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Monday, 3 August 2015

Preview of tonight's double Corrie - Monday 3 August

Monday 3rd August
SARAH’S GUNNING FOR CALLUM When Max spends the day at Callum’s flat, Sarah agrees to look after him instead while Callum goes out on business. But when Gemma turns up at the flat badly beaten, Sarah sends Max to his room. When Gemma lets slip that her and Callum covered up for Bethany once, Sarah demands to know what she means, but Sarah’s in for an even bigger shock when Max comes out of the bedroom brandishing the gun he’s just found...
CARLA RETURNS TO FACE HER DEMONS Carla returns to the Street but is evasive when Lloyd and Roy ask about her trip to Spain. When Michelle finds a receipt from a Las Vegas hotel in the duty free gift bag that Carla gives her, Carla’s instantly awkward. What is she hiding, and where has she been?
SALLY HOPES TIM IS GOING PLACES Sally’s delighted when Tim tells her he intends to extend his window cleaning round to a new row of shops and encourages his newfound initiative.
ELSEWHERE Joni presents Robert with some legal documents that assign everything they own over to her.

Monday 3rd August
THE SCALES FINALLY FALL FROM SARAH’S EYES Sarah stares in disbelief as Callum gently prises the gun off Max. Horrified at the situation she’s found herself in, Sarah tells Callum they’re finished. But when Callum shows her photos of Bethany acting as his drug mule, Sarah realises he’s got her right where he wants her...will she be able to get home safely, and is she brave enough to confide in her family?
TROUBLED CARLA CONTINUES TO SHUT HERSELF OFF Carla reveals to Michelle that she went to Las Vegas and lost a fortune gambling, explaining that the thrill of her new addiction helps her block out memories of the fire. Desperate to help Carla see sense, Michelle recruits the help of Roy - but can either of them help Carla open up?
TIM LEAVES SALLY HOME ALONE Tim’s attempt to surprise Sally with a holiday to Wales falls flat when she point blank refuses to take time off work at such short notice. With Tim in Wales with Faye, Kevin calls round to keep Sally and Sophie company.
ELSEWHERE Beth feels sorry for an upset Joni when she tells her that her marriage to Robert was over a long time ago. Roy is proud of Cathy’s progress.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I wonder who will be looking after Jack while Kevin keeps Sally 'company'?
As for Sarah,a little too late for her to see the truth about Callum even though the whole family warned her about him.It's a shame that thanks to her and her daughter's stupidity,David will suffer again and lose Max.Sarah better not be whining 'I'm sorry'and on the first flight back to Milan!

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