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Tuesday 20 September 2011

Corrie weekly update, Sept. 19

Flaming Nora is still sunning herself on a sandy beach somewhere so this week's summary was written by K. Richard Whitbread:

So what has been going on in the Street this week?

Sean and Marcus first I think. Sean is clearly not keen on being an adoptive parent, although Marcus is clearly very keen to be a daddy in his own right rather than just a stand in for Dylan. Maria urgently needs a carer for Liam as she has to work and oddly Marcus has a day off (I cannot remember the last time he went to work but never mind). Sean sees Marcus enjoying looking after Liam and decides to dump Marcus, tipping off Julie of his plans. She tries to stop him but he bundles
her out of the way and tells Marcus that he is being set free to pursue fatherhood elsewhere. Marcus is not that stupid and tells Sean that whilst he might want a child he is not willing to lose Sean who is far more important.

Steve and Becky are getting divorced and almost getting on better than they have for months. Indeed Becky feels that just perhaps if that cow Tracy does not re-appear, but yes the wicked witch of Weatherfield is back and clicking her heels and Steve comes running. And whilst we know that she is off to the clinic, Becky as yet does not. She and Steve agree to a mediation session and Becky thinks that maybe, just maybe Steve and she can sort it out. However at about the time that Steve should be at the lawyers he decides to go to the clinic too. Has he gone to make sure that Tracy has gone through with it? Has he gone to talk her out of it? Well anyway the clinic will only tell him that all of today's appointments have been completed. Steve tracks Tracy down at the Barlows and is surprised to find that she has not gone through with it after all. Once he has taken it in he and Tracy talk about it and he agrees to support her and the baby but there is nothing romantic going on.

Frank and Carla are planning a wedding. Indeed it is almost upon us. And there is a hen do in the Rovers which even Carla cannot face attending, indeed she is talking to her lawyer (lot of those about this week) who advises her that the contracts on which Frank bought into Underworld are just a bit one sided and Carla signed them and did not take legal advice. Getting Frank out might just cost a lot of money - after all he did rescuthe business just a few months ago.

Tracy has decided that if she is going to have a baby she needs somewhere proper to live and sweet talks Steve into offering her the flat above the cab office which has been empty since Lloyd and Cheryl moved into their house. Well not quite empty - there are a lot of mice running around up there. Becky has also decided on leaving the Cropper household (well with Sylvia there they must be a bit crowded to say the least) and she gets Lloyd to show her around the flat above the cab office because he mentioned it was empty - apart from those mice. And what do we get - all four of them looking around the flat at the same time. And Tracy (remember WWW - Wicked Witch of Weatherfield) has decided that something she does not like the look of, suddenly becomes the most desirable flat in the Universe if only to keep it from Becky. Becky points out that she holds the trumps as Steve's wife. And then we cannot stop the WWW - she can out-trump that, she is pregnant with Steve's baby. Becky is of course heart broken and Steve is left with the job of explaining how every time he sleeps with Tracy (somehow not much sleeping) she ends up pregnant.

However Becky is told by Steve that he really wants her back - but now there is no chance. She decides however to throw Tracy out of the flat and claim it for her own. Tracy decides that Steve can probably afford something better for her and retreats to the Barlows.

Now what else. Oh yes. Tina passed her driving test and being a complete idiot blocks in another car through poor parking. The other car is being driven by Kirsty who has managed to go out with Tyrone on a proper date. It goes well but she leaves him with a kiss on his doorstep - she has to be up at 5. Then he does not phone her for three days so she turns up outside the garage where he is in charge (Kev appears to have gone missing - anyone know where he is?) and Ty gives
himself the afternoon off and he and Kirsty retreat to his house where they keep getting tongue tied and at cross purposes and do not end up going to bed together.

Kirsty has however this time parked badly and trapped Rita's car - she and Dennis were off to see "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" and when they get back Tina and Kirsty are exchanging comments on parking behaviour. Once again Kirsty has to leave early as she has another 5 am start. In the Rovers Rita is talking to Dennis about the "next" time they go out and he thanks her for turning his life around and there is a tender moment as they declare friends and hold hands.

Oh and what about the wedding? Well it was all going so well, but Carla has had time to think about it and quite frankly Frank does not measure up to the idea in her head (which looks rather more like Peter Barlow). And Carla decides that she cannot go through with it. And she tells Frank that it is off. He storms out of the factory and she has a moment to tell Peter that she has ended it. Later she returns to her flat and finds Frank sitting there waiting for her. Glowering. They argue and she admits that she cannot get Peter out of her head. After the break we return to see her lying on the floor, doubled up, with Frank standing over her saying it is her fault and she made him do it. He then goes and Carla locks the door and then phones Maria to come to her aid. In the Street Frank overhears Peter asking Maria where she is going and hears that Maria is dashing to Carla's aid, although she does not know why.

Roll credits and a voiceover saying that if you have been affected by events in tonight's storyline this is how you contact the Rape crisis service.

Writers were: Carmel Morgan, Mark Wadlow and Jayne Hollinson

Directors were: Griff Rowland and Noreen Kershaw

You can find out more about the Coronation Street writing team here

Copyright belongs to ITV Productions to whom many thanks.
K Richard W


Anonymous said...

Did anyone else get the impression that it was Becky who put the odd 7 euros in the wedding present kitty? :-)

Defrost Indoors said...

Can't stand Tina -- she could start a fight in an empty room.

Frosty the Snowman said...

Cant stand Tina either, Tyrone should tell the sourfaced madam to sling her hook. Let her live in Rita's car that has suddenly appeared and is mentioned all the time. Sorry but I found the Carla business not credible or sympathetic - why call Maria instead of the police. Where is the woman that snatched the gun and shot Tony's henchman dead in the faktry seige? Now huddled on the floor, she got up to lock the door and then back on the floor again, no signs of a struggle. Now I suppose she is going to be bothering Peter Barlow again non stop. Dont like it one bit.

Francis Blackstone said...

She didnt shoot Tony's henchman. When he set fire to the factory, she got untied and managed to grab the gun and in panic shot Tony in the arm. Tony killed the henchman by himself. And she probably called Maria because she would understand, and she wanted to phone someone she knew.

Anonymous said...

That's the first time that I have seen a "rape" on film or TV and felt no sympathy for the victim. I couldn't have cared less.

There was no suspense or tension in the build up. Frank acted like he was a bit miffed, as if Carla had promised to cook him lasagne and made calzone instead.

Carla calling Maria was a masterstroke of stupidity. New bezzy mate Leanne was overlooked in favour of Maria, because what Carla really needed at that moment was to hear "I told you so" and have to apologise a lot for being such a bitch.

I still remember Shelia Grant endlessly scrubbing herself in the shower and Toyah's agonised confession of her attack to Janice. I won't remember this on Thursday. Awful, awful drivel.

Anonymous said...

Not impressed with the rape scene. If Frank was supposed to come off as a psycho rapist he missed the mark and should be gone asap. Roy seems more menacing than him.

Llifon said...

On a positive note, I did like the tender moment between Dennis and Rita. Is this the beginning of their romance?

Anonymous said...

Me and my family watched coronation street for meny years, and now tracy is pregers, We can not stand watching it any more. You probley lost alot of fans because of that one characters storyline. I say sack her or give her a new storyline with no baby, because its just geting craper each time she opens her mouth!
Thanks for spoiling it for alot of people.


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