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Monday 22 April 2019

Coronation Street Episode Review Easter Monday

The Easter bunny has been and gone. The chocolate has been eaten, the eggs have been blown, and everyone's settling down to watch a James Bond on ITV2. Except on the cobbles, of course.

Despite doing a last minute Christening for the Barlow-Tinkers, Billy hasn't been asked to the post-Baptismal do at the Bistro, so isn't there to soothe the Barlow-Tinker tensions. Sinead's mum and Jackie Corkill are back to drink a lot of free Prosecco and snipe at Daniel, but it's Ken and Beth who go for each other as Barlow Snr finds out that Beth is the poop patrol stool pigeon (incidentally, Weatherfield Council's new policy seems ripe for abuse - unless there's a doggy database, it's impossible to assign poo blame. Also, I refuse to believe that Beth pays her council tax).

Beth claims she won't let anyone ruin the christening, although she does ruin a reading of Kipling's If, but she prefers his cakes to his poetry anyway. Talking of cake, Steve and Tracy put bets on who will start the food fight, which Tracy wins with a fiver on Claudia (7/2 outsider). Tracy really should be the mediator between her bestie and her dad, but it's Kirk (second place Soapstar Superstar 2006!) who calms troubled waters by, um, taking off his shirt and playing some of his self-penned songs (sample lyric: "Are souls are beautiful"), which ends up bonding Beth and Ken as they both chew Tracy out for being rude about Kirk's musical aptitude.

Talking of troubled relationships, Gemma is too hungover to attend the christening, so martyr Chesney passively-aggressively takes himself off without her. She feels guilty (especially after reading a rude text from Tyrone calling her a "nightmare") so she puts a fish pie (note: not a bun) in the oven that promptly burns as she falls asleep. She tells Rita she's ruined the relationship, but imo, she's just the latest in a line of women Chesney has ruined with his old man tedium. Thank god Emma got out before he took away all of her spark too.

Gary promises never to do anything without consulting Sarah again, including, but not limited to i) sleeping with his nemesis's daughter and ii) getting in hock to a loan shark who caused the untimely death of her stepdad. Unfortunately, he's forgotten to tell her that Rotten Rick was the person 'round the house, drinking their tea and playing with her kid. When Sarah discovers this, she chucks Gary out and not even asking David to put in a good word for him helps (instead, David helpfully suggests his sis should go out with Dev (?)). Gary does his good deed for the day by helping out Cathy and Brian when they go to repay Alex's £300 and 16% interest, which is actually quite a good deal, at least compared to credit cards, but doesn't include early repayment fee and admin charge. But even this does Gary no good as Brian is cleared out and can't even lend Gaz £20 and then things go from worse to worser as Eileen closes down the builder's yard and says Jason wants to put it up for sale. I guess the only two options for Gary are a) become very evil or b) get a job in another trade.

Meanwhile, the other aspiring builder, Seb, goes from surly to successful as he fixes the Rovers' loo, which leads to a plumbing job in a nail bar, where he meets Alina, an attractive young nail technician who seems scared of her boss, Rachel. I do hope my namesake isn't going to turn out to be A Baddie.

And finally, Fay(e) convinces Brian to sign up for some hopefully humorous episodes of "Educating Abi".

No review next week as I'm in Italy. Whilst I'm there, I'll try and persaude Uncle Steven to come over and bang Sarah and Gary's heads together.

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Sarah said...

Just discovered you! hospital, this blog paints the picture pretty well, thanks!!

dhvinyl said...

There is of course option c) for Gary......go away and never come back.! Even the ketchup smears can’t improve his acting and now he’s adopted the ‘rabbit in the headlamps’ face coma look!

On a general note, would it not be possible for our dear scriptwriters to start winding down the lies? I’m sure no one under 60 watches Corrie, but if a youngster does chance upon the cobbles he/she might just wonder why no one capable of telling the truth. Not a good life message.

Gilles27 said...

I think it was 'Our Souls are beautiful', not 'Are souls'.

Enjoy Italy!

coconno196 said...

Actually it was Doreen Corkhill. Jackie was her sister-in-law lol ­čśÇ, and also the actress who played barmaid Gloria Todd in Corrie.

coconno196 said...

Who are they trying to kid with "baby" Bertie? He never moved, it was so obviously a doll!

Sara said...

I was hoping that Eileen had rung Jason and that he was going to come back.


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