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Wednesday 12 August 2015

Coronation Street episode review, Weds 12 August

An absolutely cracking episode tonight! Read on to find out why...

"What I think Grandma Deirdre would have really wanted is to help your mum out with her credit card bills"
"Don't you even try and get your mits on it!" 
It looks like Robert and Tracy are getting back on track as Robert has just stayed over for the second time. However, he has to dash off for a busy day at the Bistro. He even has to turn down culinary genius Tracy's offer of a piece of toast. Ken congratulates Tracy on her newly found happiness. As she is pouring tea (milk first, I hasten to add!) she notices a letter concerning Deirdre's life insurance policy. It transpires that Deirdre has left £80,000 to Amy and Simon - and nothing to Tracy.

Tracy claims to be unperturbed by this, but it is obvious that she is a little peeved, as she would have used that money to buy Tony out of her life. Being the wonderful mother she is, she is making Amy work in the shop during the summer holdiays. Tony has dumped a load of rubbish in the shop and expects it to be sorted.However, Amy is not unlike her mother and demands minimum wage. When Tracy and Ken are discussing this over the counter at Barlow's Buys, the enslaved Amy overhears this and is initially thrilled, until Tracy tells her she has to be eighteen before she can have any of it. Amy wants it now, for fear she may be dead in seven years. Back at the house, the cunning Amy begins to talk to her equally cunning mother about the Rolex watch she so desperately needs and Tracy talks of the credit card bills she has to pay off. Something tells me that this isn't going to end well. Even a newly reformed Tracy shouldn't have temptation put in her way, especially with her pint-sized carbon copy by her side.

Still, at least for now, Tracy has found happiness with Robert. Robert seems equally happy with his new old lover and Leanne and Steph can see what has put the smile on his face when they are together in the Bistro. However, as Tracy samples some of Robert's olive bread, things are going from bad to worse for others at the Bistro.

"What do you reckon?"
"So you're good in bread as well?" 

In a bid to calm Simon down, Leanne has allowed Simon and his football team to enjoy a free lunch at the Bistro. Robert gets an order six burger and chips and Steph dishes out the fizzy drinks. Simon has become infatuated with Kyle, the typical 'popular kid'. He boasts about playing age-restricted video games and drinking alcohol, which Simon pretends to resonate with. Things start to go downhill when he asks Simon to steal some vodka from behind the bar. Of course, Simon succumbs to peer pressure. Creating a diversion, he slips behind the bar and snaffles a £50 bottle of vodka, which Kyle pours into the drinks of his fellow twelve-year olds. The party soon become raucous, and when Kyle is disrespectful to Rita and Emily, Leanne storms over to their table to find out exactly what has been going on. Obviously, she is furious. The Bistro could easily be shut down and she goes to call the parents of the boys, dragging Simon home with her. There, Leanne confiscates his mobile phone,  breaks down and tells Simon she is going to seek help. Simon proclaims he'd rather be in care than with her. He gives a tearful Leanne a violent shove and leaves the room.

"If there's one twelve-year-old boy who knows how stupid it is to abuse alcohol, it's you"
"Like father, like son!"

Elsewhere, Steve has to face up to Rover's return. Even though this was the light relief of tonight's episode, it was certainly sad to see Steve sitting  on the stairs, having returned to the Rovers without Rover, halfheartedly playing with a toy that has been left behind. In the pub, we can faintly hear Dusty Springfield's "I Only Wanna Be With You". I love it when a song faintly playing in the background relates to a character in the scene.

Tonight, we also learn where Andrea so quickly sourced the £1000 she sent to her daughter the other day. Lloyd is looking into selling his old records, which are antiques. He can't find a particular one anywhere and it is worth £1000. Andrea looks very guilty, but reassures Lloyd that it must be somewhere, blatantly lying through her teeth. I wonder where that could have possibly gone. I only hope Andrea has had some sense about her and not sold it to Barlow's Buys.

"Those records are my life. Joke!"
"Don't be so stupid. At least I'm dewy-eyed over a living thing"

And just to round off, a fantastic comic moment between Rita, Emily and Leanne in the Bistro, telling the story for the 2 for 1 coupon:

"There's a bit of story with this because I kept the Gazette because of the coupon. When  I come to cut it out, it had gone." 
"Norris had taken it"
"Yes! But I found it, in a drawer in the back. So I swiped it!"
"You reclaimed it, Rita. I couldn't enjoy  my sticky toffee pudding if I felt I'd stolen anything"

Thanks for reading what has been my 10th review already!


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Cobblestone said...

I'm starting to find Amy's scenes an absolute treat. She's come on marvellously as a young actress. I keep seeing Nana Blanche in her!

Anonymous said...

@Cobblestone - I am the exact opposite.

Some of the lines she has I have never heard any 11 year old say. Its absolutely ridiculous. I think its also the way she is saying them, that doesn't help either.


Tvor said...

Amy is awesome!

Humpty Dumpty said...

Amy is channelling young Sophie who used to spout Jane Austen. I like the young actress's delivery, dry and quite grown up. She lives with her erudite grandfather so she's bound to pick up some of his understated sarcasm.

Cobblestone said...

Anonymous @ 12:42 My niece is 11 and, while not having Amy's attitude, has a vocabulary to shame most adults. Children vary enormously in the sophistication of the things they say, and it has a great deal to do with how much time they spend in adult company. Amy lives with Ken, and used to live with Blanche - I find nothing she says so unlikely.

Anonymous said...

Keep'em coming Jordan - I love your reviews!

vintgal003 said...

I truly am enjoying little Miss Amy...some excellent lines! Great recap and captions Jordan...thanks and cheers!


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