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Wednesday 26 August 2015

Who owns the Rovers? A definitive answer direct from ITV

Over on the Bluenose Corrie Blog, our sister blog for the Canadian timeline, there has been a discussion on the mystery of who owns the Rovers Returns. There has been a bit of confusion over this since it was never clear if Carla did go through with the offer to buy Liz's share of the pub when Steve sold his share to "Travis, Ltd. " aka Tony.

Many thanks to a commenter there, Corriefan, who pointed the way to a post that was made on the Coronation Street Guestbook on August 2 by Daphne. This was information obtained by email straight from ITV's David Nugent:

"Many thanks for the e-mail about the ownership of the Rovers and I do hope the below clarify matters. 

Liz paid off the debts Steve had run up using Street Cars money. Steve then had a huge tax bill, which Tony paid off. He then also agreed to help pay for the wedding. Tony then pretended that all this strain on his finances had forced him into dodgy deals with loan sharks who were now threatening him with violence if he did not pay them back. Steve sold his half of the Rovers to Travis Ltd. (Tony's bogus company). Steve gave the proceeds to Tony, who effectively paid himself! Liz was about to sell her half of the Rovers to Carla but before they could sign on the dotted line, she learned of Tony's plan to get the pub. Therefore, Liz still owns her half of the pub, while Tony owns the other half."

So there you have it straight from the studio. Liz does still own half of the pub and Tony owns the other half at the moment. We do know that Liz is trying to keep Tony out of it and we've suspected that she'll get back together with Tony only to get Steve's share back for him somehow.

Watch this space!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for clarifying!
I wish they'd make up their minds. If there was any change of plan after it was made clear that Carla was buying the Rovers then it should have been mentioned.

Anonymous said...

But this means that Tracy getting revenge on Carla for 'stealing' the pub from her makes no sense. The fallout from that and from the fire (Carla's guilt, the gambling; Tracy's guilt, or lack thereof) now looks as if it has stemmed from absolutely nowhere. Corrie continuity at its best.

Stephen said...

I am looking forward to Liz wresting Tony's half from him, if that's the plan. As Corra villains go, he is pretty likeable, but she does need justice and it will be satisfying to see Liz win, for a change. Here's hoping that it doesn't take her MONTHS, as did Audrey's boyfriend Lewis's revenge.

Tvor said...

It does lead to Tracy's revenge on Carla. Tracy didn't know that Carla hadn't had a chance to go through with the offer yet. Tracy and Tony both expected Carla's offer to be accepted and signed off after the wedding so Tracy told Liz about the affair and ended up causing the fire. even if Carla didn't end up buying the pub, the pub was effectively snatched from Tracy's hands anyway because Liz didn't end up selling her share.

Glenda Young said...

I hope this all becomes clear when Carla and Tracy have their cliff-hanger moment. I'd like Tracy to realise she burned down Victoria Court and killed two people - for nothing!

abbyk said...

And nearly killed her only child!

C in Canada said...

If Carla hadn't interfered in the sale, then Tracey would have gotten the pub, and that's where her anger/revenge stemmed from. Whether or not Carla actually signed on the dotted line isn't really relevant.


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