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Monday 17 August 2015

Coronation Street double episode review, Monday 17 August 2015

On Bethany’s return from Paris, Sarah challenges her daughter as to what exactly she has been involved in concerning Callum. Of course, it’s drug dealing. Though Bethany can have flashes of maturity, as regards dealing drugs,  she is somewhat na├»ve and doesn’t truly comprehend the gravity of getting involved – not just with the drugs themselves, but with the people,  who are often very dangerous, who inhabit and operate in the drug world. Yes, she wanted to impress Callum and has a crush on him, but Callum will not be impressed or fall for the stupidity of such a girl. Bethany hunts Callum down and demands to know why he revealed to Sarah that she’d been involved. Callum warns Sarah to keep schtum about the gun or else her family will be in danger, Bethany first.  Frighteningly, this is no idle threat, but a genuine promise.

Sarah is in despair and now opens up to her mum, brother and Kylie. Gail is 100% certain they should phone the police. Callum is arrested and David and Kylie are initially thrilled. But they realize what a force they are dealing with. Callum has wasted no time in convincing Max that the gun he found at his flat was just a toy gun. Under questioning Max consistently claims that the gun was a toy one. Callum has made sure of that.

Jason observes Callum and the way in which he speaks to Sarah in The Rovers and how anxious Sarah seems as a result. Jason clearly feels affection for Sarah still and sees it as his duty to ward Callum off. He also picks up Callum’s pint and when he objects, Jason throws the remains over Callum.  I’m feeling anxious for you Jason now…

After Calllum’s release without charge, Callum tells Bethany what we knew alteady – that he was using her and that he thinks she is just a stupid little girl.  Bethany seeks solace with Jason, who is eating chips with his dad Tony,  and confessses to him that she was delivering drugs for Callum, because he forced her. Jason tries to comfort her.

Jason later sees Callum, released without charge, trying to intimidate Sarah and he is quick to defend her. He is also getting himself deeper in and Callum will not let this go. Callum clearly won’t be happy with Jason’s interference and I cannot see him taking an affront such as this without wanting to get his own back. Sarah is terrified and says, ‘He’s going to destroy my family – he keeps his promises.’
 Certainly some will criticise Sarah for becoming involved with Callum in the first place and that is fair enough. After all, it isn’t as if David and Kylie in particular didn’t warn her. Some women will always go for the handsome face and the bad boy image – except that with Callum it is more than an image.

And so to cheerier matters – the camping trip. The campers are Beth, Kirk, Tyrone, Fiz, Chesney and Sinead and the greatest star of them all - Craig. Craig is concerned about wifi and being able to get a signal - GCSE results on Thursday. Beth implies it will be better not to know his results, as that way, it won’t spoil the trip. Craig protests and points out that he really worked hard for his exams. Good luck from all of us anyway Craig.

Sinead must be progressing very well as she feels confident enough to leave her sticks behind.  Tyrone struggles with the tent until Dougie, the poor man’s Bear Grylls arrives and sorts them out, implicitly criticising Tyrone’s open air skills.

‘I was born in the outdoors,’ he tells them, his mother apparently having gone into labour on a walk in The Lake District. Dougie is a type – the type who knows everything, at least about the outdoors. I very much enjoyed Paddy McGuiness’s star turn. This guest slot works. (Sorry Sarah Harding!)

Craig takes a walk around and encounters Caitlin, Dougie’s daughter. After a difficult start, she offers Craig viewing rights to her drawings. Craig seems very keen. Beth wonders if Craig has seen a real girl, maybe he’s imagined it. But no, she’s real. I did say cheerier matters but Fiz turns down the offer of a night in the open because Hope isn’t feeling too good. These one-off comments often lead somewhere so lets hope Hope gets well soon.

Carla is online gambling in her office. Alya asks if Carla has opened her emails. Yes she has and there are 9 from Sally concerning the purchase of the factory. Alya puts herself forward as a prospective buyer. Carla doubts she can afford it but Alya says her Granddad will put up the money.

In the Bistro Alya does well and seals the deal with the client, as Carla watches on. Erica is there too and comments twice on how bright the future looks for Alya. Maybe – having lost her mother and now her father too in a horrific fire, she deserves some luck.
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Stephen said...

Alya running the factory??? Now there's a development, but what will Carla do when she finally returns from her sabbatical?

abbyk said...

Alya running the factory in 5 years, okay, but she can barely handle the cake run today. Yes, she was good with Hanson (and I do like the way they keep bringing him back, btw. He was very good as the experienced client with a young sales rep) but that required a lot of extra preparation. However, this new ambition shows that she is miles out of Gary's league, can't wait to see the end of them.

Did not care for Dougie. Or most of the camping stuff. It seemed forced and silly. Thank goodness for Craig. Oh please let him be the one street kid who is university bound. With my future goggles on, I see him as everybody's favorite teacher.

Callum was actually a little scary. For a few seconds. Then it passed.

Tvor said...

Again, the Weatherfield police are pretty useless. Why didn't they ask where Max found the "toy" gun, in the top of a closet in a padded envelope. Stupid place to hide a toy. And didn't Sarah see Callum take the bullets out and give them to Gemma, even if Max didn't?

abbyk said...

Oh yeah, and then there was the elephant in the room. Today was the big court day. Max's future would be decided. Months of tedious plotting. Threats. Shiny new outfits. AND WE DIDNT GET TO SEE IT!!! The gun thing should have happened first, been handled properly, and then we could have gotten our reward of seeing the judge make her decision. We should have witnessed happy David, happy Kylie, happy Gail, and wooden Callum's waggling fingers. We've had to sit through the lead up, we shoulda been able to see it outlets elves instead hearing about it afterwards in the pub like Sean. I feel cheated.

Anonymous said...

I am also disappointed that the custody case wasn't shown and as for Sarah's claims that Callum is out to destroy her family,funny she didn't seem concerned about that when David was kidnapped and beaten by him and when Bethany opened her big mouth about David's past[with Sarah's approval]to Callum for the custody mediation.Sorry Sarah's crocodile tears don't impress me as she was warned!
I do agree that Craig is one of the few saving graces right now and please may he go to university.


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