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Monday, 16 July 2018

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Mon 16 July


EVA AND JOHNNY CAN’T REACH AN AGREEMENT Eva, Johnny and Jenny attend a mediation session to discuss Susie’s future. When Johnny pulls out the fake birth certificate, a shocked Eva’s forced to admit her regret over her crazy plan. Sensing the fight is getting dirty Eva twists the knife, pointing out she wouldn’t trust Jenny to look after a baby with her track record. As the session descends into a row Johnny despairs. Back at home Johnny blames Jenny for scuppering his chances of custody.
ABI SEES A GHOST FROM THE PAST Mr Fitzgerald from Weatherfield High drops off the school minibus with Abi at the garage but as she works on the vehicle, she’s shocked to find a bag of drugs in the glove box.
CATHY TAKES ACTION When Cathy muses that she fancies a change of career and would like to open a shop, she and Brian decide they want to open a hardware store.
SALLY TRIES TO SORT OUT HER LIFE Sally arrives back from the Town Hall Tim does his best to comfort her. Back at the factory Sally assures the girls she was duped by Duncan and knew nothing of his scam. But will anyone believe her?
ELSEWHERE Gemma’s gutted when she reads on social media that Henry has got engaged.


WHOSE HAND ROBBED THE CRADLE? Johnny tells Liz how Jenny proved a liability in the mediation meeting and he plans to leave her. Despite her love for him, Liz tells Johnny that whether he likes it or not, Susie belongs with her Mum and he belongs with his wife. At the Rovers a drunk Toyah tells Leanne she’s lost Peter, her baby and soon her home too. As she stares at Susie in her moses basket we then see the basket is empty.                                
STEVE GETS THE WRONG END OF THE STICK When an edgy looking Mr Fitzgerald returns to the garage, claiming he left his wallet in the minibus, Abi refuses to let him in having called the police. As they search for drugs Tyrone suspects Abi’s responsible but when they arrest Mr Fitzgerald, he feels awful. Spotting the police with Abi, Steve reports back to Eileen. Abi’s furious, pointing out she was simply giving a statement and now Steve could have scuppered her chances of getting her kids back. 
WILL CHESNEY TELL GEMMA HOW HE FEELS? As Chesney comforts Gemma, she thanks him for being the best friend ever. Cathy tells Chesney that if he doesn’t tell Gemma how he truly feels about her then she will. 
ELSEWHERE Brian and Cathy look at some empty shop premises. Tim’s proud when Sally reveals she plans to help look after Jack.

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Humpty Dumpty said...

There’s surely a loophole in the storyline regarding Susie’s birth certificate. From Gov. UK: 'If the surrogate mother is single, the intended father (or whoever else is the second parent) can be named on the birth certificate, although he must attend the birth registration in person together with the surrogate mother'. Therefore, Peter would have had to attend the birth registration. Additionally, both of them needed ID so what ID did Eva offer in the absence of the father? How do we know it was Eva who registered the birth? I thought it was Toyah.

Brian’s character belongs in a children’s tea time show. Very occasionally, he has believable exchanges with other residents. Most of the time, he’s this blustery, pompous buffoon. Very little magic between him and Cathy.

Sally and the council money fraud: My guess is the two female council employees are in on the scam. Certainly the head of department is, the one who said there was no way they could get the money back so why even try. Maybe Sally’s assistant is an unwitting accomplice, giving her senior officer the background information on Sally. Tim gave us a big clue when he said that someone on the council should have checked what type of bank account the money was paid into. Tim’s shrewd and he’ll work out that it was an inside job with the women working in cahoots with Duncan. Sally will reveal corruption on the council and will be hailed as a local hero. Whether she is able or wants to pick up her Mayoral duties again is another matter.

Anonymous said...

Humpty Dumpty,Eva did register Susie naming herself as the mother and Aidan the father [I think]while Toyah made a fake one on the internet to cover their tracks naming Peter and the surrogate as the parents.I think that's the one Peter gave Johnny to prove Eva unfit since she was going to give her and Aidan's child away [without Aidan's consent.]
Whatever sympathy I had for Eva went has gone out the window due to her low blow bringing up Jenny's past breakdown.
Jenny has been the only Connor sympathetic to Eva's side and in return her sad past gets' exploited by Eva who has a few issues of her own giving away a child as one gives away a toy or puppy to spite Aidan only to want Susie back because he died isn't exactly mentally stable either.

coconno196 said...

Humpty : brilliant theory re Duncan's scam. I do hope you're right. After all, how on earth can Sally pay back the money? She has to be exonerated.

Fluttershy said...

Err... Isn't there a hardware store on the other side of the Rosamund Street viaduct? It's called Ecclestons, I believe. I expect they sell buckets, letterboxes and extention leads...

Zagg said...

Ugh...they so need to get rid of Abi. What a horrible character. She could take Seb with her too. They are just pointless with no ties to the street.

Anonymous said...

Erm Eileen? Gary, Seb works for him and there's Faye and Tim too. Abi works at the garage, so Tyrone and Kevin and her interactions with Steve. More than enough to be going on with


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