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Saturday, 21 July 2018

Corrie weekly update: Don’t spit in the hotpot

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The Connors go to war over baby Susie after mediation (or meditation as the continuity announcer had it) failed. Maybe meditation was the way to go, who knows? Anyway, Johnny does a runner with the baby, leaving Eva in a right state and making a tearful plea on national telly to get her baby back. Johnny hides in a hotel room with his granddaughter, he’s in a bad way as he’s not taking his MS medication. He calls Liz and she goes to him, he tells her he loves her and they share a kiss on the bed. But then Liz calls the police, unbeknown to Johnny, who’s busy declaring undying love for Mrs Mc and planning their getaway on the run. When the police arrive, Johnny scarpers, leaving Liz with the baby. He’s later found by the canal, unconscious and is rushed to hospital. When he wakes, it’s not Liz he declares his love to, it’s Jenny - and he gives Liz the cold shoulder for turning him into the cops.

Gemma’s upset this week when she reads in the Weatherfield Gazette that Henry Newton has got engaged. But when he turns up on the Street confessing undying love for Gemma, he tells her that the engagement is something his parents wanted, not him. He says he wants Gemma and no one else and even offers to buy the Rovers Return for her. So serious is he that he puts in an offer on the pub. Rita tells Gemma she’ll have to go on a food hygiene course. “Food hygiene? Don’t spit in the hotpot!” Gemma replies.

Eileen returns this week to find Abi living in her house but she’s less livid about that than she is about finding out Steve’s engaged to Tracy. She and Dev try to stage an intervention with Steve to stop him from marrying Tracy, but he’s too far gone, he tells them, and he can’t disappoint Amy, after all. But is it really Amy that he’s getting married for or does he really love Tracy after all?

Daniel and Sinead go after an unused building on Victoria Street so that Sinead can set up her vintage clothes shop. Brian and Cathy are after the same building to set up a hardware store, but it’s the younger couple who get the building after Cathy tells them they can have it. Too late though, for Brian has already handed in his notice at work!

At the hair salon, Audrey touts for business to get back at Maria. She delivers leaflets around the street offering half price haircuts for anyone who wants one.

And that’s just about that for this week. 

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popcorn said...

Can anyone remind me where Brian and Cathy are living?

Anonymous said...

Are they not in one of the flats above The Kabin?

Did anyone else notice, the baby that Johnny had in the hotel room was bald as a coot; five minutes later, the baby that was given back to Eva had quite a head of hair.

Anonymous said...

Johnny had a "Dallas" moment and the whole storyline was a dream. I find it hard to understand Liz's poor judgment when it comes to Johnny. I get sympathy for his loss but he's being really vile.


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