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Sunday, 9 August 2015

Corrie Weekly Awards for Aug. 3 - 7

Sopranos award: Sarah thought Gemma was over dramatizing what happened to her, likening it to a mob movie. Then Max came out of the bedroom with a gun.

Shaken not stirred award: I think that's the first time we've ever seen Callum well and truly shaken. No wonder! Max had a loaded gun and thought it was a toy!

Rock Bottom award: Carla's punishing herself and pushing everyone away from her.

Diss me but don't humiliate me dog: Loved that Kirk stood up for dogs everywhere when Beth wanted to make and sell little doggy outfits!

"Norm!" award: Carla is as well known in the casino as Norm was at Cheers!

The Guilty Party award: Eileen, who kept, and Michael, who pawned Liz's bracelet. And, by the way, I refuse to believe that Liz wouldn't have shown off the bracelet to Eileen when she was visiting at the cab office the day she lost it.

Empire lost award: Whatever happened to that garage Kevin was going to buy from his mate? Did he? Was that the second garage in the Webster Empire or did he just buy a fancy sign for Webster's Autos?

Agenda award: Alya helped Sally look at the spreadsheets and books but does she have ideas of her own about buying the factory?

Bricking it award: Sally's sacked for snooping in the factory's accounts. Alya's probably freaked out in case Carla finds out she helped Sally do it!

Don't Give Up Your Day Job: Michael proves yet again he's really no good at this breaking and enter thing.

Tacky fashion award: Kylie's back!!!

Lines of the week:
Cathy "I like a bit of a boogie in the morning, get the blood flowing"
Sally "This may be a back street greasy spoon, but to me, it's an oasis in a cultural desert"
Kylie "So what, you're going to brainwash him (Michael) into going back to you?" Gail "If that's what it takes. Yeah!"
Kirk to Beth who's just been called an attack dog "It's a compliment! Dogs are loyal, good looking and the top of their head smells great!"
Cathy "Poor Roy, can't move for demented women"
Liz "You only live once" Cathy "Unless you're a Buddhist or a Hindu" Liz "Come again?" Cathy "Exactly"
Nick "You won 2 grand" Carla "It's just a bandaid on a gunshot wound"
Sally about Kevin "He's turned that place into a backstreet garage into..." Gail "A backstreet garage with a fancy sign"
Sean "That's like saying the Pope's a bit Catholic"
Yasmine "I run a community centre, not NASA"
Sally "Don't sound like a disappointed parent, Sophie, that's my job!"
Gail "I try to be a good person at all times. You should try it, Eileen. Step away from the dark side"

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Belle Fleur said...

Employment Act award: Yet another sacking on the spot from the ridiculous factory that thinks its still the 1960s. Newsflash you cannot just sack people on a whim. To sack Sally who has given a lot to that business because she is "annoying" is preposterous. I wonder what an Employment Tribunal would make of that. Stop
this now writers its just daft.

Anonymous said...

When Nick said to Carla, "What is this? Cheers where everyone knows your name." I thought it was brilliant, I couldn't stop laughing!

abbyk said...

For being annoying, no. But for snooping into the accounts, which were private and off limits, yes.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Poking about in the company's confidential files would count as gross misconduct. I would have thought even Carla gave employees contracts and there must be something to protect Carla from intellectual theft etc.

Anonymous said...

How naïve are you?award.After warnings from her entire family about him being a criminal,Sarah is now 'shocked' to discover that everyone was right about Callum but will keep quiet anyway?!The same Sarah who went to a drug dealer to plant drugs in the salon to frame David and bragged about it to her then husband Jason will keep quiet about Callum instead of going to the pilice and thus endanger her step-nephew Max?How ridiculous!

Donald Strump said...

Arnt accounts of companies posted at Companies House? Why would they be a big secret? And Sally is working as the PA so I fail to see why she wouldnt be allowed to look at them or they would be password protected. I do remember Sally being involved in industrial espionage befoe with Greg Kelly when she stole accounts information on a memory stick. Yet she as given her job back. I find all this repetitive factory antics rather repetitive I am afraid.

Cobblestone said...

Surely the accounts of a limited company are available for anyone to inspect at Companies House. And it isn't as though Sally hadn't had amply opportunity to see them previously - she's been running the place in Carla's absence. Where's the reciprocal loyalty?

Cobblestone said...

Karen McDonald did it to.

Tvor said...

It might not be a LTD company and Carla was more concerned that Sally saw that she was paying herself big lump sum amounts out of the company, I think.

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