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Thursday 20 August 2015

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Thurs 20 August

Thursday 20th August
THE STREET REELS FROM JASON’S BRUTAL ATTACK Tony is bemused when he sees Callum’s heavies leaving the ginnel. Kylie and David are concerned as to where Max has been when he returns home clearly upset: what has he seen and will he be brave enough to tell his mum? Meanwhile Sarah finds an unconscious Jason in the ginnel and phones for an ambulance as his family gather round, horrified at the extent of his injuries. Knowing exactly who was behind the attack, can the Platts formulate a plan to put a stop to Callum’s ways once and for all?
NICK CAN’T HIDE HIS FEELINGS ANY LONGER Desperate for Carla to stay in Weatherfield, he begs her to reconsider her decision to move away. Pulling out all the stops he finally confesses that he wishes he were with her and not Erica. How will Carla respond, and will it be enough to make her stay?
CRAIG’S CAMP CELEBRATIONS Dougie’s presence is starting to irritate camp members as he shows off his fire-fighting and foraging skills. When Fiz tells Craig that it’s obvious he really likes Caitlin and that he shouldn’t waste any time in making a move, he gets embarrassed. Will Craig tell his campmate how he feels? When he later receives a text message confirming he’s passed all of his GCSEs, the camp come together to celebrate.

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abbyk said...

"passed all of his GCSEs" For the overseas gang, could one gentle reader please clarify a few things. Is passing all of them unusual or the norm? Does this put him a University bound track (oh please let that be a Yes)? What's next? If this is a big deal, I hope Beth grasps it.

I remember David not telling Gail that he passed some major test (O Levels?) but doing nothing with it. The only Street kid who's gone on to university in the past 15 years was Ryan Connor and that was a bust, so I'm really not sure how it all works. Thanks in advance.

Anonymous said...

GCSE's are end-of-school exams. These will allow him to enter sixth- form college for 2 years to do his 'A' levels at the age of 18. the results of these exams will determine which university, if any, he goes to. That's the British system. GCSE's are just the first steр. BTW, GCSE's reрlaced the traditional end-of-school 'O' levels in 1988, i.e before David was born. Hoрe this helрs,John H

Anonymous said...

Technically,you can't fail a GCSE, but only grade C and above counts for going onto A levels or applying for jobs. There is also an A* (star), I. e. super - good. It annoys me too that so few characters go to university, and those who do always come back with a personality transplant, as if education has corrupted them. The message sees to be "Know your place, never move away from the street where you were born, and get a job in the corner shop/ pub/cafe".

abbyk said...

Thanks, John H and Anon 20:14. This makes much more sense now. Clearly Craig isn't ready for university but with so many kids dropping out, I really didn't know what was next.


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