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Wednesday 26 August 2015

Coronation Street episode review, Weds 26th August

"I lied for him. Over and over again. I've kept him out of prison, like a hundred times.
I've got no right to lecture you, Bethany but this is different now."
It's Lily's second birthday and the Platt family is awash with pink presents, overenthusiastic adults and a clueless birthday girl. The Platts are sure that Callum will be locked up by lunchtime, but a pensive Bethany lurks in the corner. She feels guilty and can't help but mutter "Maybe" to their optimistic certainties. This opens a can of worms, the family demanding to know what she meant.

Bethany reveals that she has told the police the 'truth' and they now know that Callum can't have been at the attack, as she was at his flat with him at the time. We, of course, know this could not be further from the truth and that she has been blackmailed by the evil Abanazar- I mean Callum.
Kylie can see through Bethany's lies and tries to reason with her, but annoyingly, for once Bethany keeps schtum.

David later calls the police, who confirm that they have no intentions of arresting Callum following the information that Bethany provided. Nick and Carla hurry out, Carla clearly embarrassed and shocked  by the atmosphere. Because her life is totally drama free. Well done, Bethany; you have gone way down in my estimations. Sarah explains to Tony that it looks like Callum has got away with it. Tony looks on in disdain and vows that Callum will not get away with what he has done.

"We're on our own. He's completely got away with it."
"For now maybe, But not for long"

Roy and Cathy have become the odd couple. Rather comically, Cathy is oblivious to Roy's horror that she has left the butter knife out, still with butter on it! Or his disbelief that she has not rinsed a plate properly, too busy telling him about an old Christmas cracker joke she found in her slipper.
"What South American country starred in Grease?"
"I... don't know."
"Bolivia Newton-John"

In keeping with the comedy theme, Rover has returned. Steve is overjoyed, but Liz is adamant that Rover must be returned from. Throughout the episode, she continually caught Steve with Rover after she had told him to return it. It became the running gag of the episode. Each time she caught him, she used fewer and fewer words to illustrate her stubbornness. Steve eventually gives in, but later tells his mother that he knows the dog didn't want to go. Liz looks at her son in utter disbelief.  Just then, Andrea walks into the pub at exactly the wrong time.

"Steve. Rover. Return. Now" 

Liz and Steve have been playing matchmaker, setting their best mates up together. It seemed natural, after Erica, Liz and Lloyd had more than a few drinks in the back room the other night. The pair have worked out their friends' intentions and giggle about it, before getting rather cosy in the booth. Andrea walks in, ready to face up to Lloyd and sees him looking rather close to Erica. Without listening to Lloyd, Andrea believes he must have moved on and storms out of the Rovers.

"You said you were miserable without me."
"I am. I was. I am!"
"Oh yeah. Just not miserable enough" 

It's Aidan Connor's first day at the factory, having just bought 40% of the business from Carla. He immediately makes an impact on the workers, both Sally and Sean believing he was flirting with them. Alya is having trouble appeasing a client who has a query about an invoice. Jealous that she has not been able to buy the factory, she gladly throws Aidan in the deep end by handing the phone over to him. She leaves the office looking rather smug, but Aidan wins the client over with his charm. Earlier in the day, Aidan had received a phone call from Fiz. She refuses to tell him why she is not coming to work, claiming that it's personal. This leads us on to a much darker storyline. Fiz and Tyrone have to take Hope to hospital. When they return home with the girls, they try to keep everything normal. But the trip to the hospital did not deliver good news. Hope has a tumour and now they must wait for the MRI scan. Tyrone makes an excuse to leave the dinner table and Fiz collapses in a fit of tears.

"It doesn't mean that it is...cancer. You heard what the nurse said. Not all tumours are cancerous" 

A great episode which went from lighthearted to serious and back and forth several times. I also, and I didn't think I'd say this, enjoyed Shayne Ward's performance.  He was slick, charismatic and is so far playing the character of Aidan well.

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Anonymous said...

I can't really tell because the actress is really poor, but I got the feeling that Sarah wanted Tony to fill Callum in.

And I just new Shayne Ward was going to be good!

Anonymous said...

The Andrea return scenario was just a tad moronic. Lloyd was just sitting in a booth with Erica..doing what? Nothing. Andrea acted like she'd caught them in bed. Then she does the dramatic exit. Who the eff cares? Bye Lloyd. How many of these 'she left me, drowning my sorrorws' scenes with Lloyd do we have to go through every 6 months or so? We had of his life, of his life, he named some obscure childhood girlfriend who was his first love and now we have Andrea..stole from him, lied to his face but he still wants her?

rant done..thanks.

Catman said...

She's another one that had a change in her personality profile that is contrary to the Andrea we've come to expect. She has a strong screen presence regardless of how she morphed into a thief.


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