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Friday 30 September 2011

Sneak preview of tonight's double Corrie - Friday 30 September at 7.30 and 8.30

Friday 30th September at 7.30pm
Bill referees as Pam and Kevin lock horns. As Kevin makes a last ditch bid to change Sally's mind she insists it's time for him to go, although it's more difficult than she'll admit. Kevin's down and when Bill and Pam arrive handing out wedding invites an argument escalates as Kevin blames Pam for Sally kicking him out and she accuses him of using Molly. Bill's left to referee but the strain taking it's toll he suddenly clutches his chest. Is he having a heart attack?
Peter's drawn to vulnerable Carla. Peter and Leanne have been at the hospital all night as they await news on Carla's condition. Leanne's frosty as she can't help observing it was Peter she called in her dying moments. She tells Peter whatever happens she wants him to stay away from Carla from now on. Will he comply and will Carla pull through?
Tracy’s there for Steve when his family fail him. Steve's downbeat when Liz phones to say she won't be coming back for Jim's trial. Opening up to Tracy, Steve reveals he's worried about how his dad's going to take it. Will Tracy lend her support?
Elsewhere Russ gets into trouble at school as he and Cheryl struggle to deal with Chris' condition.

Friday 30th September at 8.30pm
Sally supports Kevin in his hour of need. As an unconscious Bill is rushed to hospital Sally urges Bill and Pam to put their acrimony to one side. Bill's had a heart attack but is stable and the prognosis is good. Back at the Websters Kevin thanks Sally for being there for him. As they share a drink he opens up about how he feared losing his dad, admitting he doesn't know what he'd do without her support. As he moves in for a kiss will Sally respond?
Tracy scores a breakthrough with Steve. Steve's gutted when his dad says he now doesn't want him in court. Lending a supportive ear Tracy assumes he's just lashing out and insisting he should still go she offers to look after the pub. Is Tracy making inroads with Steve?
Cheryl and Lloyd have a problem with Russ. Cheryl worries that she's been neglecting Russ who's clearly struggling to deal with his dad's illness.
Elsewhere Maria offers Carla her unfailing support as she insists she come and live with her.


Anonymous said...

Naomi says:

Just great to see Pam back. Never understood why she isn't in more often. Such a good strong Coronation Street chracter.

aunty pam fan said...

Couldn't agree with you more Naomi and if tonight's clip is anything to go by, it should be quality Corrie all the way between Kev and Pam.

Anonymous said...

Bout time somebody told Sally off...and Kevin too...pair of losers!

Humpty Dumpty said...

If Carla wants to wipe the slate clean, why doesn't she confess to the police herself? They could all deny Peter had any knowledge that she was behind the wheel. And why didn't Leanne say that to her?

Sally is such an interesting, complex character with many sides to her. I wonder if she is always written for by the same script writer or maybe it's that she's a very good actress.

Frosty the Snowman said...

Pam has just turned into another Street harridan, screaming at Kevin in the waiting room of the hospital was out of order. Why come back suddenly out of the blue? I thought Bill was being written out so what for Pam, just selling her sarnies and shrieking at Kevin with that letterbox mouth? She was a good character but as they have left it so long to bring her back, they may as well not as bothered as far as I am concerned.

Anonymous said...

Where can you get the leopard print and blue top that Rosie Webster had on last nite (the 30 September ) love it .! Ps It was a bit cringe worthy the way big mouth pam was shouting in yen hospital .no one would fo that in real life .well no one with a bit of respect.

Anonymous said...

I often agree with Frosty, but not on this occasion. I think bringing Pam back was the right move and it should have been much earlier in the year. Where has she been since the tram crash. Her recent cruise seems to have lasted 9 months!

I presume Bill is also back despite the sacking rumours.

Now let's see them stay in and get regular storylines - we need them in the street.

Also Frosty, I think you'll find that there have been arguments in nearly all the hospital scenes over recent years - remember Leanne, Carla etc.

Can we have some funny storylines for Pam too please and maybe more scams with Tyrone.


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