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Tuesday, 17 July 2018

CORRIE PRESS DAY (PART 5) - The return of Claudia Colby!

Welcome to interview No. 5 of my visit to the Coronation Street set, and my day caught in a flurry of exclusive summer storyline interviews.

In my opinion, this is one of Corrie’s most ingenious castings of recent years. So, not only am I sat effectively ‘backstage’ in the Corrie Hub ON SET no less, but we are now about to embark in a chat with Weatherfield crimper, Audrey’s frenemy, and possibly Maria’s new boss; it's TV legend Rula Lenska AKA Claudia Colby. The latter surname is undoubtedly a DALLAS reference? It could be - and I can tell you one thing, with the huge hairdo and classic glamour, she could well be from a Hollywood era. So, from 'tinsel town' to downtown Weatherfield, let's get the lowdown on the return of Claudia!

What brings Claudia back to the cobbles?

“Well basically, it’s the battle of the hairdressers. She’s now suddenly flying quite high and poaches Maria because she’s got several new franchises opening, and of course the return of Lewis Archer.’

Can you confirm how long you’re returning for, is it a long-term stint?

"Yes it is long term, it was an added bonus, after all that time away. When people stop me on the street, they ask when I’m returning to Corrie as it's such an unusual relationship (between Audrey and Claudia). You’ve two older women who like each other, but try and get the upper hand on each other. I honestly am thrilled to be back.”

Did you slip back into the role quite easily, or did you have to go back and watch yourself in previous episodes? 

“No, the relationship between Sue (Nicholls) and I is good anyway and on the first day we just really gelled. Although we weren’t given many lines as such, the relationship was already sparkling.”

Can you tell us about your first scene returning as Claudia? 

“Basically, Audrey is in the salon telling a customer about Maria been thrown out, and I then I arrive. Somebody says to Claudia ‘are you a customer?’ as she arrives to see Audrey in the back room.
The script advises that Claudia arrives in all her splendour!"

An apt script note indeed for an esteemed actress of stage, screen, film… and our Corrie.

When I was sat in the Coronation Street reception area, prior to any interviews, I was starstruck as Sue Nicholls (Audrey Roberts) gleefully strolled in. Later that day, meeting Samia (Maria), and then Rula (Claudia), I envisaged strolling down Coronation Street heading to the salon, for a quick trim.

One question remains though. Just who will rule the roost in the battle of the Corrie Hairdressers?

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Louby said...

This will be great for the show. I've got high hopes for lots of humour between Claudia and Audrey.

Btw it was Dynasty!

Laura said...

Agreed. Really looking forward to this.

Anonymous said...

Claudia is fantastic! One of the best characters introduced over the past decade. I really hope Rula will be sticking around for the long term.

Anonymous said...

She's one of the Colbys? I thought there was a bit of Dynasty glam about her? We just need Steрhanie Beecham to return on her barge and we're all set :)

coconno196 said...

This may be ageist, but would Audrey and Claudia still be running salons at 75 and 70? Physically taxing, being on your feet all day. Though I suppose it's nothing compared with 80-odd-year old barmaid Betty, and Rita still working in the Kabin in her 80s 😀.

maggie muggins said...

Can't wait! The Hair, wowser, especially in the second photo with Maria. It rivals Bet Lynch's beehive. Sweetie Darling, even Patsy would be jealous!

Anonymous said...

I'm just going to say it, that first picture looks like a made up corpse. Scary.


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