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Saturday 20 April 2019

Corrie Comicals week ending 19 April 2019

The jokers, Steve, Dev and Tim, are having a competition to establish who has the best blood pressure and in an attempt to get Tim to lose Steve had "revealed" that Yasmeen and Geoff are to marry, which led to Tim faking a heart attack as Sally arrived and she has just given him a smack for causing her distress with his play acting.  What distressed me throughout the blood pressure monitor games is that not once did I see it being located correctly with the pipe against the inside of the elbow at the bottom of the inflating collar.  In this instance it is clearly coming out of the top - simply wrong and disappointing when it could so easily have been done correctly without upsetting the humour!

Later on it is Dev who is wired up to the monitor when Evelyn arrives to complain that Cathy is being less than generous at yellow label time only knocking off 10% per apple when last week Evelyn is convinced that one of the said apples winked at her.  Dev's blood pressure shoots up and after he leaves Steve and Tim pay off Evelyn for her assistance.  Sal soon hears what has happened and Tim is committed to another power walk tomorrow!

Abi wanted to why the ancient caravan with a strange odour which Chesney has sourced for a holiday  is sitting on the Street - we later find it has been in use as a cannabis farm - and Abi thought it was a portaloo as it was so dirty!  I assume Chesney hired the car as well and I have to assume he passed his driving test.

Slightly more entertaining was the absurdity of Sarah Loo (remember she sleeps on an airbed) suddenly driving around in a neat blue car and able to follow partner Gary until she loses him in the roadworks.  Last week Maria forgot she had been married.  When building complex stories the odd plot hole can be missed by the powers that be and I realise it is all fiction but somewhere the management is missing some pretty obvious gaps at the moment.

Now staying at a minimally equipped caravan site Chesney has found a three year old newspaper in the caravan and is reading it avidly.  The Street has largely been an EU divorce free zone - but apparently three years ago a landslide victory for Remain was expected according to an article in the paper; Gemma's face details the absolute boredom which has descended on most of the Nation for discussing this particular subject.

Abi is off for the job interview which Kev organised and the older generation will know what I mean if I suggest that Abi was wearing a wider than normal belt.  She then tells Sally that if necessary she can always do a Sharon Stone - and Sally falls for it (above) questioning Abi's potential lack of underwear. 

Just in case we did not find it amusing when Ken trod in Peanut's excrement the sub-titling team made my day when I rewatched the episode and found out about dog fowling which I thought happened in the countryside when dogs brought back fowl which had been shot and of course is completely different from dog fouling, of which there was a lot this evening.  Of course not shitting on your own doorstep is a good maxim!

Extras at Work

There were a lot of extras on Friday - the garden centre had all sorts wandering around but the best group were those in the Soggy Dog pub where Gemma drank them under the table in short order.  Two appear asleep, one is hiding under a beer mug masquerading as a union Jack umbrella and one has just stood up to head for the gents but is slowly sinking back into his seat.  And the landlord has had three days takings in an afternoon.

Writers: Alasdair Morrison & Owen Lloyd-Fox(Monday); Cameron McAllister & Simon Crowther (Wednesday); Chris Fewtrell (Friday)
Directors: Diana Patrick (Monday); Gill Wilkinson (Wednesday & Friday)


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maggie muggins said...

Thanks, Kosmo! Should be called Weekly Comicals and Absurdities this week.

Anyone know if it's the done thing for women the age of Sarah Loo (good one) to address their flannel shirt & work boot-clad partners with the term "darling" quite as often as she does to Kim Yung Gary?

Unknown said...

As a trained nurse I can confirm that it doesn't matter which way the BP cuff goes on. The instructions in the box will tell you that as long as it's above the elbow you will get a correct reading. If the machine can't get a reading an error message will be displayed. Fab post otherwise!


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