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Friday 16 September 2011

It's beginning to look like a Corrie Christmas!

For those of us in the UK, summer is over. However the days remain warm, the evenings mellow and yet . . . Yes, the world of advertising and the world of soap operas are rushing us towards December 25th. Corrie's series editor, Louise Sutton, is already decking the halls and getting those sprouts on a low boil. In this week's 'Radio Times' Sutton confirms that the festive Street storyline has been agreed and that she is 'really pleased with it'. More importantly though, will viewers be raising a glass of mulled wine to it come New Year's Day?

Which raises the question - what makes a good Corrie Christmas story? Last year I rambled on at length about the festive episodes on my own blog (check out the December 2010 waffle).

That 'other' soap (you know - London, lots of screeching, old woman in a laundrette) came up with possibly the worst Christmas storyline ever when it killed off Pauline Fowler under a Christmas tree. Maybe Becky could get crushed under Santa's sleigh over in Weatherfield this year?

Could December be magic if there is a whirlwind wedding for Anna and Owen? Will Maria find her Mister Right (although maybe she should settle for Mr Dull and get on with it)?

What storyline would you gift to the folks of Weatherfield this year?


Humpty Dumpty said...

Here are some ideas:

Amy has an accident and needs a blood transfusion. Steve's blood doesn't match and so Amy could be the off-spring of Tracy and Wally Bannister (Bernard Cribbins) who evidently lied to Roy and Hayley when he said he couldn't have children or:

A stranger to the street turns out to be Wally's son and Steve demands a paternity test after Roy tells him.

Dennis confesses to Rita that he's on the run from the police after defrauding elderly people in some scam.

Julie discovers she's pregnant (OK, perhaps too many babies).

Betty comes out of the Rovers kitchen with a hotpot! Hurray!!

Anna and Owen kiss under the mistletoe.

Tracy goes back to prison! Hurray!!

Fiz stays in prison! Hurray!!

That's it for now.

Anonymous said...

I would imagine Xmas 2011= Becky's departure

Anonymous said...

Becky needs to leave the Street in the back of a police car - never mind the taxi - it's the only fitting end to her. Perhaps she can be hauled away for bludgeoning Tracy to death with a concrete snowman garden ornament? Or strangling Tracy with a set of Xmas lights? What I'd like to know is where t'heck is everyone going to live with all this flat shifting? I suppose Lloyd'll need some roommates.

Frosty the Snowman said...

How about these Christmas stories

Steve goes into hospital for a lobotomy. The way he is behaving lately does he have a brain at all? Its totally ludicrous that he would have slept again with the woman who has caused so much unhappiness and mayhem in his life. Like another poster said, I am beginning to dislike him and the upset he causes with his total doltishness. I suspect we are supposed to feel sorry for him but he is just mega annoying. He is far too old now as well to be behaving in this irresponsible way.

Tina actually stands on her own two feet for one. This tiresome miserable character with the birds nest on her head is just a scrounger and a user. Rita has just handed over the keys of her rather nice Mercedes 4 x 4 to a girl that has just passed her test. Now she is living like a cuckoo in the nest at Tyrone’s and is bossing the pair of them around like SHE is the landlady – sheesh!

Stella actually develops a personality and says something marginally more interesting than “ Aw Knorr”

Tyrone actually gets a young lady friend that is more suited to him rather than a 6 ft policewoman that looks more like a catwalk model and lets face it wouldn’t look twice at a short rather uninteresting not very intelligent car mechanic with a comb over.

Tracy actually goes to London (again) and stays there this time. Or perhaps comes back with a different head and the ability to actually act rather than the two expressions; grinning and sneering, that Kate Ford has in her range at the moment.

Leanne finds she is pregnant and this this its OK and the Ghost from the Past that Never Was Carla, actually leaves them alone.

Ted comes back for Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Heres a thought- Everyone has a happy christmas? Nah too easy!

Frank Blackstone said...

Dennis Tanner blackmails Frank Foster in the factory, which leads to him being strangeled by a pair of knickers. Then Frank finds out he is alive, and moves Dennis away from the street, and never returns.

Chris, Cheryl and Russ are walking down a snowy street, then a load of snow falls of one of the houses and crushes them, killing them.

Apple Cobbler said...

I've come up with a plan for a dramatic week of episodes starting on Christmas Day and ending on December 30.

SUNDAY 25 DECEMBER (8:00-9:00)

A Christmas party is held in the Rovers. Anna and Owen admit their feelings for each other. Sophie dumps Sian after the pair argue.

MONDAY 26 DECEMBER (9:00-9:30)

Frank's trial kicks off with a statement from Carla. Word spreads that Anna and Owen are together. Cheryl worries as Chris' condition deteriorates.

TUESDAY 27 DECEMBER (9:00-9:30)

Maria gives evidence against Frank. Katy goes into labour in the cafe. Amber and Sophie share a passionate kiss.


Frank denies all knowledge of the accusations. Owen rushes Katy to hospital. Sean announces that he is going to live with Dylan in London.


Katy is relieved to give birth. Whilst the jury deliberate, Carla fights with Leanne. Dev is shocked to discover Amber and Sophie are together.


The verdict is delivered- has Frank been found guilty? Sean says goodbye to the Street as he leaves for London. Chris dies in the arms of Cheryl.

Apple Cobbler said...

By the way, Thursday 29 December would be 8:30-9:00 and Friday 30 December would be 9:00-10:00.

keith♠ said...

Who will they bump off this Christmas?

Anonymous said...

Santa leaves the presents and takes Tracy..never to be seen or heard from again...

Anonymous said...

Apple Cobbler- the courts are shut on Dec 26...and not sure a rape trial could be wrapped in 5 days. But, hey, when Tracy can be released from prison (and her conviction deemed unsafe in an off-screen 1 day court sitting), then anything's possible in Weatherfield Crown Court

Anonymous said...

Dennis decides to host a christmas show in the rovers, with singing from Rita, Mary on the Organ, and various other things from the regulars, the highlight of the evening is a 'This is your life' ( like Dennis did for Annie Walker in 1963) this time the Subject is Betty Williams and she has surprise visits from Gordon,her Sister Maggie and Bet Lynch ( which doesn't go down to well with Rita) especially when Bet takes a shine to Dennis! Billy William's son flies in from Australia and later tries to fleece Betty out of her life savings, Emily realises Betty is being conned, both ladies end up being in grave danger , until a mystery man comes to there rescue on Christmas Eve!! ........ who is the man?!!! ... ( feel free to continue) haha

KNL said...

Best idea ever: Maria decides Tyrone was really Mr Right and they end up raising Jack and Liam together HA! (Not sure why Jack isn't with his bio Dad Kevin, but I'm sure the writers could figure something out! :P)

Apple Cobbler said...

@Anonymous- sorry for my inaccuracy! However, this is Coronation Street after all... :D

Anonymous said...

Curly, reg and Alec return for christmas - also maureen comes back and a fight ensues between all the guys and bill for her affections - but they all decide that audrey is far better looking, and have a good pint together instead!

Anonymous said...

Kevin goes back to Sally with Baby Jack for Christmas and stays...Sophie and her girlfriend call it quits...Tracy has a miscarriage and blames it on Becky.
I don't know if anyone dies this Xmas but I wouldn't be surprised if it's Betty.

Adam Rekitt said...

Tyrone's new girlfriend learns about his escapades with Leon and persuades him that he's got what it takes to be a big time drug dealer. Rita confesses to Betty that she has been surpressing "feelings" for Emily for years. Betty blurts out Rita's "secret" over Christmas dinner and Emily tearfully announces she feels the same. Dennis is very put out and beds Norris in revenge.

Becky is unmasked as an undercover alien hunter. She reveals that Tracy has been under the control of aliens from Tharg for years. She sets Tracy free and Becky departs to begin another mission.
The Bisto is not doing well, so Nick and Gail steal Dr Carter's prescription pad and use it to supply Tyrone with quality heroin.

I've got to go now. Phil Collinson is on the 'phone asking if I have any more crime/sex plots like this.

Anonymous said...

LOL! All the above ideas are GREAT and most are much better than what the writers have been coming up with lately.
~JB in Canada

Anonymous said...

A party, something happy, something funny - BUT - no deaths, no births (the number of kids in Corrie who have a birthday round about 24th to 26th December is stupid), and no weddings. Most people get married in the summer - not at the coldest and most hectic part of the year.
Also no attacks, rapes, muggings, attempted murders, etc, etc.
I'll allow for the odd affair starting or ending.

ChiaGwen said...

LOL!....Santa leaves the presents and takes there's a great idea! Agree Ted should come back. At Jim's trial perhaps an agreement can be arranged whereby Tracy is traded for Jim and he can return to the cobbles, Liz can come back from Spain and the two of them can run the Rovers and finally we can get Steve back in the cab office along with Eileen.

Anonymous said...

i would imagine xmas 2011-becky's departure,leanne and kylie are pregnant.


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