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Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Todd Grimshaw - a nasty piece of work

What DID happen to Todd Grimshaw while living in that London?  He's come back up north as a right nasty piece and it shows no sign of stopping.

Next week on Corrie we'll see him try to split up his mum Eileen and her new fella Adrian. 

Remember Todd asking Eileen this week on Coronation Street if she'd heard from another of her internet matches called Jeff, and Eileen said he was fine but he lived in Dubai so it was a bit of a non-starter?  Well, Jeff is Todd.

Yup.  Todd has set up Eileen and is masquerading online as Jeff in Dubai.  Julie encourages Eileen to give Jeff another chance and tells her to get back in touch with him, in case Adrian doesn't work out. So, Eileen messages Jeff again, even while she's still going out with Adrian and lets herself believe in love again.

Meanwhile, Todd twirls his moustache and does an evil laugh.  Well, probably not. But if he had a moustache, he'd twirl it.  He does though, according to Inside Soap magazine, smirk at his mum and continue his bid to humilate her.

Come on, Eileen! Chuck him out!

Glenda Young
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Tvor said...

Note to Mr. Blackburn. Sometimes playing the long game with a character has the opposite effect. it doesn't keep them interested. They lose the will to live. I don't care what happened to Todd in London anymore.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I think the time when we viewers might have given a stuff about his backstory has well and truly gone. Surely one day the truth about what he did to Jason and Eva, and now to Eileen, will come out. But by then we won't care about the emotional problems that caused his behaviour, we'll just want rid.

Anonymous said...

Beth, I love your comments, as they mirror my thoughts about Corrie exactly of late, with its plethora of mean-spirited, spiteful characters which drag the stories down. You don't have to be bad to be interesting; why are aren't there any kind young people, apart from Craig? (I suppose Sophie has her moments). And I wish the petulant ,30 year Bethany would go back to Milan with her mum!

Humpty Dumpty said...

Working with Tracy has evidently enhanced his skills. There are some people who are off-limits as far as Tracy's nastiness goes: family and maybe Beth. Todd doesn't have any limits and that makes his one-dimensional personality both boring and unbelievable. It doesn't make sense that he would stay in W'field. He would have fleeced his mum and disappeared to another city. As everyone above says, the time has long since gone when we cared about what happened in London.

Anonymous said...

Although I agree with everyone's commnets about Todd,I wonder if Eileen claims she cares about Adrian,why would she want to keep in touch with 'Jeff' in the first place?Granted Todd got the ball rolling but it will also be Eileen's fault if she continues her games with Adrian and 'Jeff',if her latest relationship goes bust.

abbyk said...

@Anon 21:30, because she's a grownup and isn't 'in a relationship' after 1 dinner date? They're both using an online dating site, so one would presume they are both communicating with potential matches and going on casual dates. No biggie. After while, different story, but not yet.

Laura said...

Yes - for someone who was so desperate to be in any relationship at all just a short while ago, she certainly doesn't mind risking a promising one with Adrian for some hypothetical internet connection.

Anonymous said...

For many men at least, this is the mentality that online dating inspires. Contact as many women as possible, dump the ass of the ugly, clingy ones each time you find one who's hotter or less concerned about commitment. That's why those sites have names like "Plenty of Fish." Todd knows all about that mentality and he's drawing his mother into it, like a drug habit. I think they're doing a good job representing the psychology, especially for someone as sheltered as Eileen, who lives in the insular world like Weatherfield and never dreamed of playing on such a wide field.

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