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Tuesday 23 April 2019

Jane Danson interview: Leanne and naughty Nick

What’s Leanne’s first thoughts when Toyah shows Leanne the report?
Leanne is quite an intuitive person usually and obviously she wants to believe that Nick is innocent. When they find the report that is somehow under the bed, Leanne, Toyah, Nick and Imran are all blaming each other and Leanne is in the crossfire of it all.

What does Leanne make of Nick’s excuse?
Well, he has got a good argument because why would he hide it? But the fact that it is under his bed points to the possibility that he could have put it there. Nick is playing the card that people want to blame him.

How much of a difference does it make to Leanne that Shona says she has overhead Nick and David discussing things that Nick is not proud of?
It sounds a bit dodgy so that has sent alarm bells ringing in Leanne’s head. Leanne is sitting on the fence with it, she doesn’t really know who to believe. She is letting it all unfold but all the fingers are pointing at Nick.

Does Leanne feel like she has to put on a united front with Nick even if she does have doubts about his innocence?
Yes, because ultimately he is her partner and she is going to stand by him whatever he has done whether she agrees with it or not but that is going to cause friction between her and her sister because Toyah knows her better than most people. It will cause difficulty with Imran because she works with him and he is going out with her sister. All those relationships are beginning to fracture.

If Leanne finds out that Nick is involved with the factory collapse, what would Leanne do?
Her initial reaction would be that she would be angry and morally she knows it is wrong but selfishly, she has a lot to lose if she leaves. They’ve been through so many traumas in their lives that if he has done this I think she would make excuses for him but she is smart. In the coming weeks, there is a little bit of her becoming Lady Macbeth and taking control of certain situations.

Since Nick has returned he has been a lot more of a Naughtier Nick. What has it been like to play alongside this? 
Leanne is more of a supporting role in this storyline but what I like is that every now and again the Leanne of old comes out and it’s that survival of the fittest thing. Even if Leanne is in the wrong, she will say she is in the right; it’s that kind of attitude. Leanne will always find a way of making situations work in her favour, whether that is right or wrong is another story!

Has this changed the dynamic of Leanne and Nick’s relationship?
I suppose their dynamic is always changing but we are going to see her taking the reins a lot and taking a bit of control back. They are stronger as two and together. She has got a moral compass and she is not a bad person, maybe she just makes bad choices, but she is doing it for the greater good ultimately.

What advice would you give Leanne?
It’s only going to end one way, isn’t it! Where Nick and Leanne are involved, it never goes right. I am tempted to say, ‘Pack your bags and go!’ But I don’t think she would listen.

Glenda Young

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