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Monday 17 August 2015

Preview of tonight's double Corrie - Monday 17 August

Monday 17th August
THE PRESSURE PROVES TOO MUCH FOR SARAH Sarah confronts Bethany when she gets back from Paris and tells her she knows all about her drug dealing, but when Bethany finds Callum and demands to know why he dobbed her in it, Callum manages to smooth talk his way out of trouble. In the Rovers Callum reminds Sarah that she should keep her mouth shut about the gun or her family will get it - starting with Bethany. At breaking point Sarah unburdens herself to David, Kylie and Gail and Gail insists they phone the police. Is it time for Callum to get his just desserts?
JASON GIVES CALLUM A TASTE OF HIS OWN Jason watches with concern as Callum speaks to Sarah in the Rovers and notices how shaken up Sarah seems from the conversation. Later, Jason warns Callum to stay away from Bethany and Sarah, before tipping a pint in Callum’s lap. Has Jason opened up a can of worms?
IT’S CORRIE ON CAMPING Beth, Kirk, Craig, Chesney, Sinead, Tyrone and Fiz all arrive at the campsite in Wales. When Tyrone struggles with the tent they recruit the help of a fellow camper, Dougie. Craig goes wandering and bumps into a girl who is busy with a sketchbook. Has Craig found a camping companion, or will she give him short shrift?
ELSEWHERE Ambitious Alya tells Carla she intends to buy the factory and wants to prove herself. She takes on the meeting with Mr Hanlon and tells him that she’s keen to impress.

Monday 17th August
CALLUM PROVES IMPOSSIBLE TO CAGE David and Kylie are overjoyed as they watch Callum being bundled into a police car, pleased that they finally seem to have the upper hand. But when they realise that he’s two steps ahead and has had time to brainwash Max into saying that the gun was just a toy, Kylie is furious and blames Sarah for keeping quiet for so long.
THE CAMPERS ADAPT TO OUTDOOR LIFE When Dougie brings his daughter Caitlin to join the campers for their barbeque, Craig realises she’s the girl with the sketchbook. He’s smitten when she offers to show him some more of her drawings. Dougie suggests they all spend 24 hours outdoors and Tyrone rises to the challenge but Fiz is dubious and is worried about Hope, who appears to be out of sorts.
JASON TAKES BETHANY UNDER HIS WING Having been released without charge, a bitter Callum spitefully tells Bethany that she’s just a stupid little girl who he has no further use for. Turning to Jason for comfort Bethany tells him how Callum forced her to deliver drugs for him. When Jason later finds Callum trying to intimidate Sarah he runs to her defence - but is he enough of a deterrent for steely Callum?
ELSEWHERE Mr Hanlon is impressed with Alya and signs the contract, much to her and Carla’s delight.

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Anonymous said...

I can't help but think that Sarah brought all the trouble with Callum on herself.She was warned many times he was a criminal but no Sarah had to play her games of spite againsr David and dated and now she expects David to feel sorry for her and has her mother concerned about her,I wondered where was Gail's concern when David was beaten up by Callum?

Zagg said...

Duh...I think the police could easily check if the gun was real or not. This writing is so full of holes, it's insulting to the viewers. Just get it over and done with. I can no longer stomach Callum with his "bad boy" acting pose...mouth agape like a fish. I suppose it's supposed to be threatening somehow. My God, can't they see how ridiculous all of this is?
And on the other end of the spectrum, there's Craig being awesome. So happy they are giving him more screen time. He is Corrie gold.

Catman said...

Craig is on his way to becoming the UK.'s national treasure.


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