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Saturday 22 August 2015

Corrie from my point of view this week

Overall? Really good stuff on Coronation Street this week, I thought. The drama and violence of Jason's beating was contrasted with the happy campers and the romance was provided by Nick and Carla's burgeoning relationship.

The camping storyline was ok. It was a bit of fun but not a laugh a minute, either. Dougie was a great character, though. I really enjoyed him!! I could tell he was going to be taken down a peg or two by the end and was delighted it was at the hands of his daughter. It was clear she was getting fed up with his overbearing tactics. Fiz and Beth bickering all week did them no favours, I have to say, but Kirk and Beth on their own were great! The randomness of the monk in the woods was surreal but funny. Lastly, Craig and Caitlyn were really sweet. I loved her drawing of Craig as The Scream, complete with shower!

Jason jumped on his horse and rode into battle as the knight in shining armour. I'm sure he still feels rather fatherly towards Bethany and considers Sarah a friend even if their marriage ended in tatters very quickly. Jason wasn't afraid of Callum in the least and he paid dearly for it. The thugs were very, very good. It took a minute or so with a few extra kicks by Callum to render Jason completely unconcious and bleeding on the ground. You'd think it would take a bit longer but what do I know?

Max is the only witness and his reaction was good, too, rejecting his father. Callum was genuinely shocked, wasn't he? He'd spent the rest of the week covering his tracks and setting up alibis with Gemma and the idea that Max has, without any reason he thinks, suddenly rejected him and is scared of him, drew him up short. If, or when he finds out Max saw what happened, he's going to have to do a lot of fancy footwork to finesse this one. It might be easy to convince a kid that the gun was not real (in spite of the fact that Sarah saw him take out the bullets and give them to Gemma, so why did the police believe Max and not her?) but it will be harder to convince Max he didn't see what he saw or explain it away. 

We had one scene with Billy and Sean which was nice. I want more Billy! I really liked how they've shown that Sean is as much a part of the Grimshaw family as Eileen's two sons. I thought the scenes with Todd were bittersweet. Nobody thought to let him know what happened though I did think it was odd he didn't find out earlier. The ambulance was practically right outside the shop in broad daylight. If Todd wasn't working then Tracy would have seen the commotion to tell him. She wouldn't have stayed inside while it was all going on so she would have discovered what happened.

Then Todd overheard his mother comparing him to Jason and coming out the lesser man and brother and it looked like he knew the truth of it. Now, will he use this to pull himself together or will he use it as yet another excuse to hold a grudge against his family? Time will tell but I hope this might be Todd's turning point.

Loved, absolutely LOVED Sally and Alya bickering over the factory this week which ended with Aidan shocking them by telling them he may end up being their boss if he goes into partnership with Carla. I don't think Carla had any intention of selling to Sally only because she doesn't like her and I don't think Alya would have been able to run the factory on her own, either, so it was inevitable that someone else enter the picture. Shane Ward was ok, not too wooden, but seemed to be nervous because he rushed his lines a lot. Didn't go over the top though, so that's good. I think he'll settle into the role nicely once he relaxes.

Carla looked for comfort in Nick's arms but doesn't really want to be involved. She figures she's going to ruin things and break his heart eventually. She probably will, too because that's what she does. Nick is willing to take the chance. Erica handled it all quite well. I think she could see it coming. She'd already been spending time with Carla this week, drinking and eating chips and I think she was assessing the competition. After Nick didn't come home and she found him plotting with Michelle by phone to help Carla, she couldn't deny it any longer. She's hurting more than she's letting on to him, though. I liked that she went to Roy as the voice of reason and I liked that Roy gave her a balanced and unbiased view. She knows running away isn't the answer.

I don't know if Nick and Carla have the same kind of chemistry that it takes to go the distance. Carla and Peter had it but then again, they crashed and burned. Maybe Carla needs someone more stable, like Nick. Maybe Nick is getting used to having Peter's castoffs. He certainly seems to be attracted to women with baggage and troubles.

Those are my thoughts on this week's program. Some really good stuff, nice little scenes. I can see the Callum/Platt storyline building more and more and I expect it will be wrapped up at the live episode one way or another. Now that it's moving along faster, it's a bit easier to watch but I'll be glad when it's over, too. The car crash that is Carla's life is ongoing and I'm starting to want this to find it's turning point. Soon, please. I'm not looking forward to Hope's illness. I think involving children in stories like that is just too heart wrenchingly sad even if, as is usual in soaps, it has a happy ending. I really don't think they'll have Hope die like they did Hayley.

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Humpty Dumpty said...

They've chosen a tricky subject with Hope. As a character, she really wouldn't be missed since we hardly see her. The main thing is the storyline has to be true to the illness. There's no point in giving viewers a happy ending just because Hope's a kiddie in a soap if it was unlikely to be the case in real life. Equally, letting Hope die for ratings when in real life she might survive would be in poor taste. I hope the writers are taking medical advice and will keep it consistent. What's happened, for example, to David's epilepsy?

Anonymous said...

Humpty Dumpty,I don't think David's epilepsy has been forgotten per se as it's a condition he'll have to live with all his life.He did make a reference to his condition when Max was diagnosed with ADHD.
As for Hope,since it was already announced that the Christmas will be focused on Fiz and Tyrone celebrating Hope's last Christmas,it does sound as though the writers are going the same route with her as they did with Hayley.
If Hope does die,I hope she isn't forgotten within a few months like both Billy Grimshaw-Platt and Jake Webster are by their families.

Tvor said...

I'm sure they'll try to get the facts right and kids do survive cancer. I just don't think they'll have someone die of cancer so soon after Hayley and especially not a child. They did mention David's epilepsy when Max was first taking medication for ADHD but yes, it's mostly been pushed aside.

Anonymous said...

Tvor,I don't think David's epilepsy has been pushed aside per se,it's a lifelong condition that he takes medication for and still lives his everyday life.
Unfortunately since it was hinted in the Christmas spoiler,that Fiz and Tyrone would be celebrating Hope's last Christmas,I think sadly it's possible that she does die as some children do in real life.

maggie muggins said...

Thanks your your POV this week, Tvor. Sometimes other viewers write things in a way that I might not have thought of, making the episodes come to life. Agree that it's good to see some stories come to fruition more quickly to give us some relief. Some good funny scenes helped a lot, as you pointed out. This is why I watch Corrie. Had a horrible end of week and found some respite in Corrie on TV and here at the blog!

Louby said...

I love Corrie but hate anything involving the death of a child. I think there are a few darker parts of life that they shouldn't include and this is one of them. Sure, this can happen in reality, but as we confirmed in a recent thread about mysteries of the street, Corrie isn't really that true to life!

Anonymous said...

Not at all looking forward to this storyline. I may have to take a break from the show. I am not fond of Fizz any more. I used to like her years ago but since she has hooked up with the nice but boring Tyronne I find her character very annoying. I certainly do not want to watch a show with a child dying.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they'll kill Hope off, but somehow I doubt it. Increasingly I think these kids, however underused at the moment, hold the key to future storylines. Hope is Fiz's daughter, but she's also the offspring of John Stape, which means at some point years from now, if Corrie still exists, and regardless of who is cast to play her, Stape's legacy will return through her, for better or worse. Maybe making Hope the centre of a storyline now is a way to renew her importance and make the non-traditional interracial family of Fiz, Tyrone, Hope, and Ruby real for viewers - in other words, give viewers a reason to care. After all, the family has been out of the spotlight ever since Kirsty went to prison. I think Blackburn said that Christmas would be bittersweet for those characters, as it *might* be Hope's last Christmas. Worlds turn on *might." But, if the adult characters are staying on, I suspect the kids will as well. It's not like when they killed off the character of Shannon (who died horribly of meningitis) to shake up the world of Zoe, Ashley, Judy and Gary Mallet. Not to mention Nick and Leanne who were babysitting when it happened. Hope doesn't connect enough people right now, so I doubt her illness is more than a bid to solidify relationships, not disrupt and reorganise them. At least that's what I *hope*.


Anonymous said...

I love Nick & Carla together - they have chemistry together on the screen, much more so then any of their previous relationships. It may be sad to see Ericka go - perhaps they could keep her as a friend to Liz - she obviously needs one now after Tony fiasco. I like the new Aidan Connor, I just hope they don't rush pairing him, or his lesbian sister (Sophie?) or his dad (Anna?). That would be too much - just let some actors be on the street be, without hooking up with other characters. It will be hard to replicate Anna/Owen, Julie/Brian, and especially Beth/Kirk. Pure gold.
As far as the Hope/cancer storyline - not looking forward to that at all - I just may skip those episodes.


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