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Saturday, 28 July 2018

Corrie weekly update – The return of Claud and Aud

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The wonderful Claudia returned this week, swanning into Audrey’s salon with her mahoosive red hair and turning Audrey’s world upside down. Maria flocks to Claudia, impressed with her offer of a salon franchise and  she asks Carla Connor to invest in it with her. Carla says she’ll think on.

Eva left this week with baby Susie in her arms and Adam Barlow at her side. But fear not, she’s back next week for a final showdown with Johnny Connor at Aidan’s inquest in court. And then she really leaves for good. Probably. 

Tyrone’s mum Jackie Dobbs dies and this brings Fiz and Tyrone back together, which is nice as it’s where they should’ve been months ago. Their daughters Ruby and Hope are left with babysitter Brian who’s at a loose end after he gave up his job. Could he turn his hand to childminding? Ruby and Hope seem to think so, especially after Hope recognises him as Santa Claus from the Christmas grotto and the girls think they’ve got Father Christmas babysitting them at home. A wonderful scene.

Kayla snaps this week and leaves Craig in A&E for hours, pretending that she’s sought help for his OCD. She goes home to find Bethany there and she ties her up, gags her and threatens her. Craig arrives in the nick of time. He frees Bethany, plays Kayla the recording of her dad Neil’s confession and everything defuses, which was a bit of a let down as we all wanted to see Kayla locked up and the key thrown away. But Craig and Bethany are too nice and Bethany asks to meet Kayla on her own. The two girls visit Neil in hospital where Kayla tells her dad she wants nothing more to do with him now that she knows the truth about what he’s really done.

Over at the Rovers, Gemma and Henry view the place as Henry has promised to buy it for Gemma. She has plans for the place – a VIP chill out space in the back room and a hot tub jacuzzi in the yard. 

HOSPITAL KLAXON: In one of THREE hospital scenes this week (young Jack and his sepsis, Neil Clifton, Johnny Connor), Johnny is released only to be arrested for child abduction.

And finally this week, Summer’s been nominated for a Young Samaritan award for her work on the Speak and Save campaign for male mental health which she set up after Aidan’s suicide. Oh, if only someone had made Johnny Connor aware that there was help out there, he’s suffered with his grief for weeks and no-one seems to have noticed, or cared. For me, this has made a mockery of any good that Aidan’s suicide storyline has done.

And that’s just about that for this week.  

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