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Sunday 25 September 2011

Antony Cotton signs up for another 12 months on Corrie

According to today's Sunday Mirror, Antony Cotton, who plays Sean Tully, has signed a six-figure golden handcuffs deal to keep him on the cobbles until 2013.

Antony, the paper says, has been inundated with offers for stage and screen jobs over the past few weeks and show bosses feared he would follow co-star Katherine Kelly to the West End. So they quickly drew up a new 12-month contract and offered him a huge pay rise.
Antony said: “I have signed a new deal and I’m really pleased. I love working on Coronation Street, it’s the best job in the world.” He has also been promised a string of top storylines. A Corrie source added: “He is one of the best-loved characters on the Street and it would be a duller place without him.”
This fan is still hoping that Eileen will get to play mother of the groom in full frontal fascinator and posh frock for Sean and Marcus' wedding soon on Corrie. How about a Christmas civil parternship, Corrie?


Frosty the Snowman said...

Well he hasnt been given this deal for his acting skills. Phil's little pet. Sean is fine as a backfill character with the odd witty line but Anthony Cotton just cannot carry meatier storylines. His Mr Humphries style of acting becomes more and more ludicrous to me.

Anonymous said...

Ugh god. Terrible decision.

Tvor said...

I like him and i think he is a good actor

Anonymous said...

Antony was hired long before Phil joined the show. Please keep your prejudice thoughts to yourself, Mr. Frosty!

Cobblestone said...

Unbelieveable! I have to agree with Frosty that he's not capable of performing a meaty storyline but I'm perfectly happy for him to stay with the show at his natural level (ie Greek chorus). He really is a very poor actor out of his comfort zone - although I must admit I haven't liked him so much as I did this week for a very long time. He angry condemnation of Frank and interaction with Dev was very well played, and that's because he wasn't playing Gay-&-Fluffy. (Although maybe on reason his acting seemed stronger may have been the fact that he was sharing the screen with Dev, who frankly would make Sooty look like a member of the RSC). Anyone who had any illusions that Anthony is any sort of an accomplished actor need only review the scenes from a couple of weeks back with him attemptlying to pull of drunk. It was deeply embarrassing.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Tvor, but on this occasion, as much as I nearly always respect your views, I have to agree with Frosty the Snowman.

Mr Cotton isn't really that tale nted and a 6 figure salary - I hope it's £999.00 a year until he goes.

let's be serious - we have many very talented Corrie actors/actresses who have either gone or aren't used much and the investment would be much better used looking after them - and then the producer would see Corrie come back to where it belongs at the forefront of worldwide regocnised TV soaps.

It seems currently that the hierachy just seem to make bad move after bad move and more mistakes at each corner.

Sorry - I love Corrie but it's been going downhill for most of the time with the exception of excellent performances from Ms Danson etc.

Adam Rekitt said...

LOL @ Cobblestone. I agree with you entirely. Anthony Cotton is just the same as he was in Queer as Folk and I suspect real life.

He's a reasonably good character in small doses, but not one that ITV need to make a special effort to keep. It seems like yet another bad decision to me too.

Anonymous said...

How this actor and this character rate some sort of special treatment and begging to stay on the show deal is beyond my comprehension. I can't for the life of me believe for a minute that Antony Cotton actually received a plethora of offers to do other projects; they should have let him take time off Corrie and see if his acting skills may have improved with some time in the theatre. Ridiculous!!

maggie muggins said...

I like Anthony on Corrie, and I'm glad he's staying on. Perhaps with some bigger storylines, he'll have a chance to use more of his acting skills. It's kind of hard to do that from the background all the time.

Blackie Bird said...

"Inundated with stage and screen jobs" - eh - from where? His pathetic attempt at presenting his own show bombed within a few weeks. Totally agree that the hieracy should concentrate on sme of the other little used actors instead of this embarrassing fool and muggie muggins - he has been in enough frontline stories lately - remember the Easter debacle with Violet in London?

Anonymous said...

God, I wish that chat show thing had taken off - we would be rid of him from Corrie then. It's difficult to think of a more annoying character in the programme's history. As for a civil partnership wedding with Sean as the Christmas highlight - well, that'll get Corrie to the top of the seasonal ratings....not.

Anonymous said...

Something funny about this story - he supposedly signed a contract on 9th July, presumably for twelve months, and now he's been given another with a pay rise to stop him taking up offers which legally and contractually, he has to refuse anyway?

In addition, anyone else noticed how often stories emerge from the press about him signing new contracts in comparison to most of the rest of the cast. Sympathetic journalists?

Cobblestone said...

Yes, I thought it wasn't long since the last report that he's signed a new contract too.
I have to say Maggie that more major storylines are the last thing he needs. He's demonstrated time and again that he doesn;t HAVE the acting skills you speak of and more exposure will simply lead to more embarrassment such as we had last week. I agree with another point above, that maybe a stint in theatre might stretch his abilities.
I'm always reminded of a theatre tour I did some years ago; The Importance of Being Earnest, done completely gendre-swapped, with the girls playing the boys & vice versa. I was playing Gwendoline, and the first and best piece of advice the director gave us was "Play the CHARACTER", not the GENDRE" When I look at Charlie Condou, I see him playing Marcus Dent, a rounded character who simply happens to be gay. When I look at Anthony, I see him playing 'Gay Sean'. This is what keeps his portrayal 2 dimensional and stereotypical. That is why he was actually rather good this week, because he was playing 'Sean sincerely revoted by Frank' rather than 'Fluffy Pink Sean getting sassy about Frank'.
I do know gay men who are, at first sight, camp and superficial like Sean, but without exception it is a mask worn in public, and when you get to know them properly they have as many depth and shades as any other person. Sean consistantly lacks these depths.

Anonymous said...

Alas, I don't think much of "sean" or the actor either..he's very one-note. Six figures.. really?
Rebecca in TO


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