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You're the new Corrie producer - who would you kill off?

You're the new Coronation Street producer - who would you kill off? 

Let's list our favourite five that we'd like to see be given the chop. And not just the chop from the show, but the chop forever, so that their characters can never return to the show.

In no particular order, here's my five. Let us know your five too!

1 Emily

Now then, I mean this with my heart bursting with love and affection for Emily, but it's time for her to go. If the actress isn't going to return to the show, please then Corrie, let us fans grieve her passing. Many of us have grown up with Emily and we need to to shed some tears if we're never going to see her again.  It's something I've written more fully on here.

2 & 3 Kana 

I'm just... I can't even... I hate these two! Fair play to the actresses who play them and I know they've got a mahoosive fanbase online but the characters do my head in.  All they do is WHINGE. And all I hear is a high pitched scream when they come on telly and it takes me a few moments to realise that the scream is coming from me. 

4 Sean

No-one likes him. He's past his sell-by date and I don't understand what he's still doing on the show. 

5 Jude

Along with Robert Preston, Jude Appleton is one of the dullest men in soap. Not even being son to the wonderful Mary can lighten the doom when he appears on screen. And while we're on the subject of Jude, why not get rid of his dreadful wife Angie too.

Well, I've got that off my chest. 

Which five characters would YOU kill off?

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JennyMac said...

Not sean I like him, he is part of the furniture !
Definitely Krana can't be doing with those two.
Brian he isn't funny, not anything really.

Scott Willison said...

A terrible fireball engulfs Roy's Rolls. Not only does it mean the place FINALLY gets refurbished, it also takes the lives of Ken Barlow, Robert and Michelle, Sean, and Gina. They are mourned for about fourteen minutes.

Shelley Barnes said...

Yes to everything you said and can Michelle and Robert get jobs on a cruise ship and sail to Timbuktu. Kym Marsh's acting is very 2D.

Humpty Dumpty said...

There are very few that I would keep! Sean and Tracy have become parodies of their characters so they can both go. Brian, Cathy and Alex can go. Fiz is almost unwatchable. Unfortunately, Kevin has a major storyline (it's going to be his rather than Jack's) so that means he won't be leaving. Shame, he wouldn't be missed. I'd say Toyah but I can't believe the actress wants to stay so that saves one vote. My top five would be: Sean, Tracy, Brian, Kevin, Fiz.

Bre Drew said...


Anonymous said...

Jude - although we might not notice he was gone.

Christine K said...

All the Connors except Carla, Johnny and Jenny
Tim's dad

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately my list is rather long: Jude, Angie, Kate, Rana, Abi, Robert, Michelle, Alya, Chesney, Beth, Johnny, Carla, Alex and Kevin (who should have been gone ages ago)

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I forgot to add Simon, Fizz and Hope to my list!

Anonymous said...


popcorn said...

1. Who are Jude and Angie (lol!)
2. Michelle
3. Robert
4. Kate (keep Rana - at least she can act)
5. Kayla

Cobblestone said...

How can a cruise ship go to a place in the middle of the Sahara Desert?

Abercrombie said...


Sorry, a bit long but a lovely fantasy.

Sophie Bird said...

Michelle, Kate, Fiz, Jude, Angie, Seb's Mum,Simon

Abercrombie said...

Oh yes.... definitely Simon. I knew there was someone else.

Llal said...

Just Michelle, Maria, Fiz and Sean. That will be fine...especially Michelle.

Anonymous said...

Loving how many want Michelle gone. Please make it happen Corrie gods.
Simon - go away to boarding school, return as new actor
Toyah - No amount of history makes her relevant

Anonymous said...

When does new Producer start?

Anonymous said...

Sinead first please, Ken and Simon. Billy & Summer, what is their point? I'm gonna throw in Fay and Gary too.

Anonymous said...

Mary's Son

Llal said...

It is interesting how many people want Michelle gone. ITV seem to think she’s vital to the show, though. I heard her referred to on another recent programme as “Rovers Royalty”. What do they see that we don’t?

Loulou said...

Fiz please.Have been praying for years that she would go.Not Tracy,she is great. Don't know who thought it was a good idea to bring back Toyah.
Brian, Seb & mum,Simon,Billy & Summer all to go. Oh and Jenny,get rid!

Anonymous said...

I would like to add Sarah and Bethany to the list.
Bethany's grooming story line is still being dragged on with no end in sight due to Kayla's revenge and all Sarah does when she's not causing trouble for David is sleep with someone.
It's the same old with these two and perhaps it's time they go back to Milan.

abbyk said...

- Brian, Cathy and Alex
- Izzy: very nice but kinda pointless, could go live with Owen.
- Angie and Jude: dull dull dull. Mary can go visit when Patti Clare needs a vacation.
- Kate, Beth & Michelle: nasty, selfish, and can't stand on their own.

I like Sean, and am coming around to Tracy and Mary. Daniel, Billy and Toyah need to get back to their professions. Fiz and Sinead need to rediscover their creative sides; if they could get past their strained social connection (ala David and Shona), they could conquer the cute kids clothes market or something.

Karen said...

I love Sean, but the writers need to USE him for something useful. Keep him but step it up please.

Anonymous said...

Get all new actors just keep these 5 - Oliver (Leanne’s baby) Eva,s baby Susie- Sarah’s son Harry- Max and lily

Laura said...

I liked the earlier suggestion of Michelle and Robert leaving to work on a cruise ship. They are just depressing to watch and suck the life out of the Bistro. I was never a fan of Nick's, but I much preferred his tenure as owner to theirs.

My top five to get rid of right now would be Michelle, Robert, Brian, Cathy, and Gina. Brian and Cathy have run their course and Gina is boring.

Anonymous said...


Sharon Boothroyd said...

Mine would be Jude (Sorry, but the guy playing him can't act for toffee)
Faye - the character has run its course
Norris & Emily - both characters are off screen.I couldn't stand Norris - he's a male Mavis
The actress who plays Emily is not going to return, so may as well kill the character off
Robert - I'm sick of seeing him topless, and he's still dull as ditch water
Simon Barlow - I agree - pack him off to boarding school and get a new actor playing him. How can a mixed race child possibly be the son of blonde- haired white woman and a white dad?

Louby said...

Michelle for me to please!

Also Robert, Sarah, Simon and Ryan.

I agree about Emily.

Anonymous said...

Fiz. She can't act and the voice is so irritating.

Anonymous said...

All the Connors, without exception
All the Barlows except Adam and Tracey
Fizz and Hope
The old dear (Vinny's mum)

Flo said...

Brian (can we swap him out and bring Julie back?)
Simon (Peter can send him off to boarding school for all of his bad deeds)

Unknown said...

I know I’m in the minority here, but I would get rid of every single Conner! Also, Robert, Simon, Ken and Peter have had their day. Sean is annoying but loveable. I think a decent, happy storyline would be great for him. The Nazirs are just boring. Roy needs a special lady who is not pathetic nor neurotic. He and Hayley held the storyline up for so long and I think he can do that again. Love Adam ; )

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Instead of who to get rid of ill tell you who they should keep Steve Gary Sally Tim Sarah Carla Adam Mary David Shona Leanne EVA Tyrone Gail Audrey ken get rid of Jude Michelle Robert simon Kayla Norris Emily fiz Beth Kirk TOYA David's kids summer and bully and grandmother FLORA Bring back Todd and brother played by new actors get rid of sebs mother TRACY keep shade and Daniel bring back Stevens ex that went to the Bahamas JONNY keep Liz get rid of Moira Gina devkevin and son jack time for Sean to leave too Don't bring back nick

Anonymous said...

Also get rid of RANA Kate and keep Bethany but get rid of grooming storyline and get rid of Kathy and Brian and get rid of rubie and hope and keep chesneys partner at kabob shop and rita

Anonymous said...


Think they are all rubbish characters and their acting is unconvincing.

Anonymous said...

Recognizing that some characters have a function even if i don't like them, these are the ones i still can't stand:
KATE - whingy, selfish character; bad actress
Jonny - he's morphed into a nasty piece of work, beyond unwatchable
Fizz - pointless and grating
Toyah - wet and a weed, the relationship with Peter was never convincing
Izzy - harmless but pointless
Alya - horrible person

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