Thursday, 12 July 2018

19 Coronation Street annoyances

There's been much discussion over on our Twitter feed @CoroStreetBlog about things that are niggling fans right now. Niggles and nooks and crannies in the Rovers, niggles about hotpot, about plotholes in storylines, about.. well, about everything that doesn't make sense in our favourite show. 

I've gathered up some of the annoyances into a list. Please feel free to add your own!

1. Why does no one order hotpot in the Rovers any more?
2. If Craig is applying for the police why isn’t he getting into shape? 
3. Who watches all the kids while the parents are in the pub? 
4. Why has Corrie turned into Casualty?
5. How has Daniel’s flat got windows on four sides?
6. Why are none of the flats in Victoria Court the same layout?
7. What is behind the shutter at the side of Rita’s door?
8. How does the bistro have a cellar when it used to just be a bridge?
9. Why aren't Roy and Dev up in arms about two major chain competitors opening shops just around the corner?
10. Where does everyone park their cars?
11. Why is everyone in the right place at the right time to overhear crucial info?
12. Why does Mavis never visit Rita yet Rita always visits her?
13. Why does Ken never mention his son and grandson, Lawrence and James?
14. What happened to Steve’s depression story after the bus crash?
15. Why do Leanne and Fiz not have a friendship after such a close family connection? 
16. Where's Denise Osbourne gone... she said she was moving nearby? 
17. Where's Gail's dad Ted gone, you'd think he'd visit after all the trauma? 
18. How can Fiz tell Sean to move out of Tyrone's house? 
19. Why is the Rovers always empty now? 

And my personal bugbear - why does Roy keep bananas in his fruit bowl at Roy's Rolls on top of all the other fruit. Bananas over-ripen other fruit. Of all the people in the world, Roy Cropper would know this and never, ever put his bananas in the bowl. There, I've said it now!

Feel free to add your own annoyances to the list!

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coconno196 said...

Re 10: Hardly anyone has a car, or only when a storyline requires it!
Re 13: I suppose you could argue that they are estranged. Ken couldn't cope with Laurence's homophobia, plus Laurence resented Ken's non-involvement in his life. Hardly Ken's fault, as the mother never told him about Laurence. Then James turned out to be a conman and criminal, stealing from the homeless charity.

21. Most terraced houses only have 2 bedrooms, so where does everyone sleep in the multi -occupancy ones?
22. How do people's total wordly possessions fit in a rucksack or bin bag?
23. Why is nobody reprimanded for making personal calls and texting while at work?
24. How is it acceptable for all the staff in Audrey's to gossip among themselves and ignore the clients?

popcorn said...

25. When Seb came into the salon, how did Emma speak to him without moving her lips?

Cobblestone said...

Re.1: because until this week, Sean, the Guardian of the Secret Hotpot Recipe, had ceased to work at the Rovers. Expect to see it back on the menu.

Re.2: he has been trying, going running with Kayla.

26: How did Kayla manage to get her hands on the voice of the deceased Tina McIntyre?

27. Why do the residents of Maudsley Street never interact with those of Cononation Street, when they share a ginnel? They MUST drink in the Rovers and encounter each other putting the bins out, no?

Sophie Bird said...

How do residents pack and leave so quickly? It takes me longer to pack for a weekend away than it does for them to pack up all their worldly possessions and leave forever.

Sophie Bird said...

Why did the independent feisty Gail of 1989 Coronation Street turn into the dim simpering Gail of today?

Anonymous said...

Why does nobody ever look left and right before crossing the street, and groups often stand in the middle of the road carrying on conversations.

Emma Hynes said...

How is Izzy managing her pain nowadays?

Why is The Bistro the centre of the universe?

How did the roof come to be removed from the factory and put back on with zero disturbance to anyone or anything?

Anonymous said...

To answer the question about the Rovers being empty is because no one wants to be served by Toyah who always has a sour long face.
Speaking of the Rovers,what happened to the jukebox?
If Gary and Sarah moved in together in Victoria Court,how come we still see her at her brother's house and how can they afford the rent?

Anonymous said...

Why is there absolutely no interaction between Max & Amy, considering they lived with Becky and Steve as pretty much near-siblings? On that note, why is there never any interaction between Steve and Max?

Re 15: I've often wondered that about Leanne with Kirk and Chesney too.

Anonymous said...

Why has Adam Barlow never opened up to Ken or Peter about his overdose at Christmas? Wasn't the whole point of Aidan Connor's suicide to encourage men to open up about mental health issues? Why was Adam's overdose (which was arguably a suicide attempt) just swept under the carpet almost as quickly as it happened???

Anonymous said...

How can the residents of Corrie afford to eat and drink out so much? What drives me crazy is how many of them eat big breakfasts at Roy's. Have lunches and dinners at the Bistro.

Anonymous said...

Yes Anon 12:36, and as the café is only across the road/round the corner, why on earth don't they just eat meals or have a coffee in their own homes? I wouldn't dream of going such a short distance to eat or drink something that is free at home. Crazy!

Dishwasher Crab said...

Why was there never an official inquiry into a tram crashing off the viaduct?

Why did Toyah leave her job as a counsellor when she returned from Liverpool? A job that presumably involved at least two degrees. It's not a difficult commute between Salford and Liverpool. Why become a barmaid?

Why oh why did they kill off Richard Hillman? Best character ever.

Sharon Boothroyd said...

To add to the list, why doesn't anyone claim benefits? Even part- time workers claim Universal credit. Why doesn't Sean go to a homeless charity that can help him? Why has no one said 'Costa coffee is better than Roys?' why don't Jude and Angie find a home of their own - they are both working now. Why doesn't Mary ask Norris to sign the house over to her if he's not returning?

Anonymous said...

Why do almost all the women have the same hairstyle? From teenage Faye to pushing-fifty Carla- straight, centre-part past the shoulders.

Louby said...

Why are the Platt crammed into that tiny house when Audrey has a big house all to herself?

I think the answer to 9 is that we are meant to believe that Costa etc have been there for ages, we've only just got to see them!

Can people who have had kidney transplants really drink as much as Carla and Tracy?

abbyk said...

How some stories are meticulously researched and plotted out, and others (usually those involving law and police matters) have no grounding in reality.

Forget the number of murders, look at the number of conmen who have swindled street residents out of thousands of £s. At least the murders are usually solved.

Rapunzel said...

I have a feeling that Leanne was living away from the street during most of the Les & Cilla years. If I’m right, that would explain why she didn’t bond with either Kirk or Chesney.

Anonymous said...

Why do characters ask "Who was that?" when they see their spouse talking on their own personal, private, mobile phone? I find it incredibly nosy! (I know, it's to drive the plot along, and usually the spouse lies anyway, but it always bugs me!). This happens in most of the soaps too!

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