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Monday 24 August 2015

Preview of tonight's double Corrie - Monday 24 August

Monday 24th August
IT’S SINK OR SWIM FOR CARLA After pouring over the Underworld accounts, Carla’s depressed and admits to Nick that she’s in a financial mess. As Carla shows Aidan round the factory, a man turns up to repossess her car. Aidan’s shocked to realise the extent of Carla’s financial problems. Sally tries to make light of the situation whilst Alya enjoys watching Carla squirm.
CALLUM PILES THE PRESSURE ON BETHANY Gail and David are adamant that Max must go to the police station and make a statement but Kylie worries that it’ll be too upsetting for him. Sarah and Bethany are shocked to hear Max witnessed Callum beating up Jason. Kylie agrees to take Max to the police to report witnessing Callum’s attack on Jason. Callum is riled when Bethany refuses to give him an alibi, and heads to Sarah’s house with a plan…
TYRONE AND FIZ CLING ONTO NORMALITY Tyrone and Fiz take Hope to see the doctor. The doctor tells them that Hope has a lump in her abdomen and will need an ultrasound scan.

Monday 24th August
BETHANY’S FACED WITH AN IMPOSSIBLE CHOICE Making out she needs Bethany’s help, Gemma lures her into the car. Gemma explains to Bethany that Callum wants her to give him an alibi and tell the police she was with him and Gemma when Jason was beaten up. Bethany refuses but Gemma phones Callum who shows her pictures of Sarah clearly drugged on the sofa at No. 8. Callum tells
Bethany that she’ll do as she’s told or Sarah gets it. Terrified, will Bethany agree? While Gail, David, Kylie and Sarah celebrate Callum’s downfall, Bethany is overwhelmed with guilt.
AIDAN BITES THE BULLET WITH CARLA Fed up with Carla’s self-pity, Nick tells her to get a grip and a row ensues. Nick persuades Aidan that, with his support, Carla can turn the business around and they’ll be sitting on a goldmine. Will Nick be able to work his magic on Aidan and save Underworld?
IT’S A GIRLS’ NIGHT IN FOR LLOYD Liz, Lloyd and Erica share a few bottles of wine and laugh as they compare their car-crash love lives. Liz wonders if Lloyd and Erica might be a good match. Later, Lloyd leaves a message on Andrea’s phone admitting how much he misses her.
ELSEWHERE In the garage, Tyrone confides in Kevin about Hope’s condition. Fiz and Tyrone are grateful for Kevin’s support as he calls at No. 9 with some beers.

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Anonymous said...

Since when was Nick a magician?

I wish he could magic Sarah, Bethany & Callum away, never to return!

Anonymous said...

The Faktry a goldmine? Since when? It's been sinking for years - just one contract away from annihilation!

Anonymous said...

You mean "poring" over the accounts, unless Carla poured coffee over them!

Glenda Young said...

We don't write the previews, they come to us direct from ITV. All mistakes are theirs :-)

Anonymous said...

and boy there are some really bad ones - what irks me is when they describe a scene in the preview, then when I watch the episode that scene isn't included - I always thought they film about 3 mos before airtime - wouldn't that be enough time to rewrite the review to reflect the correct scenes? Or is that too much trouble?

Anonymous said...

ITV might find it useful to employ an editor who knows how to turn on spell-check, and who understands basic rules of grammar.

Humpty Dumpty said...

There isn't anywhere else to vent my spleen at the moment. At around 7.40 tonight, just before the break probably, I switched off the tv. Do they really think we would believe that David, provoked though he was, would completely give the game away by telling Callum they were off to the police station? He would have walked off with a huge smirk on his face. And then we will have the nonsense about drugged Sarah and petrified Bethany. Oh please, make it stop. Naturally, the viewing figures won't reflect my switch off because I'm not on the BARB panel. It probably takes a lot to make them to ditch a programme mid-way. Nobody will go back this far to read my post but at least I feel better!

abbyk said...

I read it, Humpty. Haven't seen it yet but I am not pleased by what you are saying. Maybe an airhead like Rosie would have told all, but this is mastermind of evil David Platt, who has always plotted and chosen his moments wisely. Christmas dinner for the abortion revelation, a twisty plot that led to nicks brain injury, this is not a guy who should be coming up with daft runs at Callum on multiple occasions.

This plus the rumor about Ken and Cathys sister, do the actors ever get a say about their characters acting out of character, or do they just have to do as they are told? No wonder Martin left. Remember the stories about actors who played villains getting hit with purses when they went to the supermarket? I feel like smacking SB with mine. No, people who are in mourning do not date. No, streetwise teens do not become idiotic adults. No, 22 year old university grads with less than a years intern experience do not run factories (and grandfather's who live in modest homes do not have the cash to buy said factories). Grrrr

Anonymous said...

Humpty Dumpty,Well I took the time to scroll down and read your post and I agree wholeheartedly everything you said.
I thought David was an idiot telling Callum about Kylie and Max going to the police and as for Sarah and Bethany,it was their berrayals which started this whole mess and now they're the 'victims' and we're supposed to feel sorry for them?
I'm also not liking the Hope storyline either as I wonder if she does have cancer,how soon will we see Fiz bully Tyrone as Hayley did to Roy?

coconno196 said...

Totally agree with you all.The last thing you do is tell a gangster you have a witness against him, and demonic David isn't that stupid. Also, where does Alya ' s grandfather get his money from and what does he do for a living? He was brought in to help Kal buy the gym, and now has enough to buy the factory for Alya! Re a new woman for Ken, I can't believe Bill Roache would agree, out of respect for Anne Kirkbride, and because Deirdre was Ken's soul mate.

Why am I still watching this rubbish? Probably just for the Tim/ Sally comedy plus Beth, Kirk and Craig. Amy looks promising too, she knows what Tracy is like, and plays the part very naturally.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree Humpty Dumpty. The stupidity of that comment had me shaking my head in disgust. Why couldn't Jack P Shepherd say at the time of filming that David would never say that. How long can they drag this annoying storyline out for?

Pippa Dee said...

I also agree with you Humpty.

I didn't go so far as to switch off, but I wound past any scenes with Callum in them.

I just cannot bear to look at his reptilian, smirking face any longer.

For the love of God, PLEASE, just get rid of this awful awful character and terrible storyline.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone catch the comedy walk / bad-boy swagger from the parody bad boy? Comedy gold!


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