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Tuesday 18 August 2015

Is the end nigh for Callum Logan on Coronation Street?

An eye for an eye and all that.  Later this week on Coronation Street we'll see the campest villain that Corrie's ever had, Callum Logan, beat up Jason so badly that he ends up in hospital.

What Callum doesn't know is that little Max has seen Callum beat up Jason. Inside Soap magazine say that Max becomes terrified of Callum and won't go near him any more. Realising he's in a lot of trouble, Callum tries to enlist Bethany to give him an alibi but thankfully Bethany refuses to lie for him this time.

And then next week on Corrie, there's a revenge beating when Jason's dad Tony Stewart takes out on Callum and beats him up too for beating up his son. Are you with me so far? Good.

I wonder if this signals that we're getting close to the end of the Callum storyline?  So far Callum and his gang have pretty much had things their own way and done their own thing. You know, all that real hard man stuff like threatening girls and being nasty to doe-eyed teenagers.

Now that Callum's had Jason beaten up (I bet he doesn't get his hands dirty by doing it himself, it'd spoil his nails), Tony gets revenge. And as we all know, you don't mess with Tony.

Surely it can only be a matter of time before Callum disappears for good?

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Rebecca said...

Sounds vaguely familiar...hmmm... Jez Quigly (my fave!), everyone scared of him, beats up Steve, Big Jim beats up Jez... Only difference is I liked Jez and the MacDonalds. I could actually buy Jez as a criminal too!
Oh well, I'm just going to try to embrace the camp until one way or another this arc is done.

Tvor said...

I hope Callum and Tony both end up in the same prison. I bet Callum won't be so cocky then. I have a feeling Tony and his mates can wipe the floor with Callum and his little friends. Callum doesn't get his hands dirty when faced with someone that can stand up to him like Jason, even more so when it's a man with arms the size of tree trunks and hands like meat hooks like Tony has. Jim MacDonald had hot red rage behind his vendetta against Jez but Tony has cold, methodical fury. Callum isn't going to stand a chance!

Anonymous said...

The pantomime season is just around the corner.

Anonymous said...

can't wait for this! Callum is such a joke (hey get your hands off my motor!)

Catman said...

Rebecca states an astute observation. Really, the writers of today are seemingly unaware of Corrie history. For new viewers (10 years or less) this is a mute point.

Anonymous said...

I really think Callum's end will come in the live episode, in a very permanent sense. And just look at the possible suspects - David, Kylie, Sarah, Bethany, Tony...even wildcards like Max, Todd, and Gemma.

Gonna happen!

Anonymous said...

'Is it only a matter of time before Callum disappears for good'? Dear God I hope so!

Zagg said...

Hahahha....I just can't help it. I find Callum's facial expressions hilarious.

dhvinyl said...

I burst out laughing every time he appears. Yes, panto beckons.

Humpty Dumpty said...

I thought Tony might finish him off but maybe that's too obvious. A shock twist could be that Callum is escaping from another beating from Tony and, finding Bethany, begs her to help him. When she refuses, Callum attempts to force her and she kills him in self-defence. Sarah and Bethany then flee to Milan. Terence Maynard's leaving Corrie so Tony could be wrongfully imprisoned (yes, another one!). Gemma is an expendable member of the cast and it wouldn't be that life-changing if she killed Callum. Who would care? Digital Spy leavers chart doesn't show any of the actors involved in this storyline. Would be rather a giveaway if they did.

Tvor said...

Even though Tony going after Callum for beating Jason is a bit of a repeat storyline, it's completely understandable. So far, Callum is the kind of person my nan used to describe that would fall into a bucket of muck (shall we say?) and come out smelling like roses. But his luck will run out sooner or later.


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