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Tuesday 11 August 2015

Spoilers! Corrie producer reveals live episode details

Stuart Blackburn, Corrie producer, said that the Platts and Callum will be at the heart of the live episode.  He has promised it will be full of drama, comedy and tears.

Stuart said: "It's going to back to basics and much more about the storytelling. We have got a fantastic cast and I've got complete faith in each and every one of them. We're using a huge number and it's going to be a huge challenge."

"At the heart of all of this is going to be about the Platts and the ongoing feud between them and Callum. Whoever thought David Platt would be one of the good guys? This is going to be full of shocks and turns and twists and will really make everything that has come before look like a prologue. Decisions are going to be made that starts with Sarah stupidly thinking she can take on Callum. From that point on, all decisions made will have ripple effects for years to come and that's not just hyperbole - it will happen."

The live episode will also feature a "key moment" for Roy and Cathy after Roy becomes uneasy when Yasmeen suggests he and Cathy are more than just friends.

Stuart said: "It's been a really tough one for us to do, because the memory of Hayley is still so fresh, and yes we want Roy to be happy. Whether it happens or not is up for grabs. Again, it's about decisions. Cathy takes the decision to surprise Roy to give him a really good day, which actually then puts their relationship under huge pressure."

And Sally and Tim's wedding will feature in the live episode, which sounds great. But Sally's recent kiss with  Kevin is discovered, well, it is soap after all.

Stuart said: "The significance is that this live episode is the week before their wedding. When did a soap wedding ever, ever go to plan?"

Finally, Lloyd and Andrea will leave the street together, but not before Lloyd's "bromance" with Steve gets a fitting send-off.

Coronation Street's live episode will air on Wednesday, September 23.

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Anonymous said...

My heart sank at the news that the Callum story will feature so heavily. I was hoping as it has been promised to be character based story telling there may be a lock in of great characters in the Rovers simply talking, bit like after the funeral recently. I couldn't give a hecky thump about the ongoing custody battle or whether Sarah (Lou) thinks she can take on Callum. - Micky

Anonymous said...

I don't want the Callum storyline to have huge repercussions; I want it wrapped up one way or another (and frankly it would not make me sad if he took Max away forever).

Tvor said...

Must be the custody hearing.

Anonymous said...

So let's get this straight...the actor who plays Callum will be featured in the live episode?


Zagg said...

PANTO!! Exactly what I was thinking. Hopefully this will spell the demise of Callum and the exit of Sarah and Bethany. Maybe Callum will accidently kill Sarah and then Bethany will kill Callum and be sent away for years!! Or maybe there will be a big sinkhole and the three of them just disappear. Any scenario is good for me, as long as they are gone.
But seriously....Callum in a live show? There's the comedy he was talking about.

Unknown said...

Ladies and Gentlemen.......I introduce the Coronation Street Pantomime 2015!!!

Anonymous said...

Some brilliant Tour Guides at Coronation Street the Tour. Who needs to recruit from ANYWHERE ELSE. Audition these people NOW

Unknown said...

Lloyd's leaving? Oh no, gutted. Place won't be the same without him. Maybe Craig Charles is as bored with the Callum/David/Kylie/Max etc storyline(s) as the rest of us? :)

As for the anonymous post about tour guides, methinks they've posted in the wrong thread! lol

Catman said...

I hate to admit it, but I've slowly grown weary over the Platt story line. A significant crisis bringing it to a climax, has me looking forward to the special. On the other hand, I'm slowly becoming fond of Cathy. Two eccentric hearts can find their place in soapland.

Unknown said...

Please producers kill Callum off once and for all. Think Manhole and Tony knocking off Callum and putting in Manhole and pouring cement into it leaving Callum Dead and gone plus Tony's Mates dealing with Callums hired thugs plus sorting Gemma out.


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