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Saturday, 15 August 2015

New Corrie duck logo showcases soap award

With apologies for the rather blurred image above as I took a screengrab from my phone at the end of Coronation Street last night. I thought it worth blogging as it's a logo at the end of Corrie that we've never seen before.

The wording underneath the duck logo reads "albert+ sustainable production" and as the duck and new logo is in green, it refers to this...

What is it? albert+ is a mark of sustainability which indicates that the programme has taken steps to manage and reduce its environmental impact during production.

Coronation Street recently won an Observer Ethical Award. The Bafta film and television award went to Coronation Street as the TV drama of the highest quality, with the lowest possible environmental impact.

You can watch a short video showing behind-the-scenes at Corrie as they won this award.

Watch it here.

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1 comment:

maggie muggins said...

Eh, I was saw the duck! Don't always watch till the end of the credits, but for some reason did last night and wondered what that was. Nice little animation of the duck lowering its head to pick up a leaf and raising it up. Thanks for this, Nora. And how cool is it that the Corrie set is green and sustainable!

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