times of the day so I thought I'd missed something.

Anonymous said...

Where did Peter go looking for Carla, the tropics? He looked very tanned compared to the last time we saw him.

Newfy Pearl said...

Why do people think Ches and Gemma are a good idea. Really? If he takes her on he will be raising two children. She is not good for the kid no matter how fun he thinks she is. So inappropriate is her behaviour and I really don't see that changing any time soon.
Meanwhile, Emma...who is fun and somewhat normal is jilted and left on her own. It does not make sense.
Am I the only one who feels this way?

Derelict Cucumberpatch said...

No Newfy Pearl, you are definitely not should see what they say over on the Digital Spy forum! Really cannot understand why the PTB think she is a popular character, she certainly is not. And actually Chesney is not far behind her.


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