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Monday, 3 August 2015

Coronation Street Double Episode Review 3 August 2015

 Sarah finally realises what Callum is really like. He undoubtedly has a handsome face but Sarah couldn’t see past that. Sarah is at Callum’s looking after Max while Callum is out ‘on business.’

At Callum’s flat arrives a beaten up Gemma. Max is sent to his room. Gemma has been roughed up by ‘some skank’ Callum had done business with.  She tells Sarah that she said something she shouldn’t have said. ‘Callum said you were a right gobby mare,’ says Sarah. Gemma comes right back at Sarah. ‘Funny that – he said exactly the same about you.’ Gemma tells Sarah, ‘What they’ve done to me is disrespectful to Callum. Sometimes things get lairy.’

Gemma is looking through the cupboards for some plasters.  ‘Look at you right at home,’ comments Sarah. ‘Jealous ?’ asks Gemma. ‘He’s had loads of girlfriends. None of them last long,’ reveals Gemma. ‘Me and him have been mates since school. I’ve got his back and he’s got mine, like that time I covered for your kid,’ she informs Sarah. ‘What?’ asks Sarah. And then Max steps out of his room brandishing a gun and says, ‘Hey dad, I’m gonna cap you!’

 Callum carefully extracts the gun from Max’s grasp. Sarah is horrified and tells Callum that it’s over between them. He then shows Sarah the photographs he took of Bethany acting as his drug mule. Understandably, Sarah is badly shaken. With evidence such as the photos, Callum could do some serious damage.
When Sarah brings Max back home, Kylie sees that there is something very wrong and asks Sarah repeatedly what has happened. Sarah tells her to back off but Kylie says she will be on her case until she tells her what has happened.

Back from ‘Madrid’ Carla tells Lloyd she is jetlagged. ‘From Spain?’ he wonders. Opening up her laptop we see that Carla is most definitely in the red. Clearly she has lost serious money in Vegas. As she was on the phone to someone who had not been paid, she was having a flutter right there and then!

Michelle brings her some groceries and Carla gives her a present. The receipt is still in the bag and Michelle sees the receipt – bought in Las Vegas.

Michelle is a great friend to Carla and right now is very anxious about her. Carla has lied. She hasn’t been to Madrid at all. She has been to Las Vegas, gambling. Michelle finds a receipt in the duty free bag that Carla has given to Michelle. Michelle is determined to get through to Carla but Carla is equally determined not to allow her to get through. She tells Michelle that she spent the whole time in the casino, ate there and didn’t get much sleep. She says that gambling makes her stay in the moment and cuts out thinking time. ‘You do realise how mad this is – how extreme?’ Michelle reminds Carla of how she once had nothing but has now worked so hard to build up her business.

‘I am responsible for the deaths of 2 people,’ Carla reminds Michelle. No matter how much Michelle tells her it was an accident, Carla just wants Michelle to leave.
At some point it will come out that it was Tracy who was responsible for the fire. Then, Carla will not be hated and her guilt will vanish. She’ll stop gambling too. At the moment it is hard to watch her flying to her own destruction. Anyone who realizes that being mean to Roy is, as she says, like kicking a puppy, has a good heart, though.  

Michelle wants Roy to have a word with Carla. Michelle says she can’t get through to her.  ‘That’s Carla all over. She’s hurting, she hits out.’ Carla has told Michelle where to go and Roy confesses that Carla could barely look at him. ‘She hates herself Roy’ says Michelle and adds, ‘She’s pushing everyone away. I dread to think where she’ll end up.’ As this conversation is going on Cathy is clattering around in the background asking to be ignored. She’s taking the hostess trolley back to the skip.

Sally is thrilled that Tim is planning to go up in the world and has set his sights on some new shops to add to his round. He imagines a poster on his van, Timster the Window Meister.  He mentions his mate Darren who has a 65 foot water fed pole. Why not Tim?  He wants to surprise Sally with a trip to Wales but is rather taken aback by her reaction and says she will not take time off work at such short notice. ‘I’m a major player in that factory,’ she says, full of her own self-importance.  

There was a nice moment in Roy’s Rolls when Roy talks of how he listens to classical music or reads a bit of classic literature for escape. ‘ This may be a backstreet caf√© but it’s an oasis in a cultural desert,’ remarks Sally. Izzy cuts through this reflection, claiming the last √©clair and Sally is back down to earth with a bump.

Joni walks into the Bistro and gives Robert a smack over the head and some legal documents. Without question, he signs over everything to her. (Just an aside – dear oh dear, Sarah. You really should have stuck to singing – sorry Sarah)

Beth enters to be greeted by Joni as ‘Tracy’s attack dog.’ Affronted by this, Kirk tells her it’s a compliment. ‘Dogs are loyal, good looking and the top of their heads smell great.’ Never a truer word Kirk! Beth tells Kirk that she is on fire, she has loads of ideas. The one she suggests, about making clothes for dogs, raises Kirk’s hackles. He tells her straight that it’s humiliating for dogs and forbids it. This works in his favour as Beth tells him how she loves it when he’s manly.
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Anonymous said...

How much trouble would Sarah really be in, at the age of 15? I'm asking because I'm not sure how British law treats offenders her age; in Canada she would be charged as a juvenile and whatever she might face, it would be much more lenient than what an adult cough CALLUM GEMMA would, not to mention I'm sure the fuzz have some idea that Callum and Gemma are not squeaky-clean.

Anonymous said...

Don't you mean Bethany?

Anonymous said...

Dare I day, I thought Sarah Harding showed signs of improvement.

AmandaB said...

She certainly didn't sound like she was drunk as she did previously. Though it did strike me that she sounded like she'd fit in with the Eastenders style of shouty moany acting.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Sarah ought to go to the police to pre-empt that but she would be worried about reprisals. If Callum showed the photo to the police, Bethany would get a caution or another lenient punishment. She would also drop Callum and his gang in it. Odd this storyline because you only blackmail people who have got something to lose. Bethany's got nothing and therefore has nothing to lose.

Anonymous said...

Whenever Kylie and Sarah are in the same scenes together, the acting abilities of the two actors are really magnified. Tina O'Brien still seems very amateur-ish compared to Paula Lane.

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