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Coronation Street episode review, Tuesday 10 July 2018

Welcome to this Tues episode, where we find our Bethany is still vulnerable, and with Neil having his appeal and being fed information from his daughter, we can only guess where this is going. David is doing community service and working well with Billy. this is nice to see, given how complex David has become due to the trauma he has gone through.

Jack is still sedated and Sophie is feeling really guilty about how he ended up in hospital. The poor lad is being supported by Kevin and he will have to tell him when he wakes up. He will be in intensive care for three to four days. The ventilator will come off and Kevin wants to tell him, but he doesn't know how. this is a brilliant story line, and it will get people talking about sepsis.

Hairspray cans at dawn at Audrey's, as everyone wants their hair done cheaper and round the clock. So Maria is cutting hair at her home for Aud's clients. I cannot wait for Rula Lenska's Claud to appear with Titian hair bouncing onto the street and stir up trouble. But, for now Maria is lying through her teeth and moonlighting. Wait until Audrey finds out!

Sean is living in a tent, having sofa surfed for a long while. Fizz asks Steve if Sean is going to collect his stuff. And he is none the wiser since his mum had a fallout with the former bar man, and he is no longer going to kip on their sofa. Poor Sean!

Aud is getting cancellations all over the show, whilst Maria is in the 'dentist' (cutting hair at home, but throwing a sickie) and meanwhile, Neil has been hurt in prison and this has happened on his appeal date. Handcuffed to the bed, he is manipulating his daughter and moulding her as she adores him. This is a clever aspect of this storyline, as there is grooming going on here, between a father and his daughter. 

Craig tells Bethany that he has been dumped. And she tells him Ryan wants to fly off back to Ibiza. Meaning the two of them are in the same boat, or so she thinks. But, Kayla is not going to disappear. Neil loses his appeal and Kayla truly believes he is a wronged man. She says: "I'll fix this." And we cut to Bethany saying that, "It's over", feeling that the this is the end of her nightmare. But in the words of the Carpenters, "It's only just begun."

Ty asks Sophie if she is going the hospital, and she is clearly avoiding the whole topic. Billy and David have bonded and share stories about their kids and the fact that Neil has lost his appeal.

Steve runs into Sean into the Rover's loo and the poor bloke is brushing his teeth, trying to keep up appearances. Steve clearly does not realise that Sean is homeless, as he remains his bubbly self. 

At the factory, Alya cannot add up and has got a big order wrong. We know there is more to this, but most of the staff do now. Back at the hospital, Jack is waking up in hospital. He asks Dad why his foot hurts. Kevin explains and the poor lad cries. He wants to know how he can play football. He is drowsy and goes back to sleep. Really well played, this one, as it is incredibly emotive.

Bethany and Craig sit under the duvet on the couch eating ice cream and they are getting on great guns. Then the door goes and in comes the teen villian. Awks! Kayla is stood there so Bethany leaves. She claims to have dumped him because she has never felt like this before. Craig falls for it. Don't Craig! Too late!

Alya has a degree but thinks now she cannot add up. But, beneath it all, there are spies scurrying across the factory working for Carla and they remain quiet. Too quiet!
Beth and Kirky are about as convincing as spies, as Boris Johnson and Michael Gove, so I am sure folk will find out soon. The architect of all this - Carla chats to Michelle chat about the plot to bring Alya down. Glass of red foregrounded in the frame, they discuss how "family matters." It all feels a bit too Ewing Oil or Falcon Crest for me!

Craig tells Kayla that Neil was a monster. And she sits intently listening, plotting her revenge in her head. Ryan is a terrible blackmailer and is still trying to get money from Sarah. Sean is desperate for cash, but puts his tip from a round in the tip jar. Methinks, next week, he may keep these for himself.

Peter and Carla catch up about Suzy-gate and she tells him she is glad that he came to her for advice. The chemistry is evident and it won't be long before these two are an item. Michelle has clocked it unfolding and is not shouting for a change. She is too busy telling Ryan that she likes having him around. Glad she does, not so sure I do!

Jude is round Maria's, as is Gemma. They are having their hair done. Audrey buzzes the door and asks her to come in. Stuffing her mouth with marshmallows, Maria makes out her mouth is swollen. But Audrey smells a rat or some Tresemee. watch out, Maria, Audrey will have ya!

Sally gets a visitor and he is carrying flowers. Dodgy council deals are afoot and this is going to end badly. Meanwhile, Bethany advises Craig to give it another go. Kayla comes bounding over and Bethany apologises and says that she is happy for them both. Kayla is beginning to feel like a panto villain as she looks into the camera and grimaces.

Aud finds Gail at Maria's having her hair done; the ultimate betrayal. Sarah admits to Alya that she is being blackmailed. And the two of them swap advice. Alya needs to come clean to the factory staff about the cock up with the order and how it affects them. No doubt, Kirky will inadvertently reveal all anyway.

Maria claims that she is held back at the Salon, and expects sympathy or a guiding hand from Audrey. So Aud says she will help her on her way, and fires her. Sarah confronts Ryan and he declares he does not need the money anymore. Sean lies and claims to be living somewhere small and cosy and Fizz thinks he has landed on his feet. Poor bloke, is in a tent, like so many in Manchester.

Gail sits there with wet hair and Aud is angry but feeling good about the fact that she has got rid of Maria. As she expects her back, but Maria may have other plans, so expect this hairdressing war to continue. 

Sean is dressed like Jeremiah Johnson in the tent and feeling really scared, as he is lying to his friends and will be vulnerable on the streets. Craig tries to woo Kayla with terrible jokes. And she asks him if he still likes Bethany. She seduces Craig, like father like daughter. Will she go any lower than this type of manipulation? There is bound to be more to come.

Find out on Friday. Thanks for reading! 

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Jean said...

It wasn't a case of Alya not being able to add up. The order on the computer had been altered by nasty Beth, under instruction from Carla.

Anonymous said...

Carla is a brilliant character with the same recycled storyline. Do something different with her instead of a predictable reunion with cheating ex-husband Peter.

Anonymous said...

"[Jack] wants to know how he can play football. He is drowsy and goes back to sleep." More like the actor playing Jack has to roll his eyes way back to look at Kevin from a terribly awkward angle, then Kev says, "go to sleep son," and the actor obliges by shutting his eyes and, bingo, asleep. I know soap is not real life, but that wasn't even believable soap.

Next up:

"Sean is living in a tent, having sofa surfed for a long while. Fizz asks Steve if he is going to collect his stuff. And he is none the wiser since his mum had a fallout with the former bar man.

I respect the heroism of anyone who writes reviews on a regular basis, especially when they post them soon after the show airs. The vague grammar, however, can drive me crazy. I actually puzzled over this one for a while. First, there is the weird, stylistic choice to begin sentences with "And." Okay. Then the use of unspecific pronouns. "Fizz asks Steve if he is going to collect his stuff." Whose stuff? Steve's stuff? No, have to look to the previous sentence. "Sean." Okay. Why would Fizz ask Steve if he is going to collect Sean's stuff? From where? From Sean's tent? Honestly, if you haven't seen the episode, none of this makes a great deal of sense. For example, even if I finally figure out that Fizz wants Steve to collect Sean's stuff from her house, why? What has Steve ever had to do with Sean? Just because Steve is related to Liz? I'm lost. I trust that the confusion could be easily resolved with a few connective sentences, however, then...

"And is getting cancellations all over the show, whilst Maria is in the 'dentist.'"

Please note the confusion a person might feel if that person (he or she) had accepted the writer's previous use of "And."

"And he is none the wiser since his mum had a fallout with the former bar man. And is getting cancellations all over the show, whilst Maria is in the 'dentist.'"

Read in sequence, these sentences are nothing short of incoherent. I know, I should read between the grammatical weirdness and guess the intended meaning. But I couldn't help it. I kept reading those two sentences and shaking my head.

"And he is none the wiser since his mum had a fallout with the former bar man. And is getting cancellations all over the show, whilst Maria is in the 'dentist.'"

I finally figured out that "And" was supposed to be "Aud." And returned to life as I know it:)

Anonymous said...

I guess Kayla is going to accuse Craig of rape.

coconno196 said...

Anon 2213: oh please no! I hadn't thought of that. But surely even the daft Corrie scripties wouldn't have yet another rape accusation?

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