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Friday, 3 April 2015

Preview of tonight's double Corrie - Friday 3 April

Friday 3rd April
FAYE DELIVERS A BOMBSHELL TO ANNA. Faye’s scared witless as she goes into labour. Craig’s desperate to call an ambulance but Faye bans him from doing so. As Sally and Tim sit with Anna and Owen in the Rovers, a frightened Faye realises she’s out of her depth and screams at Craig to find her Mum. Craig searches in vain for Anna. Finding the flat door open, Sophie makes her way up the stairs. Sophie’s horrified to find Faye on all fours and clearly in pain. As Owen and Anna head home, Craig approaches and clearly distressed, drags them to the corner shop flat. Owen and Anna are shocked to the core to find Faye giving birth. Sophie assures them she’s called an ambulance.
BETHANY’S ON THE RUN. AGAIN. Callum pulls up next to Bethany and Sarah orders her into the car. They speed away leaving the angry shop assistant empty-handed. Sarah tears a strip off Bethany for shoplifting but Bethany remains unfazed. Dropping them back at No.8, Callum invites Sarah out for a drink. Furious to see Callum chatting up his sister, David warns Sarah to stay away from Callum. But will Sarah heed his warning?
CARLA MEANS BUSINESS. Carla tries to thrash out a business deal with Mr Hanlon in the bistro. However when Mr Hanlon complains about his food and admits he’s just trying to get a freebie, Carla tells him to stick his deal and stalks out. But Carla’s taken aback when she gets a call from Mr Hanlon to tell her how impressed he is by her no nonsense approach. Has she got herself a deal?
ELSEWHERE Tracy bluffs to Tony telling him how well her meeting went with the new supplier. Tony’s sceptical and accusing Tracy of making the whole thing up, tells her she’s right, it’s over between them. Tracy’s speechless.

Friday 3rd April
FAYE GIVING BIRTH IS AN ORDEAL FOR EVERYONE. Faye’s scared and wracked with pain. Anna does her best to take control and assures Faye she loves her no matter what. Owen breaks the news to a gobsmacked Tim and Sally that Faye is having a baby. As Anna, Sophie and Sally fuss round exhausted Faye, Tim tries to reassure her. With Faye in the ambulance, Anna turns on Craig, but Faye reveals she swore Craig to secrecy and tells Anna to leave him alone. Upset Craig heads home where he tells Beth and Kirk about Faye, insisting that the baby isn’t his. At the hospital Anna berates herself for failing to realise that Faye was pregnant. As Faye gives birth to a baby girl, how will the terrified teen cope?
CALLUM SETS HIS SIGHTS ON SARAH. Bethany mischievously tells Jason how Sarah still harbours feelings for him. Meanwhile Callum begs a flirty Sarah to let him take her out again. As David angrily points out to Sarah that Callum is only using her to get at him, how will Sarah respond?
NICK CONNECTS TO A LOCAL NETWORK. When Carla has problems with her laptop, she asks Nick over to the flat to sort it out. Nick proves hopeless at fixing Carla’s laptop but they share a bottle of wine and enjoy each other’s company.
ELSEWHERE Disappointed to find Liz asleep on the sofa, Tony phones Tracy with a grovelling apology. Tracy’s thrilled to realise he’s still well and truly hooked. Dressed sexily, Tracy opens the door to Tony. Will she take him back with open arms?

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Frosty the Snowman said...

Why are important business deals always "thrashed out" in the Bistro or Rovers? Only for some mishap to occur? What happened to conference rooms or meeting rooms and then afterwards to a nice restaurant in Cheshire?

More Keystone Kops with Callum chasing Miss Roll Eyes in his old banger.

Rosie said...

Good grief! No wonder Faye was in so much pain, look at the size of that 'premature' baby.

Anonymous said...

Just watched the episode(s): some thoughts.

1. I know everyone on here hates Sophie but, c'mon, the girl's got guts. She goes up alone into an empty flat with someone screaming? I think she missed her calling - she should apply to the Weatherfield police force. She'd look good in a flak jacket:)

2. Anna - everyone's talent is also their curse. Like the person who sucks at everyday life, but excels at disaster, Anna is the centre of calm in the midst of Faye's pregancy crisis, offering reassurance and unconditional love, then tries to foist the unwanted baby on an emotionally frazzled Faye:/

3. Tim - what a guy! Gently pushes Sally aside and says all of the things Faye needs to hear to get through a hugely complicated moment in her life, namely, that her birth was an unforgettably happy moment in his. As someone who has gone through the emotional roller coaster of labour, I can't imagine anything more soothing than those sentiments, plugging directly into the themes that predominate when you're giving birth. Everything else is noise.


Kim Page said...

Everyone's there except for Nozzer! lol

Anonymous said...

I am glad Faye made known she didn't want the baby. I hope that they will respect her feelings and put the baby up for adoption so Faye can get on with her childhood.


vintgal003 said...

Good Morning and Happy Easter Flaming Nora....thanks as always for the great updates in keeping we Canadian!!

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