Friday, 6 May 2016

Carla, Nick and the Uninvited Guest

Carla and Nick are going to get married. They are going to live by the sea near Devon, leading  idyllic lives, untrammelled by the complications of children. Carla, now a welcome addition to  Nick's family, has reassured her mother in law to be that there will be her very own room, just for her, in their new place, thus softening the blow of Gail's precious first born disappearing down south. Michael is down south too - Brighton allegedly, and though a good distance, Gail might take a detour and stop him, buy one and then lure him back to Weatherfield.

I'm sorry to say that I have not relished the lovey-dovey goings on with Carla and Nick. Carla is not suited to this happy clappy love life. The declarations of love, frequent and apparently sincere, for now at least, rings hollow. That is because I find it impossible to believe in Nick and Carla as a couple. It doesn't matter how many times they declare undying love to each other or tell each other just how wonderful their life will be away from Weatherfield, just the two of them. For me, they fail to convince. I have tried hard to believe in them, but the effort gets me nowhere.

I cannot picture Carla fitting in to a semi-rural, village-like existence. She is a city girl with bells on, an urbanite. She is a hardworking business woman who enjoys the cut and thrust of the challenges facing her daily. She loves her work, which has in several ways saved her from herself. Her business is what gets her up in the morning and has outlasted any man with whom she has been involved. She has considerable respect from her work force, largely due to the example she sets and her innate skill at being firm but fair. The business meetings, the work jargon, the hurrying through orders, the offers of overtime - all gone.

And what about Carla's sartorial choices? All black clothing (mostly) stiletto heels, snazzy bags. She will need a whole new wardrobe. What beckons for her is a sensible outfit, a windcheater maybe and a flat-shoed future. Carla is far more suited to London, Paris, Milan, New York.

And what of her friends? Michelle and Roy in particular. Having Gail as a house guest is a poor substitute for friendships such as these. There'll be a few tears shed from Carla, Michelle and Roy as she departs the cobbles, waving farewell.

How the actual wedding will go is anybody's guess. This is, after all, a Coronation Street wedding. The catalogue of wedding disasters may add a page soon, or it may not.

The uninvited guest? Oh yes, well that would be Nick's reincarnated brain injury. Has the injury been resurrected in order to cause wedding chaos or will it lay dormant for ever more? We will soon know...

(Please note - I do not mean to be flippant in any way about real and often devastating brain injuries. Here, in this post, I am talking about a fictional character with a fictional brain injury).

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Laura said...

Great post and so very true! I never believed them as a couple either.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Hard to buy into this love story, knowing that Alison King is leaving unless Ben Price is leaving, too. In any case, Carla and Nick only work (which they do to some extent) because Nick is currently played by a very mature looking actor. Hard to imagine Alison King and Adam Rickett looking right as a couple. Putting that to one side, you could ask why is Carla still in Weatherfield? Surely, a business woman with her skills and temperament would soon have tired of her tiny backstreet life. She would, at least, be in Manchester. So, in the end, none of it's believable and I'll be happy when this storyline is finished.

C in Canada said...

I also have had a hard time believing in their relationship, since we saw them work together at the faktry and hated each others guts!
This is another instance of the writers changing the characters to fit the story instead of vice versa.

Ancient Corrier said...

I've never really liked Carla. Her and Nick? Nah! Doesn't ring true.
I agree with C in Canda, another hash up.

Anonymous said...

I do like them together but I feel it's -mainly- because I see Carla as being a character who works well with everyone. Admittedly, What I find contrived is the desperation to portray Nick as the perfect man for her.

I think it would have been better to have Carla and Robert falling for each other and Carla leaving because of that. The ONS was a crap plot.

John McE said...

It doesn't help that Nick's anger outbursts have all the menace of a fluffy kitten.

Anonymous said...

This romantic plot between Carla and Nick was a mistake from the start so it isn't exciting at all to anticipate disaster. No one got invested in this relationship in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 16:21 Quite a lot of fans seem invested in them to me

Anonymous said...

Rubbish couple. I'm not a Carla fan and I don't enjoy watching Nick, either. It's just my opinion, but their acting styles aren't for me. I don't care about them or enjoy them as a couple.

70sStreetFan said...

Yes. They're totally unbelievable as a couple. It doesn't help thst Ben Price is such a bad actor. Truly cringemaking,especially in the current brain injury story.