Friday, 13 July 2018

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Fri 13 July

THE TRUTH EMERGES FOR SALLY Tim is concerned when Duncan asks Sally if she can fastrack some of the funds as he has found a good deal on some equipment for the hospital. When Tim voices his suspicions to Steve they agree to check Duncan out. At his office they are shocked to find the place empty.
PETER BELIEVES IN SECOND CHANCES Carla flirts with Peter and suggests that they could do with some evidence to prove that Susie would be better off with Johnny.
KAYLA RAISES THE HEAT Having completed his checking routine Craig takes Kayla to the Bistro for lunch. But whilst they are there she steals his keys from his pocket, what has she got planned?
ELSEWHERE Maria has an offer for Emma Henry approaches Gemma outside the Kebab shop and asks if they can talk.

SALLY FACES LOSING EVERYTHING Sally is sickened to discover the £40k has disappeared and the council head of finance, Jeanette, tells her she has no option but to call the police. Tim says that Jeanete is also to blame as she approved the finance transfer
PETER MAKES JOHNNY’S DAY Peter shows Johnny the birth certificate Meanwhile Toyah tells Roy she asked Peter if he was getting back with Carla and he wouldn’t deny it.
ELSEWHERE Kevin arrives home from the hospital emotionally drained and breaks down on seeing Jack’s football boots. Audrey offers cut price haircuts. Cathy tells Chesney she will play cupid and help him win Gemma.

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Anonymous said...

I'm in Canada (2 weeks behind) so maybe this has already been explained, and maybe the laws in the UK are different, but I don't understand why the people who invested in the phony flat scam are not suing Vinny's estate for the money he conned them out of. Flora may be his beneficiary but it's stolen money. Rita mentioned the subject but went no further. What am I misunderstanding?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous in Canada.. You're not misunderstanding anything. It's all gone crazy, the writers don't know what they're doing, nothing makes sense anymore.

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