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Friday, 5 September 2014

Preview of tonight's double Corrie - Friday 5 Sep

Friday 5th September
TYRONE IS FLOORED BY THE TRUTH. Tony offers Fiz and Tyrone £3k by way of compensations and they
accept, much to Jason’s relief. But when Owen spots the old chipboard in a skip outside the house he
tells the couple it was far too thin to be used for flooring and well below building regulations. Will Tyrone
realise he’s been duped?
ROB’S STUNNED BY CARLA’S DOUBTS. The doctor tells Peter he’s over the worst and should be ok but
can never drink again. Rob attempts to mask his disappointment. When Carla then confides in him how
Peter told he assumed she killed Tina and therefore Peter couldn’t possibly be the murderer Rob’s
horrified. Can he convince Carla to forget what Peter said or are Rob’s days numbered?
THE VERDICT IS IN ON MAX. Kylie’s subdued when Max is diagnosed with ADHD and prescribed pills.
ELSEWHERE The Rovers cricket team head out for their first practice session. steve’s relieved when Kal’s
son Zeedan arrives and proves to be a brilliant cricketer.

Friday 5th September
JASON’S BETRAYAL CUTS TYRONE DEEP.Tyrone and Fiz burst into the builders yard accusing Jason of
using illegal flooring which meant Tyrone could have died. Jason feels terrible and weighed down with
guilt he tries to explain to Tyrone how the sub-standard boarding was Todd’s idea and he knew nothing
about it. But Tyrone’s incensed and tells Jason he’ll be reporting him to the building inspector and he can
kiss goodbye to his business. Will Jason be able to talk him round?
CARLA THREATENS TO OPEN A CAN OF WORMS. When Carla suggests telling the police what Peter said,
Rob desperately tries to convince her she’d be wasting her time as Peter’s mind was fuddled with drugs.
Will Carla let it drop?
DAVID AND KYLIE FINALLY GET ANSWERS. As Max plays with his birthday presents boisterously,
David and Kylie give him his first batch of medication with trepidation. But when the drug kicks in and he
becomes visibly calmer Carla Kylie’s amazed.
Elsewhere Beth and Kirk enlist Michelle’s services as their wedding planner. Alya is appointed cricket

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Frosty the Snowman said...

Tyrone is "floored" - is that a pun? ha ha. More tiresome bleating from Fizz about being broke then, whilst stuffing her face with a fry in Roys.

Does anyone really care about Max and his shenanigans? No, thought not. I wish Gail would move out with Michel and let the ghastly Kylie and David just get on wi it!

Anonymous said...

Frosty,Although I am sympathetic to Max,I am getting bored with the 'Platt Show'and hopefully this will be the end of it?As for Fiz stuffing herself at Roy's which will probabaly be free because he'll feel sorry for her,she;ll wash it down with a pint at the Rovers.Instead of playing 'Police Woman'with Tyrone why isn't Fiz at work?If they're so broke wouldn't her salary help?

Humpty Dumpty said...

Max would never have had ADHD if Paula Lane wasn't leaving. I pity the writers having to make sharp turns in storylines when real life takes over but this is so unrealistic. ADHD doesn't occur overnight like measles.

Zagg said...

I find it odd that Tyrone & Fiz, especially Fiz are SO quick to turn their friends/neighbors into the police, hellbent on ruining them. I seem to remember that they both in multiple situations needed their friends and neighbors to support them and understand that things were not their fault even though it looked like it. They were practically begging for understanding. And now? They're like the Frankenstein mob...all they need are the torches.
The whole Max and ADHD thing is so contrived. He went from zero to 60 overnight. It surely does not work like that and his acting out constantly is really overblown. These writers really seem to not do any research into things.

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute. Beth and Kirk hire Michelle as their wedding planner? Come on, that's way OTT for this couple. First of all, how could they ever afford something like that? As well, IMO, it would be much better to have a light-hearted and comedic run-up to their wedding as this couple would really do. Geesh, another lame plot to keep the character of Michelle alive.

Canadian Viewer said...

It never ceases to amaze me how bad Corrie has gotten, but like a train wreck, I can't stop watching it.

Ever since Corrie went "90210" on us, coupled with the arrival of the Battersbys and Kevin's affaire with Natalie, it's just gotten worse.

It gets stupider and stupider with the years; though I cannot stop watching how bad the show has gotten, I am relieved that I can fast-forward thru much of it and guess what's happened.

What the flippin' heck is up with Leanne? ... prostitute, arsonist, insurance fraud, armed robbery at the Rovers, conspiracy and a bunch of other stuff; yet a competent guardian for Simon?

It's time for Leanne to get run over by a wayward cab from Street Cars. This character has made more come-backs than Shirley MacLaine. Don't get me started on Deirdre... one more of her crappy "crying" scenes will make me explode! Like give over, sling your hook and on your bike!

Please get new writers who graduated at the top of their class!

We need more Hilda Ogdens, Elsie Tanners, Mrs. Sharples, Phylises, Eddie Yeats, Mrs. Walkers, Uncle Alberts, etc... in other words... out with the young and in with the old! Less sex too, thank you very much!

Anonymous said...

Can anyone tell me what is the signifigance of the lamp in the skip? Is it the lamp that Tracy used to kill her ex lover?

John McE said...

So now Michelle is an expert wedding planner, able to cost up everything from harpists to luxury wedding venues to swans at a glance.

Surely Tracie's wedding was the first she'd ever tried to organize?

Simply ridiculous!

Laura said...

It stretches belief that they would leave the chipboard in full view in the skip right in front of the house! They took so much care to get round there and clean it up straight away to get rid of the evidence....only to leave it right in front of their noses!!!
Fizz' moaning always does my head in...enough already. I think the compensation of a free loft conversion and the money is quite enough.

Anonymous said...

Kevin had an affair with Molly, Tyrone's first wife. Either way, the writers are just slapping plots together right and left with no thought to continuity. ADHD does not just 'come on' overnight. The child was a complete mannequin for years and then he's running wild in a matter of weeks? Please.
Tyrone and Fiz - I thought they'd be a fun couple together but no, I was so wrong. Cannot stand the pair of them - alone they were ok but together - sickening. Split them up already!

AmandaB said...

I think the joke was supposed to be every guy remembering it & that it turned out to be from Tracy's bedroom - hence they'd all been there.
About as funny as the cricket banter.....yawn.

AmandaB said...

Just what I was about to say.

ChiaGwen said...

Not enough to drink at the Rovers Ken and Rob? Break out the liquor as soon as they return to Ken and Diedre's home - in what - 3 minutes? Is there a normal liver among the lot of them?

Roni said...

Anonymous 8:18- the only significance of the lamp was that Steve, David and Roy all thought it was familiar indicating that they all had been in Tracy's bedroom at one time. My take anyway. I would like Peter to take another drink and take the secret with him to the grave so that Rob stays on Corrie; he and Tracy were great on this episode. They are the my favourite couple. And Rob is a real man; sensitive with a dangerous side. And the only male character who is so easy on the eyes. I could watch him for hours (sigh). Why get rid of Marc Bayliss to bring in old men past their due dates and some wet behind the ears puppies. Alas, although Mr. Hotness is stupidly written off the show, I too shall continue to watch the train wreck that is Corrie Street.


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