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Wednesday 17 April 2019

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Weds 17 Mar

Wednesday April 17th 2019

WILL GARY’S CONSCIENCE GETS THE BETTER OF HIM Sarah watches as Gary sets off for work in his builders’ gear after stashing his suit into a holdall. Rick introduces Gary to his side-kick Sharon and says she will show him the ropes on his first debt collection. Having followed Gary Sarah is shocked to see him now wearing a suit and getting into a van with a woman. As the first house Gary is horrified to recognise the client as Vicky. Sharon orders Gary to go through Vicky’s things and take anything of value. Having ransacked Vicky’s possessions, Sharon starts knocking her about. How will Gary react? GEMMA AND CHESNEY CARRY ON CAMPING Gemma is excited when Chesney arrives with her mate’s caravan but he’s less than impressed with the smelly, shabby old van. After Abi solves a problem with the car Chesney, Gemma and Joseph arrive at a run down campsite and as they turn on the electric in the van Gemma is amused and Chesney is appalled to discover that it had obviously been used as a cannabis farm. As the rain drips through the roof Chesney is starting to regret abandoning the idea of Portugal for ‘Carry on Camping’
TOYAH QUESTIONS WHY NICK’S ASKING QUESTIONS Toyah reveals to Nick and Leanne that the police believe the factory roof was sabotaged deliberately for an insurance scam. Nick’s secretly horrified.
ELSEWHERE Michelle lashes out at Robert and suggests that if he hadn’t named and shamed Carla over the roof collapse, she wouldn’t have had a breakdown and gone on the run.

Wednesday April 17th 2019

GARY’S FINALLY BEATEN Sarah is concerned when Gary has not arrived home and when she hears from Nick about the theory that the factory roof collapse was an act of sabotage she is worried that Gary might be implicated as he was doing the work. Gary calls to see Rick who tells him he still owes him £11k and he should do everything he is asked.
CHESNEY CAN’T KEEP A POKER FACE Chesney is shocked when he returns from a visit to the shop to find that Gemma has taught Joseph to play poker and has fleeced him out of money! Gemma is upset as Chesney declares it the worst holiday ever.
NICK MAKES A PRE-EMPTIVE STRIKE Worried that the police believe the factory roof collapse was sabotage Nick decides to tell the police about the £30k he put in the account, claiming it was from his own savings to pay off his ex wife.
ELSEWHERE Having taken a phone call, Robert downs tools and hurries out of the bistro. Kevin calls at No.4 and handing Abi a name and address, tells her there’s a job going at a nearby garage and he’s put in a good word for her. Abi’s thrilled.

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Flash Gordon said...

The farce that was the caravan thanks! Absolute rubbish! A big fat AS IF!!

And please God we don't have to put up with that awful Vicky again - I thought we'd seen the back of her.


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