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Sunday 30 August 2015

Corrie Weekly Awards: Aug. 24 - 28

Xena award: Sally thinks shoulder pads make her feel like a warrior princess going into battle. She gets the fashion award, too. I liked her suit!

Musical ambiance: "Pick up the Pieces" on the juke in the pub when Erica is moaning about losing Nick.

Delusional award: Sally and Sean both for thinking Aidan was flirting with either of them. Actually, he was, but he didn't mean it!

Stag on a Mountaintop award: Robert and Aidan. Which made no sense. Tracy was the rude one, Robert was just trying to keep the peace not make moves on Carla. Contrived much?

Art gone Viral award: An art class was scheduled in a little back street community centre. 24 hours later there were so many people that wanted to take it that they had to turn some away? Really?

More Art Win: Craig's flowers were awesome. So was Mary's Grim Reaper with Nettles in its own way. Very Mary.

Guiltier than Thou: The more Carla sinks into misery, the guiltier Tracy feels.

Gang wars award: Callum threatened Tony revenge. But I think Tony's heavies could probably trump Callum's and then some. Callum might have used the finger of doom on Tony but he was begging a minute before and gasping for breath on the way out.

Turning point award: Todd has some some awful things but I wonder if this is the crisis that's going to make him pull his own life together.
Lines of the Week:
Gail "I'm standing in me kitchen drinking "cambridge's"(?) talking about gangsters and guns"
Tony "I look after my own" Eileen "When it suits you" (Ow.)
Sally "I like a substantial shoulder. It makes me feel like Boudicca going into battle"
Carla to Nick "You like having a car crash girlfriend?" (yes, actually, I think he does)
Steve "It's like leaving the monkeys in charge of the bananas!" Lloyd "You getting a monkey??"
Liz (about the dog) "How does she cross all them roads?" Steve "Maybe she takes the bus"
Lloyd "I'm funnier than Nick Tilsley" (I agree. Nick is not one i would call a laugh-a-minute)
Gail about Bethany "How can she be so stupid?" Nick "The question is, how can Callum be so smart?"
Lloyd to Steve "If you ever turn up here in a pink dress or a string of pearls, you and me are finished!"
Tony "I don't need people poking their nose into my business" (then don't talk about your business in a pub)
Cathy "They would have spotted I was a fake faster than the Mona Lisa in a top hat"
Lloyd "I'm trapped!"
Mary "For me, cut flowers are synonymous with death. And betrayal"

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Llifon said...

Gail said she was drinking cranberry juice :)

Belle Fleur said...

Disappointed award: sorry but I just dont like Cathy. A total wet blanket and a negative character that Roy just would not take into his and Hailey's home when she has a perfectly good house of her own standing empty. A real shame she has been written in this way. I just find her annoying.

Tvor said...

Ahhh Llifon, thanks, I couldn't make out what she said

Anonymous said...

It's really nice to see Craig's creativity being explored, it gives him a strength and purpose that his character didn't have when he arrived. I also really liked Mary's explanation about her flower painting. As wacky as Mary is, her explanation was intelligent and gave insight into the way her mind works.

Anonymous said...

Although I do like the art class storyline featuring other residents of the Street and hope it continues. I do think it's contrived that Cathy is the one teaching the class when both she and Roy were 'accidental' students themselves a few weeks ago in Blackpool.
I also wish she would move back into her own home instead of staying at Roy's as I fear she's taking over his home now.

Anonymous said...

I don't like Cathy either; she gives off a vibe that she puts on a bit of the helpless, frightened act for attention or sympathy and it puts me off. She doesn't give much back to Roy; everything seems to be about her and what she needs.


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