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Sunday, 13 November 2011

Corrie boss wants return for Sarah and Candice

I love Sunday tabloid tales about Coronation Street, don't you?. Today's Daily Star says that Corrie producer Phil Collinson is going to 'lure' Tina O’Brien and Nikki Sanderson back to the cobbles as Sarah Grimshaw and Candice Stowe. 

A source close to Collinson told the paper that Phil Collinson is "aware that Sarah-Lou and Candice were hugely popular characters. He thinks it would be a ratings winner to bring them back. Losing Katherine (Kelly) and Helen (Flanagan) is a big blow to the show so Phil wants to beef things up a bit with the return of a couple of big names. He hasn’t even spoken to them about returning yet because he wants to go in armed with a big deal that they can’t say no to. Luckily, ITV have every faith in him and have handed him an open cheque book to lure whoever he thinks will be good for the show.”

Collinson is also leaving the door open for both Helen, 21, who plays Rosie Webster, and Katherine, 31, (Becky McDonald) to return.

But one cast member may not be too happy at Tina’s proposed return – her ex Ryan Thomas. The couple split two years ago after a series of rows and they now share custody of their daughter Scarlet.

Anyone actually want either Sarah or Candice back in Weatherfield?


Frosty the Snowman said...

Absolutely NOT - if they brought Sarah back with another actress playing perhaps, but the gormless looks and the adenoidal voice from the previous Sarah is not something I would want to watch again, same with Candice, she was OK but she had her time. What would Sarah do apart from upset Jason yet againb - a big fat NO from Frosty, for gawd's sake give Dennis a story instead of bringing even more previous characters back.

njblas said...

I think it would be great to have Tina back as Sarah! But Candice? She was only ever a spare part/sidekick type of character. We have enough of those in the current cast. But Frosty is right - please give Dennis something to DO! A great character and actor is sitting on the sidelines.

Anonymous said...

After watching Tina in Waterloo road, her acting seems to of improved and I wouldn't mind having her return, but I can't see any use for candice.

It says that Jason and Sarah have shared custody yet jason hasn't seen her years?

Tvor said...

Um, Ryan Thomas and Tina O'Brien have a child together, Jason and Sarah do not.

Adam Rekitt said...

"Phil wants to beef things up with the return of a couple of big names". Ha Ha Ha. Jean Alexander and Julie Goodyear are big names. These two were just good tabloid fodder.

"He hasn’t even spoken to them about returning yet because..." he would rather ask them to return via the Daily Star.

"He wants to go in armed with a big deal that they can’t say no to". Because they are both major A list stars, never off our screens.

"ITV have handed him an open cheque book" In these cash strapped times?

I can't say I have ever given 1 seconds thought to either of them since they left.

dubcek said...

If this is what ITV thinks will beef things up I think it is time they shut it down.
The show has lost all semblance of the great show that it was and Collinson has done nothing for the show at all, either get rid of him or as I said shut it down.
If I was the major sponsor of the show I would certainly make them aware of my misgivings about the direction the show has been going or remove my sponsorship all together.

Rachel said...

Sarah, meh, Candice - yay. She was the proto-Rosie, would be good to have her back.

Anonymous said...

PC is panicking, his contract is due for renewal soon, and after all the gay backlash, he sees girls as his get out of jail card.

Anonymous said...

He wants to beef things up with a couple of big boobs, more like. Let's face it, Nikki Sanderson is no thespian.

As for Sarah, she turned into nowt but a whiny, sulky cow. At the very least, a new actress should be considered. One who can act, BTW. Looking good in lingerie at a photo shoot does not an actress make.

Anonymous said...

I would love to see Sarah Louise back!! As for Candace.... Well... I thought she was a rather forgettable character... I'm sure she a wonderful person and all but... lol
David Blue,
Vancouver B.C.

Anonymous said...

A big fat no! to Sarah and Candice, I am more looking forward to the old characters coming back for Betty's funeral, ( fingers crossed for Gordon, Maggie, Bet, Alec, Billy walker and, please Hilda- only just for a one off If you prefer-Jean Alecander? , pretty please!!!!)

Beth said...

Oh dear me! If this is who Phil Collinson deams as 'big names' from the past I'm beginning to wonder did he even watch this once fantastic programme in it's hey day?! Why is this man still in charge? Tina O'Brien wasn't a good actress and she who acted Candice was also just ok and just a bit character at best. I agree with Frosty, give Dennis something meaty or why bring him back at all?

If he wanted a proper coup bring back a former heavy weight Mavis, Raquel, Bet, .... they are proper characters - but I'm beginning to wonder if Mr Collinson watched that far back?! Or if his standards ar that high! Or if they would be seen dead in the Corrie that is today.


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