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Wednesday 19 August 2015

Coronation Street Weds 19th August episode review

"My Craig is a little angel I'll have you know. You don't get to be anti-bullying ambassador three years in a row for nowt. And he'll probably win that Nouvelle Peace Prize one day"
Once again, welcome to this Wednesday review.

The Brown-Sutherland-Tinker (is Craig still a Tinker?) clan carry on camping and the Logan vs Platt storylne carries on dragging.

I am enjoying the infamous camping storyline at the moment, even if sometimes, a little of the humour seems contrived. The famous four wake up in the tent together and Kirk has accidentally cuddled up to Fiz during the night. Instead of having a laugh at something obviously entirely innocent, they all make a big drama out of it. Beth is not pleased to have found her husband snuggling with that 'flame-haired temptress' and gives him a telling off.

Dopey Tyrone is desperate to upstage Dougie Ryan in survival techniques. After all, he does have that one badge from the scouts. Dougie rounds the happy campers up and invites them to come wild camping. It is a tradition that he and his daughter, the quiet and artistic Caitlin. Dougie is appalled when Caitlin announces she will not be joining him this year. She has found a friend in the equally sensitive Craig.

Dougie is not happy about leaving his daughter alone in the woods with a boy, but Beth quickly jumps to her angel's defense. I was looking forward to this storyline, but I'm not overly enjoying it. And I'm just going to say this- I don't like celebrities in soap. I was considering writing a separate article about my opinions on this, if that would appeal to anyone.

And who should turn this storyline round tonight? The ever-fabulous Beth Sutherland of course. She lives up to her maiden name and encourages Kirky to go skinny dipping with her. The actual dip goes well, but things go awry when they are getting dressed again and Beth realises a wasp has shot right up her lovely pink tutu! Definitely the saving grace of tonight's episode. It only got more dreary from here.
"There's summit in me pants. Don't just stand there gawping! A wasp or summit!  Help me get 'em off! It's just bit me!"

As we know, Jason has got involved in the tangled Platt drama. Jason is a sweetheart but he should have kept his nose out. Callum has David up against the wall by the scruff of his neck, so Jason intervenes. However, this backfires terribly later on when Callum arranges for poor Jason to be attacked. Max has been waiting for Callum to collect him all day, and finally spots him on the Street.He spots him and follows him sneakily into the ginnel. Unseen Max witnesses the frightening attack and the episode ends. Is there now possibly an end in sight for this storyline? I suppose we still have the element of the footage of Bethany delivering drugs to drag us along further. I think the main problem is I don't love to hate Callum. He makes me cringe because he's just such an archetypal villain. We all love to hate Tracy Barlow-or at the moment, the old Tracy Barlow. Overall though, the Callum storyline has been interesting with lots of twists and turns. I am looking forward to seeing Max (hopefully) back with David and Kylie.

"Big hero, ey?"

Elsewhere, Alya makes her offer for the factory to the Carla to a shocked Sally. The ensuing bidding war between Alya and Sally is bound to make for hilarious viewing. The fashion graduate vs coffee maker. I love that Sally has delusions of grandeur. It adds a hilarious dimension to her character. She somewhat echoes Annie Walker, although Sally would probably deem running a pub too common!

I apologise for what must have seemed like a very critical and 'whingey' review.  I didn't particularly enjoy it. I am however, looking forward to Friday's episode. There was also a lovely scene between Erica, Carla and a bottle of red. An interesting friendship. Kudos to Lisa George as Beth for lifting the entire episode.

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Anonymous said...

I fully admit I would rather see David laying there bleeding rather than Jason. He's good-hearted but thickish where I find David mean spirited and whiny.

Pootle5 said...

Not whingy at all, it's very hard to watch without having a moan at the moment! The Carry on Camping was light relief and finally allowing some quality time with those characters. I'm not bothered by Paddy he's not in it for ever - the daughter is great - how about she goes to art school in Manchester and rents a student flat above Dev's shop?!
What is it with Camp Callum's bottom jaw dropping open - he looks more gormless than threatening!
Only disagreement is I feel the Platt plot is going round in circles rather than twisting and turning. I just want it to end, but the 'teasers' for the live episode suggest that's a few weeks away at best :(

Anonymous said...

don't forget tonight's eрisode Jordan ;) - a good review of a contrived eрisode.

Glenda Young said...

Jordan, your idea of a blog post about celebrity appearances in Corrie sounds great!

Tvor said...

I just wonder if Jason actually realized Callum was there or was he down and out before Callum came around the corner to get his kicks in? If he didn't see Callum, it comes back to Max's word against Callum again. I don't think Max can be convinced that this was a game!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous,If anyone is mean-spirited and whiny it's Sarah right now not David who has matured in the past few years whereas Sarah still acts like a spoilt whiny girl as when she left.
David was already beaten up and kidnapped by Callum so he knows what Callum is like, tried to warn his sister who refused to listen and as a result Jason who thought he was a match for Callum got beaten up to an inch of his life.
Sarah better not make it about her now!

maggie muggins said...

Very tired here, but want to thank you, Jordan, for another thoughtful review. I didn't mind the camping carry-on, as it gives us a chance to see some fave characters in a different venue, esp., outdoors! I can overlook silly Tyrone and laugh a minute famous guest for a little while. And yes, Beth takes the prize, well I think she does most days she's onscreen. Same goes for Craig.

True, Tvor, Jason may have been out cold by the time Creepy Callum turned up and he probably planned it that way. What is with the open mouth and tongue in his cheek when he's trying to look dangerous. Lol. Bring back Jez Quigly!

Good to see the Nazirs having a bit of a story. They could actually bring a calming effect to the factory. But spoilers I've read seem to think otherwise.


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